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Drive Time Auto Salespredatory lending

Drive Time preys on people that are severely credit challenged because they have no other alternative for transportation. I have heard supervisors stating that Drive Time predicts that a very large percent of their loans will go to collections, and possible repossession. In my financing experience in the auto business at another dealer, we could never get a loan funded based on the qualifications that I saw in the Drive time customer accounts. I wanted to bring this to your attention with the hope that some agency will look into this practice. Customers, were cheated and forced to accept the terms because they have very bad credit. I have thought this practice was bordering PREDATORY LENDING. So I did some research and found this definition; In the strictest and legal sense of the word Predatory lending refers to secured loans such as home or car loans which are made by the lender with the intention that the borrower can't really pay them which would allow the lender to seize the car or home and sell it for a profit. The word has been expanded to refer to the practice of convincing borrowers to agree to unfair and abusive loan terms. This could be done either through outright deception or through aggressive sales tactics, taking advantage of borrowers' lack of understanding of extremely complicated transactions. Predatory loans, for instance, for the purchase of a home, could lead to foreclosure. Beware when you signed the contracts. It is a widely used practice that the DT sales staff rushes the customer through so that they really do not read what they are signing. Thanks for reading:)


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    Godsblessedangel Aug 03, 2016

    In October 2015 my daughter went to Drive Time to purchase a vehicle. Her sales rep told her due to her credit score not being great she would have to pay a higher down payment unless she had a co-signer. I went to co sign after work. After my credit was ran I was told it would be better if I was the lead on the car as my credit was stronger. I said that can't be possible with my income to own two cars as I had just brought a new 2015 Malibu and my chapter 7 was discharged in 2015. He said "oh you can, and once you have had it a couple of months just bring your daughter in and we can transfer the car to her name. Well it is now August which is more than a few months and they told her they do not transfer car loans. I said the devil is a liar as that is what the sales rep said.

    Then she said well can I trade it for another car and get my name added. They said no not unless you owe less than $2000. I am more than pissed as we were lied to, had to have breaks replaced after 2 months as the mechanic asked if the car was purchased up north as there was a lot of water damage and rust inside the wheels which is signs the car had been immersed in water. Then to say they don't want to trade it or do what they originally said. The only reason I have not dropped it off as I do not want a negative on my credit.

    Please add me to lawsuit and help me with this matter. [email protected]

    Kind regards.

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  • Ba
    babs2 Aug 15, 2012

    I'm glad I read all your comments I was planning on buying a car from drive time but no more!!! I'm sorry about all the people that had so much problems with drivetime. People like that you wonder how they sleep at night, how they can screw people. Shame on them!!!

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    glad to know Oct 05, 2010

    Thank You all so much for the useful comments. I will admit that I damaged my credit pretty bad when I was younger and after getting out of my last relationship, it was damaged even more. I currently have a car but was looking to trade it in for something more reliable and discovered Drive Time. I must admit that I have it pretty good with my current finance company especially after reading about the phone calls 1 day after payment is due. I WILL NOT be going to Drive Time and I wish you all better luck with your next purchase!!!

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    ShawanaP Jun 05, 2010

    Once again, I should have checked the complaints board before buying a car from Drivetime. Paid over $5000 for the car at 29%. I had a divorce where my ex ran up everything and I had to file BK. Now I have to let companies like this take advantage of me also.
    I called to try and get a lower interest rate after paying for my car ontime everymonth for a year and even spoke to the District Manager Tomas Duckworth. He informed me that he had not authority to do anything. (why is he running a bunch of stores then? He was very evasive in his answers.) Then I called the regional office after getting the number from a cashier in the office. I lef10 messages before the so called Regional Manager Keith Sarchett called me back. He very politely told me I am stuck with the interest rate and because of my past credit I deserved it and was lucky to even have a car financed!!! What a quiet little jerk! i will never use this company again and cannot trade the car in because it is $5000 upsidedown now.

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  • Ro
    robert jillich May 11, 2010

    car dealers like this really need to be put out of business and everyone needs to get an attorney to put them out of business for good. this is bad business practice and there are laws on this for those that need it. no one should have to go through what these people have gone by in buying a car and then having all of these problems. the FTC in washington needs to be contacted on this dealership in the sense of a BAD BUSINESS complaint to be filed by all of those involved with this company. the best of luck to all of you who have had problems with this company. you really woke me up with your comments and its appreciated. THANKS

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  • To
    tony judd May 07, 2010

    I was doing some research about drive time auto sales and was a little distrubed about the comments of other customers, and found out that others had similar issues. My question to others is, why are we letting this happen over and over again. Could it be that we can't do any better, and putting the blinders on. The problem we are having is, we purchased a 2006 HHR and on the second day, it was discovered that it was wrecked . It was immediately brought back to the sale manager's attention on the second day. On the second day he encouraged us to give DTI service a chance to help us, instead of letting us return the car back and giving us the opportunity to select a better car. I feel that we got played. The car has been in the shop for front struts; the steering column has been replaced, and it has been in and out of the shop since the purchased of the car, and it has high mileage. ( in the 86 thousand neighborhood)! Car make Winding noise when the air is on, and has a bad order and the carpet is stain real bad, it makes loud noise when it hits heavy bumps, needs sway bar brushes, left head light needs to be replaced due to car accident that was not reported, different shade of paint is on the car, and only could tell once was washed. The though of having to make payments on time gets next to me because, I was not given the opportunity to make it right. I feel that we did our part in bringing it back on the second day, but was railroaded a different direction. Can anyone feel the heart of us?

