Dollar Treemanager named kenny in yonkers ny


I love dollar tree not because you can find cute things. Today makes me not like the store very much. I went in the store today just to look not really to buy anything. But every time i go in the store i find something today was no different. After getting like 5 items i got online which seems to always be there unless you come when store first opens or is about to close. when i got up to counter i put my items up on counter i went to put the basket down Kenny told me to put it back at the front door First off he works for dollar tree not me . But i started to take it back till it hit me am doing his job so i said that i wasn't taking it back and he told me he wasn't going to serve me. he put his middle finger up at me and told me to tell corporate office which had just been there not to long ago. He didn't care this was his second job. I was only spending a dollar and that the store would make it up. But i was spending 5 plus tax and what about the 15 plus tax that i spent yesterday or the 60 i spent the week before. Or the 20 i spent two weeks ago. I think you guys need to let him go so that he can have more time for his first job.

  • Updated by Kenyetta Butler · Oct 24, 2017

    OH yea i forgot he told me to go get my hair done.

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