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DoubleDown Casino  -  Purchased 400,000,000 credits for $99.99, they disappeared

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Wife's 82nd birthday May 5, 2022, I purchased 400,000,000 credits for $99.99 at about 7:11 am on her computer. The credits showed in her account and I immediately X'ed out of the program by 7:13 am and shut her computer down. She got up at 8:15 and logged in a bit later and the credits were gone. I do not play the casino games, I only play Texas HoldEm. I did not push one button to play the credits. I sent a message to Doubledown and they responded that the coins were played using our IP address on a Cats game between 7:28 and 7:33. They were not going to refund our money or correct the situation. Her computer was absolutely shut down 7:15 am and not started up until after she got up at 8:15 am.

Following is the Facebook receipt of the purchase:Payment Details

Item: High Roller

Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 7:11 AM

Payment ID: [protected]

App: DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots

Purchased With: Credit card

Subtotal: $99.99 USD

Tax: $5.50 USD

Price: $99.99 USD

Total: $105.49 USD

In the receipt is a link to dispute the charge, I used the link and to dispute.

Following is the email exchange:


Thank you for contacting us, and I’m sorry for any frustration you’ve experienced.

After thoroughly reviewing your chip logs, I was unable to locate any instances in which chips were unexpectedly lost or your account was at the balance you described. Our records show that most of the chips in question were played down on Cats between 7:28AM & 7:33 on 05/05/22.

In the future, please feel free to go directly to our Help Center ( for all your DoubleDown Casino questions, as we can respond more quickly to your concerns when contacted through our own site.

If you are unable to access our Help Center, try emailing us directly at [protected]

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



My Response:

Jon: What you written is absolutely, unequivocally wrong. Today is my wife Joyce's birthday. I got up and made coffee Knowing she wanted chips in double down, I logged in at about 7:15- 7:30 and bought 400,000,000 for $99.99 plus tax. I saw the counter register the 400,000,000 chips and X'ed out of the program. I DID NOT PLAY ANY GAME! Joyce is 82 and does not get up until around 8:00 or later. I asked her to log into Double Down.. She logged in and all of the chips were gone. SHE DID NOT GET UP UNTIL 8:00 am.! WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. I AM PLACING A HOLD ON OUR CREDIT CARD. Sincerely, James E Ritsch

Jon's Response:

Jon (DoubleDown Casino)

May 6, 2022, 9:17 PDT

Hello Jim,

I do understand your frustration. I did some additional digging and the IP address from the session is the same IP address from every other session that has been played. If you share your computer and/or mobile devices with others, we recommend consistently logging out of any accounts where you have sensitive information, stored payment methods, and/or accumulated items that could be used or lost, such as virtual currency.

If you are logged in automatically via browser cookies, anyone using your computer can access your accounts. If your login is active, we have no way of identifying whether it is you or someone else using your chips.

We cannot replace chips that were played down through wagers and normal gameplay. We can only recommend increased security awareness and apologize for the inconvenience.



Her computer is not shared. We are 82 and both have our own. We shut our computers down every night. Neither of us use cell phones for internet.

Thank You, Jim

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