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  • Cr
    CraigWL May 03, 2010

    Sorry, the Regional manager is Keith Sarchett I mistyped his name. Same idiot, different spelling of the name.

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  • Cr
    CraigWL May 03, 2010

    I worked for drivetime until I heard the Manager, Thomas Duckworth, and Regional Manager Keith Sachett joking about a customer and the car they bought. They were placing bets on how long the car would last and at least they received $900 down payment instead of sending the car away for disposal at auciton or somewhere else.
    Keith Sachett won the bet (can you believe it he is a regional manager) when the car broke down and they had to repo it 3 months later as I wias told by an ex co worker of mine who still works there.

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  • La
    Las Vegas702 Apr 01, 2010

    If you get a car you cant afford, then it is your fault. If your payment is late and you dont like getting called, pay your bill on time. To the salesman that told the long story that sounded so untrue. Get a Job Loser.

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  • Ab
    abq Mar 19, 2010

    I worked for Drive Time. When I worked there, I tried very hard to make sure that people only got cars that they could actually afford. This made my sales run low, naturally, as I was not willing to place people at risk like the other sales reps.
    I resigned the day that a young woman came to me. She had just turned 18, was entering college, and needed a very basic car to get to and from school and work. She was very sensible about what she could and could not afford, She worked part-time as a home care aide and needed to also have a car big enough to allow her to transport patients who used wheelchairs.
    As luck would have it, we had a car I knew would be reliable for her and had plenty of room for a chair to fold into the trunk. The seats were not too low to the ground, which we decided would make it feasible to move aptients from their chairs to the car.
    I filled out the paperwork, made sure all the numbers matched, and took the forms to the lot manager. He took her to the office to review the closing. I noted that he and this young woman left his office for a moment, and this was unusual, but I was not to interrupt the manager during a closing, so I waited. When the young woman left the office, she did not go to the car I had arranged a sale for, but instead to a small sports car. Not only did everyone on the lot know that this car had serious wiring issues that caused the windows and radio to stop working at random, but it was easily four times the cost of the car I had set up the sale for.
    I approached the lot manager about the matter and told him that she couldn't afford the payments on that car and wanted to know what happened. As it turns out, he had both her mother and her boyfriend of four months co-sign for her. By adding in all 3 incomes, there was enough income to justify the loan. I knew from my conversations with the young woman that her mother was a single mother who was drawing state assistance to care for her younger siblings since their father had disappeared several years before. I also knew that the boyfriend was not someone she was serious about at that time and that she wasn't sure they would stay together. That lot manager put the financial and educational future of this girl at risk to move the car he thought he needed to move to make his own numbers look better.

    Then he gave credit for the sale to another salesperson.

    I was so angry that I packed my desk and left. I took the young woman's phone number with me and called her. I explained to her what was at risk and that she had 72 hours to return the car and retrieve her down payment. Then I referred her to a sales agent at another lot that I knew would deal honestly with her and called ahead for her to fill the other sales agent in on what was happening. I was out a job, but the girl got a car she could afford without endangering herself or anyone else, and I could sleep at night.

    Drive Time lots, universally, teach their sales people a variety of techniques to force people into buying cars that they can't afford. Many of their cars have serious mechanical issues that will not appear immediately. The mechanics admitted to me many times that they were simply putting a band-aid on these issues to make sure the cars ran until they could be sold. The cars are all sold as-is. That means that if you buy from them and stress your budget to do so, you will not be able to afford repairs when (not if, when) they are needed. This endangers your safety, depending on the issue, your job, your finances, and more.

    A "joke" on the lot I worked for was that there had literally been a man who bought a car only to have the engine burst into flame less than a mile from the lot. As he was not able to return the car, the lot told him he could not have his money back because there was no warranty. The other sales reps there thought this was funny. I find it disgraceful.

    Do not do business with these people. From the other side, I can tell everyone that yes, these people are predators.

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  • Cg
    cgjung Mar 06, 2010

    Think of the poor guy and gal who doesn't read this article or finds out Drive Time is a swindle. Yet our legislatures turn a blind eye to the scams and often assist them in getting laws passed that keeps them 'legal'. Pay day loan companies are perhaps the best example of state and federal legislatures that are 'paid off', 'legal campaign contributions' being the pay offs. With the recent Supreme Court ruling that campaign finance laws void we can only expect more such abuses, preying on those who have bad credit, but slowly creeping into the lives of more middle income families who are victims of the housing scam. At this pace the distinction between the so called 3 classes, low, middle, rich, with the biggest percentage of the population being middle income wage earners, will dissolve into 2 classes; the haves and have nots. The rich and the poor.

