Domino's Pizzapizza made wrong for the second time in a row.

E Aug 17, 2018

I order on line, today and for the second time in a row my order is made wrong. First time, the manager tells me, look man, we are really busy and can't get you another pizza for a couple of hours, or I can throw a free cookie next time you order, am like okay, we are humans and make mistakes.
Today for the second time my pizza is wrong, called store and waited on phone for 10 min, who answer told me, let me get a manager. Well the hung up on me. Called back and same thing, let me get a manager, waited 20 min and still no one is on the phone, guess I keep waiting... I have no.more time to waste, hopefully you care about customers more that what they do at this location and call me back.
Juan Guzman
Store number is 6949, stated on the receipt

Domino's Pizza

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