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all day dining pass.

Hello. My name is bryan walsh. I attended the park on sunday october 13, 2019. Before coming, I purchased an all-day dining pass as a $31.99 ad-on to my season pass. I was aware that it would be busy over the columbus day weekend. I planned accordingly. I got to the park an hour before you opened hoping to avoid traffic. Instead I sat on cedar point dr. For 2 hours, and trying to park for another hour. The after parking and getting to the gate, there was some unknown problem that took us yet another hour to just get into the gate. So I drove from my hotel next to the fridays owned by you at 10am, but didn't get into the park until 2pm. We started with the rides at the front of the park and worked our way to the back of the park. Of course this didn't take too much time considering 50% of the rides were closed. Even though the app for the park showed the 3 hour wait time for steel vengeance, and 3 hour wait for magnum, and a 4 hour wait for dragster. We were just happy they were open, unlike a majority of the other rides. So we saved ourself 7 hours so we could ride those 2 coasters along with the mine ride. About 3 pm we stopped so could get something to eat before going to the back of the park. I had a $10 salad at chickies & petes. It was great besides $10.75 for a salad. No big deal. At 4:30 we started our mile trek to the back of the park. Very crowded but that was expected. I continued check your app to be sure to have time to ride those 4 coasters. No i'm not blaming you for the crowds or the over populated park. That's something I planned for. So i'm not asking for money back because you were poorly staffed or anything. But by the time we walked to dragster (closed), mahnum (closed), cedar creek mine ride (closed), and finally steel vengeance (also closed), I was very angry because your app told me they were open, and the estimated wait time. Only to find out that none of the 4 were operating. So we turned around to make our way back through the park to eat at pinks, or hot potato, or really I would have eaten tree bark at this point. You closed at 10pm on the 13th. I was at the front of the park by 8:50 pm try to not be mad, just enjoy a meal I paid $32 for. It had been 6 hours since anyone ate. I thought the rides closing was bad, but then every single resturant or food stand on the dining plan closed by 8:50pm. (70 minutes before the park was closed was infuriating! To say the least.
I went to food operations next to the employee cafeteria to ask where I could eat hoping maybe to get like a $10 voucher for food off point that you owned like tgifridays but even foods office was closed. Then the admissions office was closed. It was way to busy to even stop anywhere else in sandusky to eat. So we went and bought a bag of chips at meijer to get us through the 3 hour drive home after an hour and a half being stuck on the causeway just trying to leave the park. That whole day was ruined. What upsets me is that us middle class people that can only afford to come twice a year try to save money by getting a gold pass and getting a dining plan can't get on not running rides, so try to make the best of it by using their dining plan only to find out you're so understaffed that all foods are closed 70 minutes early. I'm the idiot that bought the season pass and am sure i'll plan better for you not to open rides in october on wonderful weather days. But I can't look past my $32 dining pass being a waste.
I'm asking nicely here personally before going to all of your facebook pages and twitter, etc and complaining. Please refund my expense for me dining plan.
Sincerely, bryan walsh.
You'll find my visa credit card in your october financials. Or look at my gold pass
It's bryan walsh
Gold pass number : [protected]
Quick code: an9yjh9e
If you need my visa card number, let me know and i'll give that to you. (I don't want to type it here.)
I appreciate your time! I hope to come back and try again in 2020!

all day dining pass.
all day dining pass.

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyrestrooms and employees

I've been to the park multiple times this summer and never had an issue until this past weekend. We were at the park Oct. 4th, 5th, and 6th.

The restrooms on Saturday were absolutely horrible.
**My daughter started to go into a stall and the girl before her told her not to go in because there was no toilet paper
**The floors were sticky, poop was flung on the wall and door of one of the stalls and it ran down
**There was the back of pad stuck to the floor with blood on it
**The toiletries bin was overflowing onto the floor

We were at Guest Services in the evening on Saturday, when we came out, we were asked if we'd like our photo taken by a young kid named Ty. We said yes and while we were answering, he asked another couple! When my daughter and her friend were taking a photo she said "hold on" and he told her "I already took the picture. You should have said something before I said one".

