DriveTimeproperty taxes


As of today, drive time has not paid the personal property tax on my 2007 Toyota Camry, which was due as of March 1st.
I went to go get my property tax waiver this past Friday 4/28/17 and was informed by the Saint Louis County assessor's office Supervisor, in Clayton Missouri, that DriveTime has failed to pay their bill so now there are late fees and fines assessed and they are negligent on their responsibility. I cannot get my tags until they pay it.
So I call DriveTime, held on hold for 16 min, spoke with a supervisor, who argued with me for 30 minutes, insisting that the Saint Louis County assessor's office is wrong and that I am responsible to the pay property tax owed on this vehicle. They are not paying it!
When I asked the supervisor how do I pay property tax on something that's not in my name, all he could say was that's a good question 😡 my lease agreement clearly states I will have to reimburse DriveTime the property taxes that they paid.
So, as of today I'm driving on illegal tags because of Drive times negligence and lack of accountability.
Not only that, on the Bridgecrest website as of three months ago, a balance started reflecting, which had never reflected before, only a payment due. So I never knew how much we owed and how much we've paid and never received any statements even though I've requested many times. The balance showed about $2xxx approximately left But, as of this past Saturday, its up to $6xxx!! How does that happen? BC DriveTime is a Total scam, predatory lending company compiled of liars, and silver tongued salesman!
Stay Away! DriveTime is nothing but trouble from the customer service, the dealership sales people and corporate! My car had issues since the first day and they were even a month late on getting us our plates initially! Plus there was $700 in repairs that had to be done by Pappas Toyota within 35 days of getting this vehicle, that was PRE-existing, so their "so called 32 Point inspection" is yet another lie and they tried to fight paying the bill but Pappas Toyota told them that there was no way that we had done that damage so there was no way that they could deny paying it.
I am seeking a lawyer because DriveTime is in breach of their contract now and I am not going to be taken advantage of like every single other person on this page, you will be hearing from my lawyer.

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