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+1 866 243 8638(Sales & Information) 3 0
+1 800 949 3759(Business Sales & Info) 1 0
+1 866 491 7221(High-Speed DSL Support) 1 0
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9221 Corbin Ave. - Suite 260, Northridge, CA 91324

Modem Returns
9221 Corbin Ave. - Suite 155, Northridge, CA 91324 

Complaints & Reviews


I called to renew my contract, the customer service asked me if you upgrade you will have double speed just for paying $5 more. I repeated only $5? Yes "the agent said".
Next month I was charged $17 more when I called they gave more explanation like taxes and other charges. Do they charge tax only $12 every month Or just screw up the customer?
They break the contract and I asked to cancel the internet then they charged me $250. I have the email confirmation for monthly payment of $42.xx cent but they charged me $52.xx. I did send many emails and phone calls I got negative responses.
Now I don't know how to get my money back, please any advise!

overall incompetence and lack of support

I've been a customer of this company's for over 15 years, and until recently I've been for the most part entirely satisfied. Recently however I've been encountering radically degraded service often marked by repeated unkept promises to call back or to fix. (The promises to call back are upon my request quite specific [as: by 4pm]--but they're simply ignored.) Examples follow:

(a) Some time ago the company changed its server/Web mail to Zimbra. Amazingly, a given Zimbra filter will work only sometimes.

(b) The company also uses the blocking services of an outfit called Redcondor, which unaccountably will block *my own* outgoing messages, without my knowledge.

(c) Although Redcondor allows me to whitelist sending domains and URLs, it will not honor my whitelist!

(d) My Internet service has been for the last two weeks or more erratic, in that I will repeatedly get a "server not found" error (for all websites). If I keep trying I will eventually get service, but in the meantime I can't use the Internet.

I can't currently recommend DSL Extreme for anyone. I myself will be leaving as soon as a find a replacement.

Bad Technical Support

Upgraded to Tru stream because the $29.99 was way too slow. The one month later, an ATT pop up and Tru Stream...

Dslextreme billing practices are criminal

I’ve been a dslextreme customer since 08 / 09 / 12 in both florida and michigan. I upgraded to dslextremes’...

DSL Extreme


Signed up because I was told by Diane DSLextream's customer service rep over the phone that I can...

unfair business practice

Been with DSL Extreme for over 6 years.
Their MODEM died in 2009. Tech said to go get another one. Bought one at Best Buy. Did not tell me to do anything with the old one.

History of frustration:
Series of outtages through the years. No compensation. Tickets to justify
Actually gave over 5 referrals in the beginning.
Tech support has no idea what is going on(I run a tech company - I was telling them what the issues was - "just like last time, like last ticket" - sure enough, it was.

We finally get off of DSL extreme and now they want us to ship back a modem we had no idea that it was supposed to be shipped back back in 2009 or charge us.

Their back end sales/billing has no idea what their front end is doing and trying to squeeze every bit out of client.

Opening up more complaints.

The latest outrage

You rarely see a company go to hell this predictably. It would seem they are just sucking as much money as they can out of the company while simultaneously reducing costs by cutting services and providing e-mail for which they pay little, if anything.

Their tech support is offshore somewhere - if their canned responses don't work, they just disconnect. Yes, everything's YOUR fault. Some time ago they turned their e-mail over to Google. Everybody else gets free gmail, but we DSL Extreme parishoners get to pay for flaky service and LONG sign-in times. The phone lines belong to AT&T, so there's another level of unreliability. Just what do these people DO for $25 a month? They certainly don't answer e-mails. Today's latest outrage: on 14 June 2012, you had to agree to Google's brand new, improved terms of service to use your e-mail. These new terms allow them to read and use your e-mail any way they wish. Nope. I'm now shopping for a new ISP in Newark and Santa Rosa. Unfortunately, AT&T and Comcast are also very disagreeable options.

And yes, I will absolutely send back their obsolete DSL modems with tracking numbers.

