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I think you've all seen the commercials. The commercial shows Disneyland in the middle of the day with hardly any people in the park and the Disney characters running along with small children. It also shows children having private conversations with the Disney characters as well.

Yeah, right.

The truth is that the park is ALWAYS CROWDED and other than standing in a long line in Toon Town to visit Mickey Mouse, the other characters are typically mobbed by children eager to touch, hug, or just be close to the character.

I've seen Winnie the Pooh get so mobbed, he was pushed up against the wall and had to be helped by some parents to get him out of there.

I think the problem with these commercials is that they create a false impression that the child is going to the park without huge crowds and get special attention by the characters walking around with them, when that is simply not the case. One shot has a child and Donald Duck skipping along together!! That is pure false advertising.

The only way to get a character to visit with you is to pay for an expensive 'Breakfast with the Characters'. That way, characters will come visit with you at your breakfast table. Anyway, that's a totally different situation than what is advertised on their TV commercial.

Shame on Disneyland for lying to children.


  • Bi
    BIGJOHN Dec 23, 2008

    Another dipshit who thinks his family built the Disney park for his booger eating kids only!! You have to use a brain and know that Disney is always packed when traveling in season. Those of us who go regularly know that and go during the week when kids are in school and THEN the park is your's. We've gone many times of the last 8 years and have walked on all the rides...
    Get a freakin life, turd...Don't cheat your kids because you had tears rolling down your cheeks while standing in line and Mickey wasn't personally jerking you off...GET OVER IT!!

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  • Ch
    ChargerGal Mar 28, 2009

    I went to Disneyland yesterday (Friday March 27th) and will never go back. I checked Disneyland's calendar beforehand and it wasn't one of the blackout days, so I assumed it wouldn't be ridiculously crowded.

    It took 90 MINUTES from the time we arrived at the parking garage to even enter the park.

    We waited at least 30 minutes to pay the $12 for parking. Then we waited in a line to park our car. Then we waited for the tram. Then we waited at least 30 minutes to pay for our tickets. Then we waited to have my purse searched. Then we waited to go through the gates and enter the park.

    The park was about 10 times more crowded than I ever remember it being in the 1970s when I was a kid. Disneyland should consider limiting the number of tickets sold because we had a miserable experience and will never go back.

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  • Michelle Mar 28, 2009

    Oh my God... I wish that we could even afford to go to Disney Land. When I did get to go... about 30 years ago... it was crowded. This is to be expected.

    I am glad this this is the worst of your problems, what lucky people you are.

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  • Al
    alleyishere19 Mar 28, 2009

    Chargergal, are you complaining on every site you see? I agree with Michelle. You can't except Disney won't be crowded and just cater to your family.

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  • He
    Hello123 Jun 18, 2009

    Okay first off. Those happy moment you see on the commercials with the characters running and dancing with the kids DOES happen. How I know I use to work there. There are days that are not as crowded and Disneyland is an amazing place. I understand if you think you had a bad experience, but as an old cast member I know how much we are trained to give over the top customer service, and make the experience amazing not only for the kids but the parents to. Its the happiest place on earth people!

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  • Lalalaur Jun 18, 2009

    I'm a florida resident, my best friend works at Disneyland and i've been there many times. It IS always crowded, try going on a off-season date such as september, october, or february. Disneyland is STILL an amazing place, but there is a lot of people :)

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  • An
    Anonymousman Sep 15, 2009

    I've been there on out-of-season dates and in in-season dates, frankly i don't see the difference. There is always some fee's you have to pay, some overpriced food, huge lines, rides breaking down rendering fast passes useless. I never get a good experience there anymore, so in that case I am probably never going there again until I get a kid of my own.

