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I Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I ordered 3 items from the dollar tree website, I and one of the items had to be mailed to my home, and the others qualified for in store pick-up. I specified on my order that this item needs to be mailed in Myrtle Beach, SC! I used PayPal to complete my order, with a credit card that has a billing info that I haven't updated in Los Angeles, CA. I called twice and emailed about some sort of reimbursement because my mom had to forward this box to me and pay for it to be sent here in South Carolina from California! I sent a screenshot of my order to the person assisting me the first time, and all she mentioned was that I have an in-store pick-up on August 13. I already knew about my pick-up date because I went to the store and spoke with the manager! On the second phone call, a male representative was the one TRYING to assist me but he was very rude and told me it was my fault and they can't do anything about it! That just made me VERY UPSET because I know how to order things online and I did specify where this item should be mailed!! They will not even try to compensate me with anything!! Either a reimbursement for my mom sending this box of item to me, a refund, or anything!! This is rediculous!! I will email every dollar tree email I found on the internet until someone tries to do something about this! This was not my fault!! I specified where this item has to be ship! I am not dumb or stupid about ordering things most specially because I need this item for my wedding on August 18!! I need someone to at least admit that this was on them and not mine! I will give this a week or so to see if anyone will ever attempt to do anything about this issue!! Order Number: EC4453922


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    generally they ship to the address on paypal account ( ebay etc... do same)
    so the fact that the address was not "updated" is nobodys fault but the buyers

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