Sadly, this company is seriously tarnishing the credibility of Leo LaPorte, a person for whom I once had respect. Don't pimp for these guys with your own voice, Leo.

billing customer service

I stopped DSL Extreme service almost three years ago (June 2009). Today (April 16, 2012) I received a...

domain name hostage

We had registered our domain name with DSLExtreme. Paid for many years in advance. We physically moved our business and cancelled internet services with DSLExtreme, however our domain name was still paid up for more than 3 years. 2 days before the domain service ends we are trying to get a transfer code to move domain service to another company. DSLExtreme wastes more than 7 hours of my time on various phone calls, never once can I speak to anyone actually in a Domain Department. First they tell me that we cancelled the domain name back in 2008 (when we stopped internet service with them). I explain that they still hold the domain name as their reminder email about renewal being necessary shows. After 7 hours, still no transfer code -- not even the billing department can actually call and speak with someone in their domain department. But apparently I can renew with them, I just can't transfer to another company HOSTAGE SITUATION. RUN RUN RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN

Provides Misinformation

no direct line to usa technicial support. All initial communication is to the philippines, were the english...

Worse by the day

Everyone else in the known Universe gets gmail for free. As part of my $32 monthly DSLExtreme bill for just...

wont disconnect

I am trying to disconnect from their service as I am moving out of state & they do not provide service to...

They won't disconnect

I have complied with all necessary requirements to disconnect with dsl extreme . they keep telling me i am disconnected but that is ONLY administratively! the internet line connection is Still connected, which seems their intention to aggravate customers leaving and to aim them to possibly renew membership. i have a neighbor having difficulty with them from not being able to set up disconnect altogether, trickily causing her to renew for another year. i cannot install my dsl verizon modem until the dsl extreme Line is disconnected. i keep being told within one hour it will be disconnected. i have one month to return the modem without a $90. charge from dsl extreme which i will hold out until the disconnect happens to Know when it no longer connects and to have internet access. Or finally will send in, in time. ofcourse with a ups receipt.

this is completely unethical on their part and they keep telling me it's handled and they will confirm with a personal call which i have not received.
Please help with any suggestions.

  • Ti
    Tim Sr. Jul 22, 2012

    Simple solution if you have auto bank payment. Call your bank and tell them you canceled the service and to no longer allow DSL to take money from your account. although they may get one final payment depending on time of month cancled if they requested payment before you called your bank.
    If using a credit card for auto payment do the same. If credit card co refuses to honor your request ask to speak to a superior officer and inform them if payment is not stopped you are going to payoff and cancel your card. I had a credit card Co do this to me once with MSN. Good Luck

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I don’t normally write complaints in a web site but my experience with DSL Extreme has been very frustrating to say the least. FIRST AND ABOVE ALL I WOULD SAY DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE BECAUSE THEY HAVE NONE! Now read below if you want more of why…. It started right at the beginning DSL Extreme put in an order to take over my line on the Thursday just before a long holiday weekend. Needless to say I was unable to talk to my son thousands of miles away for the holiday and was very saddened.

From there it have been a customer service nightmare. I would be working and mostly in the evening my internet would suddenly slow down. I am paying for 3000kb down and 512kb up it would drop to such a low rate my Explorer would time out so I down loaded Google Chrome it happened with that browser as well. When I would call their customer service they would ask me to do the usual turn everything off and start it all back up modem first. Magic its all better but they could not ever tell me what was going wrong.

I tried using their online help but my connection was so slow that it would time out and they would close the help ticket saying the customer disconnected ….. DUH!

