Dreamsalexander sk tv bed oatmeal (solid slats)


Today I received my order (316A000454) I would like to say first that I am very satisfied with the service of the gentlemen who arrived to assemble my bed, very polite and professional.

Now, when purchasing this bed in store we had to extensive pitch by Ian, who answered all of our questions and I was happy to purchase on that basis. I have now had time to "set up" the television that came with the bed and I have now realised this isn't a "smart TV" which I categorically asked if this is able to have things like Netflix downloaded etc to which I was told yes. After reviewing the specs, this television doesn't even possess WiFi technology let alone application(s). Frankly not only am I disappointed I am quite angry to have been lied to, to ensure I purchased this product. I made the fact perfectly clear and it would have been plain as day that this was a pre requisite for buying.

Additionally, we were offered some additional products as extras free of charge which we have yet to receive.. SleepScent I think it was called.

I am satisfied with the bed and all other associated features therefore I see two acceptable outcomes to this problem;

1) a simple switch of the television, with a television that does possess the aforementioned "smart" element completing my request
2) a full refund of the product and I shall make a purchase elsewhere.. I was told during the process I wouldn't be able to refund anything however I am assured that under the sales of goods act 1979, this would be possible.

I do hope I have been clear and I look forward to receiving a response

Kind regards
Max Scarrott

Oct 01, 2019

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