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DriveTime / Property taxes

Torie Null on May 1, 2017
As of today, drive time has not paid the personal property tax on my 2007 Toyota Camry, which was due as of March 1st. I went to go get my property tax waiver this past Friday 4/28/17 and was informed by the Saint Louis County assessor's office Supervisor, in Clayton Missouri, that DriveTime ha...

DriveTime / 2006 e-350 mercedes benz.

Kenneth3135 on Apr 10, 2017
My name is Kenneth Wright (494-759-3586) kenwrigh65@gmail.com. I purchase the above vehicle Apr 2014 n it was problematic from the time I pull off the lot as I was over charged as well. I kept telling them something was wrong with the engine in which they told me I was under warranty n the...

DriveTime / Loans and services

Sheritta Lawson on Apr 1, 2017
My car is an 2009 toyota camry the amount of the car was 15, 000 but when I got the car in 2015 I noticed that my payment loan was extended until 2021 and my monthly payments are 420 a month that's a little of 5, 000dollars a year for 4 to five years on a payment plan. And they don't let...

DriveTime / Car

Rmoore44 on Dec 15, 2016
I bought a car from drivetime in june and they didn't disclose that the car had been wreaked it has alot of damage paint peeling was the first the bumper passenger side door hood grill and unibody which is the frame of car is all damage $2500 not to mention the car has a false special...

Drive Time / 2011 chevrolet malibu

Eryn Byrd on Oct 29, 2016
DRIVETIME, I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu from your company a couple of years ago. Last year, my transmission went out. I needed it replaced. I was out of a car for a month and a half. I went through Averex to find out that you do not do loaners or give rentals for the inconvenience. You do...

DriveTime Corp / Bridgecrest Acceptance Corp / Service limited warranty / recall repairs denied

Felix Baker on Aug 29, 2016
On 6/10/2016 We [ Betty Baker / Cosigner Felix Baker ] purchased an 2010 Dodge Journey that had limited problems we was told by Drive time to take the Car to Car Care Clinic on 105 Triangle Dr the car was diagnostic wrong [ There is a Recall on this Dodge Journey before we purchased it...

DriveTime/Bridgecrest / 2006 Volkswagen Jetta/Lemon Car

Shelby Anne Knopf on Jul 29, 2016
On June 14, 2014 I purchased a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta from DriveTime Car Sales Company, LLC DBA DriveTime of 2125 Savannah Highway Charleston, SC 29414-5301.They sold me the car for $11, 195.00 + $15.00 State License Fee + $24.00 State Title Registration Fee + $299.00 Closing Fee + $2...

DriveTime / bait and switch

singlefather81 on Apr 24, 2016
I looked at cars there and researched for over 6 days, I went to the dealership and was told I could get 3 cars and one I really liked. I walked in ready to sign the paperwork, the salesman came back in his office and said that was not one of the cars I had to pick from the 2 others and I...

DriveTime / Chevrolet HHR

lvargas92 on Mar 13, 2016
I bought a 2007 Chevy HHR from Drive Time about 3 years ago. This was the first car I had every purchased and I was 21 at the time. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THIS COMPANY. I have a laundry list of things that have broken on my car and I'M STILL PAYING ON IT. It's not like I don't...

Drive Time / False Paperwork

Alexis Wooten on Mar 9, 2016
Drive time made my daughter the primary person on a for her father without her providing proof of income to see even if she could make payments on the car that she doesn't have and has never had. It shows up on her credit and they will not take her off of the paperwork. Because she can not...

DriveTime / Audi

Rockybetty on Feb 22, 2016
I financed a car on 12/4/2015 and it's been drivable about 15 days since then. I had to replace the battery 2 weeks after the purchase even though they did a diagnostic test and said it was fine. The car still won't run and have gone to their recommended mechanic and he couldn't find the...

DriveTime / Undisclosed hail damaged vehicle sold to me / should have been salvaged title

David L. C on Feb 18, 2016
I purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry from Drivetime in Phoenix Arizona. I had to finance approx. $18, 000. A mechanic I took the car to for a separate issue advised the vehicle has had SEVERE Hail Damage and would be very expensive to bring back to normal condition if at all. I went to a second...

Drive Time Corp. / 2011 nissan quest

Reviewer13870 on Jan 17, 2016
I purchased a 2011 Nissan quest from drive time, in April of 2015.Like most others the car gave me problems from the beginning with a promise that the warranty would cover all defects, I spoke to someone at drive time a few days after my purchase, because the car was stalling, I was told...

DriveTime / Fraud

Reviewer59041 on Jan 15, 2016
We have been paying on our Drivetime XL7 for about 4 years now. My husband asked me today "how much to we owe?" I logged in and saw we owed 13, 000 still... We bought it for over 18k and I KNEW the high interest rate of 18%. I knew what we were doing and I knew we were going to pay more...

DriveTime / Defective Vehicle Sold 2015

Dexter Farlough on Jan 14, 2016
On or About 25-Apr-2015 I purchased this vehicle a Mercury Milan 2008, so far I am unable to locate the " service contract " information and or what it entails regarding the additional costs into the contract. I do know the vehicle was being declined from being worked on by a mechanic...

DriveTime / 2010 Dodge Caravan

Reviewer90439 on Dec 30, 2015
07/08/2015 We want to return this 2010 Dodge Caravan because the interest rate was to high and there is a problem with the brakes. I heard this noise when we test drove it, but we were told that there was nothing wrong with the van, that is just how dodge vehicles sound. We have tried to...

DriveTime / Poor Service

Reviewer71636 on Dec 21, 2015
I purchased my car lease had it for a week had to take it to dealer to get airbag recall done and was told by dealer that the oil change, transmission fluid, and brake fluid needed to be flushed asap. It is in severe condition, which, explains why the car is driving funny. I was slapped...

DriveTime / Leasing Program

barryandjulie95 on Dec 17, 2015
I recently leased a 2005 Kia Sorento from the DriveTime dealership in Orange Park Florida. I have only had this vehicle 3 weeks and the Bolt/Shaft that connects the Crankshaft to the Belt system on the truck snapped off inside the engine block while I was driving it with my wife, daughter...

DriveTime / Suv

kaykay247 on Dec 6, 2015
I been leasing a vehicle through drive time for almost a month now. The brakes started squeaking the second day I had the vehicle and has not stop and it's been about a month, the service engine soon light came on, the second week I had the vehicle I had the oil checked and I was told that...

Drive Time / Car Repossession due to their error

aparker3 on Dec 2, 2015
I have been an excellent customer of Drive Time for over a year. This morning I woke up to find that my car was missing. After an exhausting search with the police, I found out that Drive Time took it because they could not find our new insurance policy that we sent in. The car had my...

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Beware the 'home energy audit' Sales Pitch
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