The topper was when I called up the company and asked to talk to a manager about tracking my service so maybe they could find out why this happens almost always at night. The young girl CS rep told me they had no managers on duty at night. I told her I wanted to be called the next day to discuss the problem and gave her my cell phone number to be sure I would talk to someone. Surprise I never got called. So I went looking as to how I could send them an email and found their customer service address on their home page. I drafted a letter and pasted it into the box and sent if off expressing my dissatisfaction with their service. Amazingly I NEVER received even a confirmation of my email let alone an return.
A week has past the internet was working fairly well until tonight then it froze up to the point when I finally got test results from DSL Extreme’s speed test site my down load speed was 21kb down and 420kb up. I called told the c/s rep I wanted to talk to a manager he insisted on trying to get me to reboot everything I said I wanted to talk to a manager. I was placed on hold when he returned he acted as if a manager was joining us but never did. So back on hold again while he tracked one down. I waited and waited finally he came back online and said to me sir did you know your payment is late? I asked him if that was why my internet was slow (mind you my payment was 3 days lat 2 of which were a weekend) he answered yes. I asked him again Eddy are you saying your slowing my internet service because my payment is 3 days late? He stammered and tried to change the subject again I asked and again he dodged the question finally I asked him a third time and his answer was “yes”. I said now I really need to talk to a manager once again I was placed on hold then n then off then on again then I returned to the iterance que and was told how important to them I was. Then music again and I was told how important I was to them then music this went on three or four more times then the music stopped the line is still open as I type 1 hour 13 min 39seconds I don’t think their coming back….. I just hung up. Now as bad as ATT was I guess I am going back to them, at least I never lost the speed just would go off line now and then I prefer off line, to timing out I think….. So if you choose DSL Extreme I hope you like hold music…

Poor Customer Serive

I ordered DSLXtreme on the word of Leo Laporte. He's a popular Tech advice guy. I started my order in...


Found DSL EXTREME online when looking at the most cost effective service which at the time it was. Had the service for a year and it actually worked. About 5 months ago I was fortunate enough to find a home for myself and my children. When I moved in, I tried connecting the modem to use the internet. Found out that there were no services available in the city that I now am in. Contacted and spoke with the manager about canceling my services. He said that he could not do that and I have the option in either paying out the remainder of my contract which was another 5 months or be charged a cancellation fee. Let him know that I felt that it was ridiculous that I had to pay out my contract eventhough they were not able to provide me a service. He proceeded to read what was on the contract. Nevertheless, I was very upset at this since I felt as a consumer, I was being taken advantaged of. I understand that I was in a contract, however, there should be some way for the manager to take it case by case. In this situation, it was not my choice to sign up for new internet services that actually worked in my area on top of having to pay for additional services, at DSL EXTREME that I couldn't even use. It is ridiculous! Once I hung up with them, I emailed the Consumer Affairs about this complaint in which I was redirected to the Attorney General in charge of Utilities. To make matters worse, I tried calling customer service today and she is telling me that I need to either email, fax or write them to cancel. Can they make it more difficult for consumers like me to cancel. Needless to say, I am extremely upset and disappointed in how I was addressed when trying to cancel services that I do not need. I plan on taking them to small claims court. I am also going to use the complaints on this site as proof that it is not only happening to me. Thank you all for taking the time to hear my case before it goes to court. Companies need to always do what is in the best interest of their consumers to avoid their day in court!

  • Mo
    mondo-oso Nov 08, 2011

    I have their service in MD (near Annapolis) and am having similar trouble disconnecting their service. We were completely without any internet service last week for 4 days, so my wife signed up for Comcast (she must have internet for her job and university work). I explained to them that they have not provided me with the agreed upon upload speeds in my contract, and that I had this same issue with them back in July. They keep pushing me back to their tech support team to have them verify the problem even though I have lots of measurements over the last 2 months showing they haven't been meeting their agreed specs. Customer service keeps insisting that I will have to pay $250 if I terminate early because I have a year contract (and we're about 7 months into it). I keep insisting that THEY (and Verizon) have not kept their end of the agreement with the poor upload speeds I continue to see. Back in July and August they spent about 4 weeks diagnosing the trouble, got it working well for a month, and then it went back to the same old crap. These guys are scammers. Their support never call back when they say they will, AND they have called me after 11:30 PM at night (3 times now) to talk about the problems! I'm ready to post a complaint to the FCC or FTC...

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Dishonest company - STAY AWAY

If you sign up...eventually...YOU'LL REGRET IT!

So...after hearing a radio tech person tout how this is the greatest company in the world, I signed up both my mother and mother-in-law for service.

