DriveTimefraud and cheating


In September 2004 I purchased a 2002 Chevy Cavalier from DriveTime. The vehicle was way over priced but considering the fact that I had less than great credit and very little money for a down payment, this was my only option because I needed a dependable car to make it to work everyday... I was in jeopardy of losing my job at that time because of an unreliable car.

So... I continued to make bi-weekly payments of $194 for the next 14 months. In November 2005 my car was stolen. I reported it to the police; 2 days later it was involved in a high speed pursuit. The car was badly damaged and towed to a lot. When I went to the lot to pick up my car, they told me my bill was near $600. I did not have the money then so I could not take my car. I notified DriveTime of the car being stolen and provided them with a copy of the police report and the location of the car. I told them I would honor my lease contract and continue making payments and I made my next payment for the beginning of December.

Approximately 2 weeks later DriveTime notified me that they had picked up my vehicle from the tow lot and were placing it under repossession. I received a letter in January 2006 that my vehicle was sold at an auction for $50 and I was obligated to pay the amount still owed on my loan, somewhere around $9000. How could DriveTime repo a vehicle I was still making payments on, and then without my knowledge, sell it at an auction for $50 and send me a bill for the difference??? AND - Aren't I, by law, entitled to a notice of intent to sell before it actually takes place so that I have the ability to buy my car back?? WTF!

Later that year I received a call from a collection agency regarding the loan amount owed. I explained to them the circumstances and that there was an on-going investigation regarding the car. The agent said they could not pursue a collection because of the criminal investigation. Now in November 2008 I am receiving calls from more collection agencies asking me to pay this debt; they are even contacting me at work when I have told them they cannot call me at my place of business under federal law.

I realize that under normal circumstances I would be obligated to pay a debt owed for this vehicle. But DriveTime went about this illegally!! And I can only hope that I have some type of case against DriveTime that would dismiss my debt for their unlawful acts!!


  • sgfsfsdf Jul 10, 2010

    192 x 2 = 388.00 per month
    388.00 x 14months= $5, 432.00

    You claim you owed 9, 000?

    Well, you should read your contract. Take ten minutes and explore the section that discusses what happens after your car is repossessed. Trust me, the information is there, and it's easy to understand.

    You should be sued by DriveTime for slander.

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  • Li
    lioness453855 Jul 02, 2011

    sgfsfsdf please get your head out of ur a... drivetime sells lemons. you MUST work for corporate. we are going through the same thing. please don't let drive time fool u. they DON'T HONOR THEIR WARRANTIES.

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  • Mi
    Miss me with that Nov 19, 2013

    Drivetime repo my car and now trying to charge me 50 to get my belongings I'm not gonna pay that my birth certificate and nurses aid in that car and I'm gonna get it back I will be calling leagal aid their cars lemons anyway and to high at that I been told them to come get their peace of junk back warranty sum bs and they are too

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  • Mi
    Miss me with that Nov 19, 2013

    They need to shut them down they are get overs wish I would of seen this site befor I brought that lemon ...

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Boyd Jun 10, 2014

    Drivetime is a fraud they told me I had three
    To get my truck back and sold at auction 3, 100
    An me to pay them $10, 000 dollars for rest the
    Loan and told no because they cheated me plus did me wrong

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  • Ed
    Ed N.C. Jul 27, 2016

    Im a drivetime customer and they lied to me also. They told me that i would be able to refinance my loan with them after 24 months of on time payments not they tell me that drivetime never references their loans so they lied just to make a sale. Now im 4 years into making payments and still owe 10500 on a 2008 dodge grand caravan SXT and im finding it nearly impossible to keep up with the payments due to severe health problems. Now I've called them on the phone to discuss my options but they wont lower my payments or extend my loan agreement. Total ripoffs. They should be put out of business

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  • Ni
    Nina Will Jun 28, 2017

    I have paid $14, 717 towards a 2010 impala, my activity log says that out of 2yrs & 9mth of payments only $78. went towards Principal. I was told at drivetime with bridgecrest and they both stated that I've paid 6, 500 towards Principal but my receipts says different.

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