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Mailing Address
9221 Corbin Ave - Suite 260
Northridge, CA 91324

DSL Extreme Complaints & Reviews

DSL Extreme / Bad Technical Support

juliej1 on Aug 18, 2015
Upgraded to Tru stream because the $29.99 was way too slow. The one month later, an ATT pop up and Tru Stream stopped working. I call DSL... am on hold for an hour... I got to go to work. Hang up... Tried again later and waited for two hours... Tried again and got to talk to someone and...

DSL Extreme / Dslextreme billing practices are criminal

Sua Sponte on Mar 16, 2015
I’ve been a dslextreme customer since 08 / 09 / 12 in both florida and michigan. I upgraded to dslextremes’ truestream on 03 / 02 / 15. Installation was done by at&t. No technical problems. Dslextreme billing notified me that i was going to be charged $99. 90 if i did not return the old...

DSL Extreme / speed

mike le on Aug 28, 2014
Signed up because I was told by Diane DSLextream's customer service rep over the phone that I can upgrade the speed when a faster speed was available in my area. After only 1 months of service (painfully slow service form DSLextreams 3mb plan, I couldn't load Netflix and a lot of...

DSL Extreme / unfair business practice

ContactGVC on Oct 12, 2012
Been with DSL Extreme for over 6 years. Their MODEM died in 2009. Tech said to go get another one. Bought one at Best Buy. Did not tell me to do anything with the old one. History of frustration: Series of outtages through the years. No compensation. Tickets to justify Actually gave over 5...

DSL Extreme / The latest outrage

oldensign on Jun 15, 2012
You rarely see a company go to hell this predictably. It would seem they are just sucking as much money as they can out of the company while simultaneously reducing costs by cutting services and providing e-mail for which they pay little, if anything. Their tech support is offshore somewhere -...

DSL Extreme / billing customer service

radiantoak on Apr 16, 2012
I stopped DSL Extreme service almost three years ago (June 2009). Today (April 16, 2012) I received a collection notice for $16.64. I have not heard from DSL Extreme since I discontinued service and moved 20 miles away. I loved my DSL Extreme service. The tech support was local and even...

DSL Extreme / domain name hostage

Wadsworth on Feb 22, 2012
We had registered our domain name with DSLExtreme. Paid for many years in advance. We physically moved our business and cancelled internet services with DSLExtreme, however our domain name was still paid up for more than 3 years. 2 days before the domain service ends we are trying to get a...

DSL Extreme / Provides Misinformation

dslextemesucks on Feb 8, 2012
no direct line to usa technicial support. All initial communication is to the philippines, were the english language is not very well understood or communicated to their customers. This company says they are in Chatsworth California. However you can not visit their office. Very bad customer support...

DSL Extreme / Worse by the day

oldensign on Jan 16, 2012
Everyone else in the known Universe gets gmail for free. As part of my $32 monthly DSLExtreme bill for just one account (I have two), I get Google mail, too. But I pay for the gmail - DSLExtreme turned over all their webmail to Google a couple of years ago. Very soon, DSLExtreme is going...

DSL Extreme / sudden severed connection, 10 days to recover

MadSnail on Nov 16, 2011
Out of the blue my internet connection was gone. I spent more than 3 hours on the phone with technical support, billing etc., and no one could figured out what happened. Finally somebody said the line was terminated and a "re-order" was needed. The re-order requires 10 days to complete. I...

DSL Extreme / wont disconnect

themikey on Nov 8, 2011
I am trying to disconnect from their service as I am moving out of state & they do not provide service to this area. I faxed in the requset to disconnect on 10/28/11 & as of today 11/08/11 I am still connected. I decided to file a complaint with the FCC at FCC.gov After speaking with an...

DSL Extreme / They won't disconnect

complaint123 on Oct 23, 2011
I have complied with all necessary requirements to disconnect with dsl extreme . they keep telling me i am disconnected but that is ONLY administratively! the internet line connection is Still connected, which seems their intention to aggravate customers leaving and to aim them to possibly...

DSL Extreme / Severe speed issues

2oox on Oct 12, 2011
If you sign up...eventually...YOU'LL REGRET IT! So...after hearing a radio tech person tout how this is the greatest company in the world, I signed up both my mother and mother-in-law for service. Their claims? 1. Award-winning tech support 2. High Speed internet service 3. Free Modem At...

DSL Extreme / Slow

robbards on May 9, 2011
I don’t normally write complaints in a web site but my experience with DSL Extreme has been very frustrating to say the least. FIRST AND ABOVE ALL I WOULD SAY DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE BECAUSE THEY HAVE NONE! Now read below if you want more of why…. It started right at the...

DSL Extreme / technical, billing, refusal to transfer call to the United States

S. Richmond on Apr 14, 2011
We have been dealing with DSL Extreme and their horrible business practices now for over 2 weeks. We have had DSL service since 2003 and had never experienced problems like this. We are now having to deal with people in the Philippines and they have no clue to what they are doing. We are...

DSL Extreme / Poor Customer Serive

XtremelyUnhappy on Mar 11, 2011
I ordered DSLXtreme on the word of Leo Laporte. He's a popular Tech advice guy. I started my order in January of 2010. On the initial call I was quoted speeds up to 6mbps and told that it would be 5 -7 business days. When a week had pasted while I was still awaiting an active line...


Found DSL EXTREME online when looking at the most cost effective service which at the time it was. Had the service for a year and it actually worked. About 5 months ago I was fortunate enough to find a home for myself and my children. When I moved in, I tried connecting the modem to use...

DSL Extreme / Dishonest company - STAY AWAY

If you sign up...eventually...YOU'LL REGRET IT! So...after hearing a radio tech person tout how this is the greatest company in the world, I signed up both my mother and mother-in-law for service. At first, no problems, although the speed was NOWHERE near what they advertise. The...

DSL Extreme / charges for inquiry only

I went online to "inquire" about switching from high speed cable to DSLextreme that is advertised by tech guru Leo Laporte for DSL for 14.99 a month. I was advised by DSLextreme that their service was not available in my area and also that the former resident shows up having not cancelled...

DSL Extreme / They have charged my bank account $253.69

I moved in mid April, 2009, and went to dslextreme.com to move my service from my old address. Website said that their service was available at my new address. When I called for further information, I was told that they couldn't give me service at my new address and that I had to call...

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