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My daughter and her friend went to dollorama in winnipeh manitoba located on 595 sargent avenue in june 27, 2019 at approx 8 am. When taking hygiene products to the cashier to pay they heard the caucasion who was bald annd looked to be in his late 30's security say something to them. When they asked him to repeat himself because they couldnt hear him his reply- clean your [censored]en ears- they told him he didnt have to be rude and continued to pay for their items. As they were trying to leave he blocked their way and refused to let them go until he dug through my daughters back pack. She told him go ahead and waste your time checking my bag. After finding nothing he rudely told her - at least i have a [censored]en job-.
Is this normal or acceptable practice for your stores you treat customers this way? I realize this store is located in an unsavory part of the city and i have no doubt they have alot being stolen but to treat paying customers this way is unacceptable. I can be reached @ [protected]

Jun 27, 2019
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  • Ja
      Sep 20, 2019

    I was also treated badly by a security guard while shopping with my son, who had his own money...he stalked us in the store and I assured him my son is with me and not stealing anything. The guard then complained to another employee about us within earshot and then came up to me while in line paying and asked me what my problem is? I filed a complaint about it with Dollarama and the guards employer too.

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