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  • So
    someone who knows II Sep 21, 2009

    I've been going to Disneyland for over 40 years. I only live about 20 minutes away, and we purchase annual passess, mostly premium ones so there are no black-out dates and parking included. We only go on weekends in Jan, Feb, Mar, otherwise during the week
    days in Jan or Feb (except President's holidays) are the times that the park is not really crowded. I have truly been there on a cloudy, gloomy January afternoon, parked in a prime spot, gotten the tram immediately, went through security (they are normally rude and touchy-feely - they love to harass middle-aged women, hoping to confiscate their soda or meds), the ticket takers line to use is the farthest one - there is usually no line at all (people like to get to the first one and crowd and push, I like my space), and in a matter of 4-5 hours, we can go on as many as 8 rides and eat lunch. By then we are done. If you want to see any characters, if you sit on a bench on main street (prefereably one near "City Hall" and the bathrooms) and just wait a bit, within 10-15 minutes, at least one or two will walk by and you can greet them. There is an entrance/exit for them right next to the "Fire Dept" that they use to go to take a break. The strategy for avoiding long lines at the rides is to see if the ride you want to go on first is crowded or not. If not, ride it, if crowded, get a fastpass and go to your next "wish" ride. Organize your day so you don't do a bunch of back-tracking, bring your own bottles of water and snacks. If you have a pass, you get discounts (10-15%) on food purchases in restaurants (not food carts). It is possible to go on all the rides you want to in one day and avoid the crowds, but it has to be in the winter, weekdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best), and it will take all morning, day and evening. Good luck :)

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  • Er
    Eric Morales Dec 29, 2009

    Disney Land SUCKS!!! we just went today it took 90 minutes to get to space mountain
    we only went to 8 rides in 8:00 to 6:00 and spent 400$ that's ###ed up MAN!!! I'm never coming BACK!!!.

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  • Fi
    Fifthrider Jan 05, 2010

    Like many things in life, it's what you make of it. If all you can see is the negative then you will always be disappointed by what you experience in life. I love Disneyland and I've been there on plenty of days that they stopped admitting people around 11am due to overcrowding. Despite the crowds, you can still have a good time. Instead of complaining about the line, talk to a stranger in line. The time goes by faster.

    Or be a whiner and come here and tell everyone how your every whim and expectation wasn't catered to. Maybe it makes you happier?

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  • Oc
    OC Fitness Boot Camp Mar 29, 2010

    My wife' and I have annual passes that we get every year and have been attending Disneyland every since we were both kids and is our favorite place to take time off. On this occasion we were very disappointed with our experience. We had rented a wheelchair because of Rachaels' tendonitis in her ankle. Once we had returned the wheelchair to attain back our deposit we were told we couldn't receive back our deposit because we didn't have the receipt. The woman working said she remembered us and the wheelchair had our name on it and I had ID to claim our deposit back and they said this didn't matter. Policy is policy and didn't provide any explanation as to why. The employees were rude, rolled their eyes and didn't display the Disney customer service treatment that you are renown for. We are still insisting out of shear principal the refund of our $20 deposit. We have been faithful patrons of Disneyland and should be taken care of like family. Chip, Telma and Myras' conduct in resolving this matter was not only unprofessional but was cruel in the fact that my wife was standing in pain and we stood for 30 minutes and eventually had to leave without receiving our refund because she was in so much pain. They also didn't offer any assistance to help her to the car. I am waiting for their response and will post it on this site for anyone else who may experience this issue. Good day!

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  • Mo
    Molina1 Mar 29, 2010

    My family and I visited Disneyland. My daughter is 3 years old and it was her first visit to the park so as you could imagine my husband and I were trying to make this visit as memorable as possible. Our visit started out good, we went on a few rides and had a good lunch at the park. During our visit, we were looking forward to 3 things: Meet the princess's, see the fireworks, and look inside the castle. Unfortunately, due to the wind we were unable to see the fireworks, the princess's were no where in sight at the times and locations we were told they would be at by park staff, and after the fireworks were cancelled and they reopened the castle, we asked up to 5 different Disney staff at what time the castle would be open to tour and not one person could tell us, they would say things like: "its not my department" or "im not sure, we'll just have to wait and see" so, by that time it was probably around 9:45 and we decided to go on the carousel and then head back to our car but then as we walked passed the castle we saw a line to tour the castle. We had enough and didn't want to wait in line when we had already stood by the door for 10 minutes waiting for it to open. All in all we had an ok time but we were extremely disappointed that we were unable to see the 3 things we went to the park for and shocked by how bad the customer service some of the Disney employees we encountered. I expected a lot more from Disney, the experience we had was more or less of an experience we would have at our local state fair. We understood the fireworks had to be cancelled because it would be a major fire hazard but its hard when you tell your 3 year old for a month that we would go to Disneyland and see fireworks, princesses, and the castle and not be able to see any of it and if that wasn't enough we had the worst experience at the Toy Story Parking facility.

