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I merely went to Norton Antivirius website looking around for some software to protect my computer. I only entered in the fields with my cc information, but never submited it, cuz I changed my mind, and wanted to go with someone else. They didnt even waste a day, the next morning, as I always do I checked my accounts online and noticed that Dri*digitalriver debited 45.00 from my account. at first I didnt even know who that was. I called my bank and disputed it. I would have called the company directly, but there was no contact phone number. They took my money, and I never even got a product downloaded. These people are detestable. what the hell is wrong with them???


  • Gg
    gggggggggggg Dec 05, 2009

    Digital River is a total Scam! I bought Windows 7 and they delivered it with a wrong Key twice. Then I asked for a refund and they said, ok, the money is on the way. Till now, no single penny arrived.


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  • Vi
    VictimAgain Nov 24, 2009

    Thank you Federal, State and Local governments! You can issue speeding tickets but can not protect your citizens from blatant fraud from Digital River or Bernie Madoff. Thanks for raising our taxes and spending our future. Government should fear it's citizens, not the reverse.

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  • Dr
    DrDeb Oct 18, 2009

    I bought nothing from them and they charged my credit card TWICE for $190.95. Visa is taking care of the dispute charge and I will complain to the BBB and the Attorney General's Office

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  • Ca
    cangri07 Sep 25, 2009

    all of you people are ###s if it requires a debit card read the freaking terms and agremments not the first paragraph read the whole thing norton will charge you and sad to say ppl blame everyone but themselves read what your siging up for before putting a card number in and digital rivers phone nuimber is posted just look for it its on the bottom of the page ###s [protected] also whats sad is it doesnt take much to read another fake website ppl will claim is fake is trucredit.com look at the terms this is what these companies do they attach themselves to marketing websites that share your personal information then i get phone calls all day from ppl i didnt authorize this or this i work at a bank that takes these dam calls all day and has to hear i didnt authorize a freecreditreport ok yea someone stole your creditcard to get the own credit report unless thats a retarted criminal ill belive you you probably didnt intentionaly sign up for the website but truth is you did when u skipped the agreemnet form read your stuff simple

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  • So
    SoCalnearLA Sep 18, 2009

    I'm going to complain to SYMANTEC for using this service. Large companies are damaging their reputations by using operators like Digital River.

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  • An
    Angryperson1 Aug 31, 2009

    Total Scam!

    I have no clue how they did this... There is some serious hacking / scamming going on here.

    They were able to make an un-authorized purchase on my Paypal Account! I never even gave them my password!! Holy ### I am furious!

    Contact your Lawyers and the BBB if you have been scammed too..

    This is crazy...

    CALL [protected] ex 38314 it's their "Complaints" headquarters as they say...

    Ask for Jessica Bruenett I guess she is the head honcho...

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  • Mo
    Mopsy Aug 25, 2009

    I am having ALL my checking account stolen by Digital River. We are on the fraud line of our bank and have cancelled our credit card that they are using. While online with our bank account, we see they have made 2 more charges to our account. They have taken at least $500 since last Friday.
    My husband is talking directly with them. There is a phone number in Minnesota which is [protected].
    My husband's voice has raised dramatically in his office. Obviously he is getting the run around.
    I apparently had downloaded Registry Mechanic and chose in May 2008 NOT to renew. From the search I did with my Vista Home Premium computer, I found an email that appears to be online but not in my email anymore. Unless it is in deleted. Haven't checked that yet. (PS, I don't like these emails sitting on my browser when I pull them up. Anyone know how secure that is?
    The digital river person said on the first call that they are getting a lot of this type of call. They said the 1st charge we called on would be reversed. Now we suddenly have 2 more.
    Will keep you posted on this "fraud"
    Hey, Mister appeaser above me, this is out and out fraud, sir or madam. A renewal of registry mechanic that was cancelled more than a year before is not anything and now $500 plus has gone out of my account in less than 5 days.