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  • Ca
    Careful NYer Feb 09, 2010

    Thanks to everyone for your stories. I had excellent credit until 2 years ago. Now I need a car and have been turned down by 2 banks. I thought about trying Drive Time, but decided to do a little research first. After reading your posts, there is NO WAY they'll ever see me. Thank you for sharing & good luck to you all!

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  • Ma
    madinmiddleburg Jan 30, 2010

    This is a seriously bad company to deal with. I purchased a van from them and before owning for 3 months, I had to replace the battery, EGR Valve, EGR valve sensor, window motor and all four struts. I couple of times I was one day late on my payment and they called the very next day. They even called my landlord enough times that he called me and told me I cannot use him as a reference anymore. They even contacted me at my employeement multiple times even after being told not to and got me in trouble at work. I was told many things and made many promises that never happen. Do not buy anything from this company because the will trick you and con you into anything an then try to ruin you life.

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  • Ja
    james6627 Jan 16, 2010

    Stay far far away!Save enough to buy a clunker that runs, swallow your pride in that clunker, but know you won't have those loan sharks after you with their in house scare tactics and harassment's.

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  • Fe

    I absolutely agree with everyone on this list. Parents please talk to your kids, Tell them to stay FAR FAR AWAY from Drive Time. If anyone needs a transportation it will save you a lot of headache to just save your money and buy from someone else. The cars at Drivetime are not worth half of the money that you will end up spending with them. And to top it of The are the worst Customer Service in the industry. Stay Away People. My Daughter is dealing with them now and I wish that she could just give the car back to them because it really hurts me to see what they are putting her through. Thank you God that she only has one more year to go and she will be finish with them. I would not send my worst enemy to DRIVE TIME, they are the TRUE PREDATORS.

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  • Ni
    Nikki Nikole Nov 17, 2009

    Wow I appreciate your comments. I went online and "instantly got approved" with Drive Time. I knew there was a catch because my credit is awful. Now the sales agents constantly harrass me to come in and get a vehicle. I fell for that before with Eastern Motors, glad I researched this company this time. Thanks for the comments and saving me a headache for 2 years with this company.

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  • Er
    Ernest3cr Sep 08, 2009

    Yes, this company is terrible. You are right about them calling the very next day when you past your due date. I used to be able to make a payment online, unitl they started charging 8.00 dollars to make a payment. Not only I'm getting ripped off with high interest rates, I 'm paying for a car that is not worth the amount I'm paying. All their cars are the bottom line in there models, they don't have anything that is newer then '07 models. I had a friend that bought two '08 pontiac grand prix's for 12, ooo a piece. Drivetime had a '06 simple model for 16, 000! Told the salesman about my friend and the price that he paid and he said " that was because he had good credit". Anyways, I went to Driver Select and was approved for an '08 Chevy Impala SS, cheaper that what I'm paying for an '04 Olds Alero. But since I was so upside down on the car, the payments would been way to much.
    Just let's to say that I will never buy another vehicle from drivetime and the next two years can not come fast enough. Everytime I have to go and make a payment at drivetime, I tell people on the lot to run away as fast as they can. If you have credit problems, give Driver Select a try first. I wish I did.

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  • Ki
    KIMBERLY WILLIAMS Sep 08, 2009


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  • Lk
    L.K. Aug 26, 2009

    Drive time is one of the worst!!! i only went with the company because I was a 1st time buyer with a trade in and no additional money to put down. Now I wish I had waited and went with a real car dealership when I had the money. I was never given a due date that coincided with my pay date, and I requested it evertime i spoke with the company. The representatives call leaving messages on lmy voicemail stating "I owe them money and have 24 hours to pay it." They have discussed payment of my account with referneces and advised a co-worker that I needed to pay. They have called every hour and one day every 30 minutes for 2 hours. I had a call center representative call, when I answered I knew everything she was doing the upcoming weekend before she identified herself or the company. I was approved for a defferment after 3 months and then advised because I only faxed my paperwork back and didn't contact them they didn't process it. I started with there insurance to drive the car off the lot. I then advised them I had a provider and showed proof, they still wanted me to pay insurance to them for 1 month only!! If I have enough to file against the company I will be doing it!!

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  • Cu
    cuzo Jul 31, 2009

    I agree with all the above comments, Drive Time Auto is one of the worst used car dealers in this country. They are one the biggest mainly because of the average person credt problems. Their methods of collections are plain out disrespectfull and cruel, I have received emails, calls from refrences, harrased at my job etc. I do understand business is business, were do common respect for you fellow man come in to play .

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  • Su
    suzyn Jul 05, 2009

    They do not care at all about any thing but getting their money, a member of my family had some serious health problems and I need to make some arrangements so I could help them, so I called drive time and was told to damn bad.I hope some day they have to ask some one for help and get treated the same way

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  • Te
    Texas Girl Jun 10, 2009

    This company is the absolute WORST company that does prey on people with bad credit. If you are ONE DAY late, they will start calling and harassing you...if you don't answer your phone, then all of the people you put on your reference list...will start getting phone calls TOO!! It is sooooo ridiculous! The people that pay their bills are still treated like the bad person and it is really annoying that this company can do this and get away with it!!!

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