    We had been at the park from 3 to 10. We were extremely tired and our daughter was falling asleep in my arms. We headed to the parking facility in the Toy Story shuttle as we arrived we headed to C7 (which we had written down) where we had parked our car. We then noticed that our car wasn't were they had directed us, we then went to a staff member and asked if their was more then one C7 parking area in their facility, we were told their wasn't so we headed back to C7 and again our car was no where to be found, we again went back and asked a different staff member and they told us "umm I'm not sure there may be?" and please remember we are still caring our daughter and we were walking back and forth from C7 to all the way across the lot asking for help. You had almost 7 staff member's there and not one of them had any compassion for us…. My husband ran all over the buzz lightyear and Jessie parking lot, and when we started walking to the woody parking lot another staff member stopped us and said that if we arrived at 3 our car would not be in the woody parking area and there was only one C7 and that was in the Buzz parking area so we went back and looked again. I was in tears I thought our vehicle was stolen. We went back and talked to that same staff member again and he said in a very sarcastic manner "are you sure you checked right?" I couldn't believe it!!! He saw us there walking around the parking lot… we were hard to miss…. Our daughter, was tired and crying and I was in tears. Around 10:45 so about 45 minutes of searching we stopped looking and decided to head back to ask a staff member to call the police, so we could report our vehicle stolen. When we asked her to call, she said her walkie talkie was low on batteries and she wouldn't be able to call, she told us to walk across the parking lot to ask another staff member… WOW… what if someone was hurt… what would she have done then… run across the lot and hope that one of her co-workers had a working walkie talkie! So we had found two staff members by the shuttle, one of them was a male, who was also was the person who directed us the buzz parking area and another woman, as we were walking towards them, she noticed that I was in tear and my husband was out of breathe, then man turned his back and tried to continue his conversation with the woman. The woman stopped him and ran over to us and offered her help. We had explained to her what had happened and asked her to call the police, she then told us that there was more then one C7 in their parking facility and walked with us to the Woody area just as we thought our car would have been earlier. Very releaved, I wiped my tears and hugged that only person in that whole parking facility that was helpful and cared. We then got in our car and took our 2 hour drive back to our relatives home. I realize now I should of taken some names down but unfortunately I didn't I could only say that from 10pm to 11pm on 3/27/10 none of the Disney employees at the Toy Story parking facility except for one lady ( she had blonde curly hair) was helpful, they misinformed us and were extremely rude. While we were driving my husband told me "I've never seen anyone leave Disneyland crying and disappointed.

    I've told several people regarding my experience and I will continue to tell people and leave several more comments like this one. We were planning to go back in the summer with our families but more then likely we'll pick a different park for our vacation. We spent almost $500 at your park that day and thousands more on merchandise from your Disney stores, but now we have a bad taste in our mouth. I've worked for Starbucks in the past and I am now a Quality Assurance specialist for a great company. I know great customer service and the effects bad customer service has on people. I'm sure Disney will do fine with one less customer but I still feel we deserve an apology.

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  • Di
    DisneyGreed Mar 13, 2011

    Seriously? 99$ to get into Disneyland? Thanks for ensuring that any kids without a silver spoon in their mouth ever get to go.

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  • Fi
    Fifthrider Mar 21, 2011

    You're a good person for posting Kimberly, but trying to reason with malcontents like these ones is pointless. What entertains us is Disneyland. What entertains them is complaining. I'd warrant a guess that walking around with an angry scowl on their faces is simply what brings them pleasure; that and trying to tear down anything good that others love and enjoy.

    Ha, "silver spoon." Cry me a river. You think Disney owes you free admission? How about free welfare for life while we're at it

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  • Di
    DisneyGreed Apr 04, 2011

    @Fithrider Who said anything about free admission you brainless dullard? And wtf does welfare for life have to do with anything? Dimwitted monogoloid. I have no problem affording to go to Disneyland but i know a lot of families who have 4-5 kids who could never afford 600 dollars for tickets plus at least another hundred for food and parking. There's no excuse for charging a hundred dollar's a ticket. Yeah because wanting them to make the tickets even slightly more affordable is the same as wanting tickets for free. You are the biggest [censor] on the planet. I'
    m sure this is just what Walt Disney wanted when he built Disneyland, to alienate families for not being upper class.

