Dragonplayim being sexualy an emotionally harassed

C Dec 22, 2018

There is a person on poker has multiple accounts with my name, 1. Candy kills her kids 2. Candy is retarded 3. Candy is a slut, 4. Candy is a fat whore, dont know who it is, he or she will find me on table an just start harassing me, on February 14, 2017 my son died he was only 27yrs old, an this person keeps candy kills her kids account on all the time, id like him or her banned from poker, ive emailed dragon player more then several times, this person wont leave me alone an is interrupting other players also while i am playing, i have screen shots of accounts he keeps putting up with my name, please do something about it

im being sexualy an emotionally harassed

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