At first, no problems, although the speed was NOWHERE near what they advertise. The problems came after several months. Both my mother and mother-in-law started having severe speed issues. We're talking WORSE than dial-up. Speed tests consistently proved this. Tech support is beyond awful. First, they tell you it's your computer. Then, it's a problem with the modem, (and they make you pay for another one). Next, it's a problem with the phone lines, etc...etc...etc.

The bottom line is that for two separate accounts, (both with identical problems although they were in different cities) we had to put up with it, or pay the $250 cancellation fee.

Enter the mess that cancelling the service became. Once the contract ran out on both, I tried to cancel via their live chat. have to call them, where they repeatedly try to get you to renew. I then told then I already had another isp, and cancel it immediately. Nope. They said cancelling it could take up to 30 days, and in the meantime, you are being charged. They also, (over the phone) tell me to send the modem back immediately, or they will charge $99 each. OK, I hustle to the Post Office and send them back the same day, (I have two witnesses by the way).

11 days later, I get an email saying suggesting that I send the modem back with a tracking number. Huh????? I already sent it back, and haven't heard anything from them after 6 months, so figure everything is fine. No new charges on my credit card, so they must have received it.

Nope...for BOTH modems, they claim they never received them, and all of a sudden there are now bill collector calls like crazy. This is after not hearing a peep out of them for 6 months. We ended up having to pay for the two modems, which we did not have, and according to them, were "defective".

I now have signed up for a different isp, same phone lines, same computers, and absolutely no problems at all.

None of their so called "contract clauses" was explained when I signed up, or I would not have. This is a deceptive, devious company, and shame on the radio station dj who keeps encouraging people to sign up with them.

1. When you sign up, they do NOT explain that you don't get a free modem, you are leasing it, (advertising says it's free)
2. When you sign up, they do NOT explain the fine print. You find out about that when you try to cancel.
3. The internet they provide on their lower priced package is NOT high speed. Speed tests for two different residences in two different cities showed it's worse than dial-up. Multiple people have reported this.
4. When you cancel they do NOT explain that you have to get a tracking number, otherwise when you send in your modem, they'll pretend they didn't receive it, and will charge you $99

I suggest that anyone who has problems like this report them to the Better Business Bureau, and contact that radio station telling them what your experience was. It's the only way to stop these jerks from ripping people off.

charges for inquiry only

I went online to "inquire" about switching from high speed cable to DSLextreme that is advertised by tech...

They have charged my bank account $253.69

I moved in mid April, 2009, and went to to move my service from my old address. Website said...

Unathuorized charges

I moved in mid April, 2009, and went to to move my service from my old address. Website said that their service was available at my new address. When I called for further information, I was told that they couldn't give me service at my new address and that I had to call Verizon. Didn't want to call Verizon - I hate Verizon. They told me that was my only option. Called Verizon, they confirmed that I couldn't get DSL at my new address because prior occupants had Fios installed. Signed up with Verizon since DSL extreme didn't offer fiber optic. Called DSL Extreme back to let them know that I did what they recommended. I was then told that since I canceled my contract with them, I had to pay the contract! Seriously?? I wanted their service - they said they couldn't provide service. Didn't they cancel the contract?? Now they have charged my bank account $253.69. They keep insisting that I canceled the contract. I don't think so!

  • Vi
    Vizzake Aug 11, 2011

    My mother signed up with them after hearing a radio talk show personality endorse them, (she didn't know that they are compensated for doing that, so their advice is not objective).

    She finally cancelled her service after 2 years of CONSTANT connection problems. They then charged her credit card for the modem, which was returned. Only after she complained to the Better Business Bureau, did this get resolved.

    Really cheap internet = really bad internet.

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  • Jo
    joeshmo Nov 02, 2011

    I am going to court with them for charges and ISP subscription that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. When you talk to them, whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOU CC NUMBER. I would not call them. A simple inquiry about service has cost me $400. I am in a desolate area and they could not provide me service. They started an account on me and bill slammed me for $400. I am filing paperwork at court on Monday.

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