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  • Je
    jerrytc Apr 26, 2011

    DisneyGreed you need to get a grip. Not everyone has their lips pressed up against Disney’s butt. We just got back. And I will never go again. The most employee’s were great but some of the rules leave a lot to be desired. Like lettings fast-pass people go in front of the line to the margin of 80% to 20% (for those without one). Then if you went to get a fast pass, there were signs saying they have given out the allotment for the day or the time give was several hours away. Then there is the fact that some employee’s will allow people to line jump. When we were there, waiting for roller-coaster in California adventures. We had two kids and a mother in front of us wait to ride. But the time we got to the front, the kids had invited 15 others form their school to join them. Every time we told them to go back to the end they would tell us that the employee at the end of the line told them it was ok to move up to their friend. I asked this employee at the end of the ride, and she said something about them saying they were using the bathroom and other excuses but it doesn’t take 30 to 40 minutes to do that. Disney does take advantage of their situation one example is the lockers, the price to use one is outrageous. They should scrap the fast pass lines all together, and not allow line jumping in any form. We went to knots berry farm and they have signs up stating those rule. There were no problems. To be frank, the rides there were better and the longest we had to wait was 20 minutes.

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  • Wa
    Walt Bookman May 10, 2011

    To all the Disney lovers reading this, just know that the unrealistic expectations of the whiners on this message board only means that we won't be bothered by their grumbling in the park. Good riddance! °0°

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  • He
    heidi delapaz May 25, 2011

    i went to disneyland and a worker from the rocket ship broke my camera while she was trying to buckle me up and know they are telling me that it was my fault because it was still in my hand. i am really upset and hope they pay for my camera i just bought it to take pictures of my daughter .

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  • Di
    DisneyIsARipScam Jun 23, 2011

    $80 bucks for a 3 year old to enter the park???? A 3 YEAR OLD???? That's beyond ridiculous. I took my 3 year old son and my 5 year old daughter. My wife and son waited an hour for this kids ride. It's the airplanes that go around in a circle and you can raise and lower them as you circle. Waited for an hour and it lasted 20 seconds...

    I've read all the comments here and it's sad how as soon as somebody writes about their bad experience they get attacked with childish insults. Real mature people. Do we not have a right to voice our opinions?

    Back to bashing ###land. Which is actually a fitting name, this place stinks literally. I was waiting in line with my daughter at Minnie Mouses house in toon town cause she wanted the picture and autograph. When we got a little closer to the front of the house it's starts smelling like a sewer or a port o potty. I had random kids in line around me asking their parents why does it smell like a bathroom. That wasn't the only location that smelled. There were several locations. I guess Disney doesn't make enough money to address that issue? Lol or they just enjoy the stench.

    Back to Minnie, we finally got the picture and autograph. Then we got in line for goofy. We get half way to him then he just leaves with people still in line. At first people are thinking maybe he needed to use the restroom or maybe his shift was over and another person would be replacing him shortly. We waited and we waited. One by one people lost there patience and moved on. I stayed until there was just me my daughter and a lady and her daughter. Goofy never came back, wow is all I could say.

    A couple hours of walking around looking for characters and not finding them passes so I decide to go to main street to the photo shop to get the only character photo we were able to get, Minnie. I gave them the photo card and they couldn't find the picture. I'm not going to go into all the the details but it took over an hour to get that issue resolved.

    Can any of you Disneyland groupies give a good explanation as to why a bottle of water or an ice cream from one of those little stands is so over priced? Do they not make enough on parking, admission and everything else they ream you for?

    In conclusion, Disneyland is a huge rip off, It stinks like a sewer, the lines are too long and rides to short. People were left stranded in the goofy line.

    Instead of talking crap to me in response to my comment how about you defend your almighty precious Disneyland and explain to me why you think it's the happiest place on earth as they advertise.

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  • Di
    DisneyCopanyIsAnotherCrook Sep 02, 2011

    I agree with you DisneyIsaRipScam a million times, enough said.

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  • Ka
    Kaye Mashburn Phelps Sep 19, 2018

    I am writing to tell you that it is a shame that you call this place the happiest place on earth and yet let all the women from the View talk bout the President like a dog .No one wants to hear this from Disneyland, We were going to go this year but changed our minds if that's the kind of people you let support Disneyland.Shame

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