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  • Gu
    Gul Dukat Aug 03, 2009

    What you're all describing sounds like renewal software.

    Symantec and other firms -no matter who they have selling their software- will insist that the selling company sell a version of their program that is cheaper but only for an annual basis that -then- automatically renews itself for an annual fee.

    Many people sign up for this without reading what it is they are signing up for.

    True, they feel angry and violated, but if they'd bothered to read the details, they wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. This complaint appear's to be an example of "Read The Manual". Any purchase made online needs to be made carefully.

    Any place -like Digital River- that sells software on a large scale has Auto-Renew. They also have means to un-do it. Sure, it's inconvenient and it's embarrassing that you didn't notice it before getting your credit card bill, but if you'd paid attention when you were buying online, you wouldn't have to admit this to the person on the phone, later.

    There are legitimate complaints to be made, of course, if they can't refund your money quickly, and that's for certain ... but that should be a separate complaint about Customer Service.

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  • Sy
    system fraud Jul 23, 2009

    I only found Digital River from a strange charge on my card. I've gotten some response but basically cannot reach anyone to resolve the unwarranted charges.

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  • Sc
    scammedtiger Jul 11, 2009

    I recently downloaded free software Anime Studio 5 and ended up getting charged $650 on my account. This company is dangerous.

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  • Sh
    sharenothing Jul 06, 2009

    I have recently tried to buy a $30 software program from Digital River/Share it. I used paypal. Not only once, but THRICE. It either a site runned by chimps or outdated computer servers or what not. Urggg (sigh), Anyway, this was the enclosed response after my purchase: Unfortunately, the PayPal transaction for your order ********* has been delayed. We will inform you as soon as we have received your payment.
    Customer Service site. Which, as some of you know, when you use paypal it automaticaly goes through. Here is part of the 3 emails of every attempt.: Unfortunately, the PayPal transaction for your order ********* failed. The order can therefore not be completed. It is safe to assume that I might not be the only one to encounter this problem. I was able to contact a real person at : [protected] (after playing through their stupid menu options) to resolve this ###ed problem. The live persons response " Just give us your credit card number and we will process your order right away". I simply hung up. HEED WARNING: Do Not Give Your Account Info, reguardless of what kind. They'll try to entice you and tempt you, ignore them. The Point ::::Digital River and Share it are scammers.

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  • Wa
    waterechoes May 28, 2009

    Do a quick search for Joel Ronning and one will soon find the creator of all your complaints. Granted Digital River has come a long way since he founded it back in 1994, and Joel is not really ulitmately in charge of jack squat these days, but eh, what can one really expect from someone with a $450, 000 base salary with $2, 000, 000 stock options each year...
    When I worked at Digi River back in 2000-01 they were in charge of 8300 different websites - that was 9 yrs ago and right after a major falling out of the digital world - I can only imagine they serve to quite a larger crowd these days and for the list of complaints to only be this long... they really don't seem to be doing too bad.
    Joel Ronning however cannot captain his sailboat worth a darn, I've raced against him many a day and was many a day victorious over that of the ole Catapult III. If you want to complain about something affiliated with Digitial River - complain about that.
    oh yeah, btw, the old trick to downloading things for free is to use your credit card for the purchase, make the download occur, call back within 24 hours, and cancel the order. This creates a "suppressed" order on the Digital River system and the charge will never even be sent to your credit card company. At least this is the way it used to work and it covered my TaxCut software for a few years before I dropped that crappy service.

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  • Po
    pooperdooperd May 27, 2009

    Please note: If you volunteer your Credit Card number, expiration date, and matching billing information, and submit it over the internet, you may be billed. You are all kind of stupid.

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  • De
    Debra R May 21, 2009

    I was just checking my online services from my bank just to check my current account balance, and I saw a purchase transaction by Digital River for $38.95. I had to call my bank, was sent to the Fraud department, have the money returned to my account, have my card canceled, and I now have to wait almost a week and a half for my new card and a confirmation about the case.