The Coke station the frontier area, across from the Kettle corn and funnel cakes location ran out of syrup and ice as well. TONS of people were wanting drinks and we couldn't get anything

Sunday was better except for the employees at Panda Express. Our party split up and both of us had a bad experience there, hours apart! I also saw on Facebook that others did as well.

Our experience was... The last person on the line gave us a plate that wasn't our and we told her this. She double checked with the guy behind us in line--not his either. She then asked the person that takes your order and she told her we ordered it. I took it to the cashier (was sitting by the door, had brown hair and glasses) and SHE is the one who I talked to a manager about. I told her we didn't order it and was told it was ours. She said "you can buy it if you want it". I repeated myself. She then went and asked the girl who gave it to us and she told her the exact same thing as us. She then asked "Amari". She came back and said "Amari said she didnt say that". She then got a smart mouth with us and I asked for a manager, his name is Jeff. She was being overly nice to everyone after me and I told him that and that you could tell she was nervous about me speaking with him. She then mouths off "Im not nervous". I asked him "did you just hear her?" He kept offering us more food and I told him no multiple times that I wanted an apology from her not food and he refused to have her apologize, instead, he apologized for her. Next thing you know, we had another plate on table--even after I told him no. That was a nice gesture, but her apologizing for her behavior would've been better.

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companybeing told to get to the end of the line after I already waited for a hour

On 8/8/2019, I Alysia Kennedy and my mother Christine Kennedy was in line to ride Steel Vengeance at about 730 pm. Which had a 90 minute wait. After waiting about 1 hour i had to use the restroom. My mother stayed in line i went to use the restroom. I told the employee that was at the entrance of the ride i had to use the restroom. When i came back to the ride that same employee asked me if i was riding alone. I stated no i was already in line my mom is still in line . also again told him i went to the restroom. Employ then told me i had to get at the end of the line. I then told him i was going to get my mom. Employee than came to where we was in line and told us to go to the end of the line or he was calling security. So we left the line after waiting for 1 hour.

I feel there should be some type of exception when wait times for rides are that long. Or put a portable restroom in the line area.

Was very embarrassing for us to be talked to that way by your employee.

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companygetting on the rides

Most of the people working at the rides were extremely rude, and specifically on the Maverick we were ignored when we asked to ride on the front cart. We pay enough to enter and we also pay the extra fee to get in the fast lane. We should be able to choose where we sit and not be told that we can't sit where we want. And it also wasn't even that we weren't willing to wait to sit in front, we were told we couldn't and told to sit in a different cart all together. Very frustrating. Also, when we tried sitting down to eat at one of the restaurants, we waited to be greeted by the host and he continued to seat someone else and then came back to greet the people that had just walked in and continued to ignore us even when we tried to speak up. Very disappointed in how the staff treated us this visit and definitely will be considering not coming back next year.

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companydry off station

The credit card machine at the dry off station between Thunder Canyon and Snake River Falls was broke but not labeled as so. Therefore, we tried to use it repeatedly and couldn't figure out why it wasnt reading our card and broke our chip in the process. It was the only monetary means we had with us because we wanted to carry light and weren't able to purchase anything the rest of the day!!! I emailed Cedar Point directly in case they weren't aware the machine is broke so that this doesn't happen to anyone else and they never replied to me. That is lousy!!!

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companythe whole park!

If I was to grade CP today from past experiences, I would surely give it an "F". The park did not give me a happy good time feeling at all. Sure the rides were ok but the park itself was non inviting. If you like a concrete city, this is the place for you. No attractions on that day, no shows, no nothing. The restrooms I visited were not well kept at all, smelling like an old country outhouse X's 10. Dirty floors, walls and human waste on seat toilets. Where is the maintenance? Lighting after dark was minimal with ride lights and game lights only. No lighting on walkways, stairs at all. Very unsafe even for what few security persons I seen. Food choices have gone downhill as well. They closed some good places just to make room for corporate chain stores, Chic-fila, Pinks, Johnny Rocket and of course a Starbucks. I went their to get the authentic CP food but instead get the neighborhood chain store cuisine instead, what's with that? Corporate profits are one thing but how about getting this park back in shape to it's past glory. It's not all about the Super fast coasters. Like I said non inviting, nothing to make it feel like an amusement park, just rides and way overpriced drink and food vendors. Before going to CP, check with friends and neighbors about their experiences before you decide to spend/waste YOUR money at this place. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this place in the remainder of my lifetime.