    I don't use my card online with the exception of 3 places, and any time I make a purchase through those 3 places, it shows up. They don't use Digital River. For all other online purchases, I use my Paypal account! My computer is virus and spambot free, there are no loggers on my computer, and no one else has ANY access to my account.

    I haven't used ANYTHING from Symantic in over 2 years, have NEVER purchased anything from them using my current but now canceled card, I haven't purchased anything from Circuit City or Microsoft, nothing. So while my bank is putting my money back into my account and canceling the card, I will still be getting in contact with someone over at Digital River any way that I can.

    And yes, it's BS that they don't have a phone number on their website. Sorry, but I want to speak to a HUMAN, not an email or snail mail. That's completely unprofessional.

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  • I am waiting for an explanation.

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  • I, Miguel Angel González Aguilar, on March 16, 2009, was charged on my credit card the sum of $ 89.98, for a Norton Antivirus service, and up to now, the service has not been included in my PC. I hope to receive some explanation or my money back. The number of transaction is [protected].

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  • Dd
    D DuBB Mar 08, 2009

    my name is Dwight Simpson in Sacramento this is ### $69.95 was chargrd to my netspend account charged byDigital River.Com for ###ed upp my weekend and now I have to wait till monday and see if these netspend folks can be trusted with my money. unfair ### I was charged 50 cent to check and see that my money is ###ed up so I am waitin to cus out somebody cause Im tooo broke for anyone to be ###in up my money how can this happen I never ever heard of this and did nt purchase anything

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  • St
    Steve Feb 20, 2009

    Please contact the www.bbb.org < And report this company. Also report it to the attorney General, because this company is no different from the piece of ### thieves on the street that rob us of the money from our pockets. A company stealing money shouldn't have the ability to continue moving forward in ### scams.

    Do more than post it here, lets shut these ### down, because they get away with it a lot because plenty of people don't get the chance to watch themselves as we do. The economy is already screwed up with the assistance of George W. we don't need anymore crap.

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  • Da
    David Lorde Feb 12, 2009

    Digital River are working a VAT scam too, charging UK residents 19% and presumably pocketing the difference. With revenues of $394 million that's $15 million (or £11, 000, 000) for someone to pay themselves a sizeable bonus (almost macthes those of a Royal Bank of Scotland desk clerk).

    I find it remarkable there are so many complaints about them yet Europe does nothing to stop them. At least in the USA the SEC is taking the to court. Perhaps if they forced to stop trading there we might take some action against them over here.

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  • Br
    Bretta Feb 12, 2009

    I was contacted by Visa Fraud this morning about a charge by Digital River for $299.90 on my debit card. The only thing I can think of was that I had been looking at a golf accessory on the internet last night. I contemplated buying, but changed my mind. I may have entered my cc number, although I don't remember doing so - but in any case didn't submit it. Thankfully Visa watches this kind of thing - but now I get to go through the hassle of canceling my debit card and going to the bank to get a new one. Someone has to stop this scam!!

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  • Ra
    rajan Jan 09, 2009

    Dri*DigitalRiver.com Complaints - Scam
    Review all Dri*DigitalRiver.com complaints
    Posted: 2008-09-15 by Tha Big B [send email]


    Complaint Rating:
    I merely wanted check out msoffice 2007 bundled sw liked but trial expired, from micro center hp pc, msoffice website looking around for a resume. I only entered in the fields with my cc information, but after entering the info it changed to digital river from microsoft, and it submited it, then I changed my mind, and wanted to go with someone else. they did not give my key, the next daythey sent me a code that did not work, They didnt even waste a day to take my money, the next morning, as I always do I checked my accounts online and noticed that Dri*digitalriver debited $309.00 from my account. at first I didnt even know who that was. I called my bank and disputed it and they would not accecpt it because it still is pending. I would have called the company directly, but there was no contact phone number. They took my money, and I never even got a product downloaded. what can i do.

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  • Am
    Amber Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the EXACT SAME THING to me. I didn't even purchase any software though!

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