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companysingle meal deal tickets

I planned a 1 day trip to cedar point for my daughters birthday. Before going i got on their website and purchased 8 gate tickets and also 8 single meal deal tickets for all who were attending with us so one meal for the day was paid for. While in the park the group chose to eat a chic-fil-a, maybe that was the wrong choice. While waiting in line i saw that the most expensive meal was about $12. Well purchasing these meals ahead of time was no savings i thought to myself. But that wasn't the bad part. When I got the register and gave the lady my order for 3 of us she started speaking to me in an accent i could not understand and after repeating 3 times i understood that what we could order was restricted. I did not understand why since i paid approximately $5 over the regular price per person why could we not order what we want. At that time i just wanted my tickets back and go somewhere else but she had already scanned them and said they would be no good now. Our time at the park overall was fun but the whole overpaying food thing and carrying those tickets around just to be limited to items we did not want was disturbing. Maybe it is just an issue at chic-fil-a i don't no but I felt taken and not impressed. I see no place for contact information here so i'll leave it for i'd like to be contacted.


Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyfood pricing, disabled peoples discounts, downtime on rides

Cedar Point might be a good coaster park, but they don't offer disabled people discounts. When I ask about discounts for non-riders, I was told they can eat at restaurant's, shop in gifts shops. Who can afford this place?! Their pricing is outrage, most of the peoples they have working don't speak or understand English. I'm all for foreign exchange students/help, but don't put them in a place where they can assets customers. Also the down time on rides were ridiculous, more then 4.5 hours total spent on down rides. They need to re-consider pricing, helping the disabled public.
1. 2 slices of pizza $15
2.1 corn dog (plain) $8.00
3. 1 bottle of water $6.00

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyemployee behavior

I just want to say I am a roller coaster fan and love cedar point. This incident will not stop me from returning to your great park. I just want you to be aware of an incident when I was there Wednesday June 19th 2019 with my mom, and 8 year old and 5 year old sons. We were at the coke refill booth right outside camp snoopy (if facing camp snoopy it was to the right) when a African American Male employee was giving someone the middle finger. I only saw this because we were right outside camp snoopy where there are a lot of kids. I did not caught his name, it was around 4pm I believe.

Other than that, we had a great day. I was sad the millenemum force was down but it happens.

We will be visiting kings island in August with many of my husbands side of the family and are looking forward to a great day.

Hope that you will be able to remind your great staff, this is a great family environment and we need to be aware of who is watching. I give my kids enough bad examples when I think they arent paying attention. But they usually see it. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

employee behavior

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyvery dangerous and unethical behavior by your employees on the "power tower"

I spoke with "Kash" on Tuesday, May 21st in regards to this very serious and dangerous issue and was promised a phonemail back yesterday. I have heard back from no one. Under these very serious conditions, this is completely unacceptable. If I am not contacted by Friday, I will go to Social Media with my very serious complaint.

This is what happened:

On May 18th, my son-in-law and I were in line for a ride called
"Power Tower". There was a very small Mom with two (2) small kids ahead of us who were allowed to board the ride, even though the young son was under the height restriction by clearly 1 - 2+ inches (the young woman working the line held up the height stick as the kid walked by and just kind of shrugged, and let him board the ride anyways).

My son-in-law and I were in the two (2) seats facing east; the very small Mom and her two (2) small kids were in the three (3) seats facing south; while three (3) extremely large guys were in the seats facing north. I do not know who was in the seats on the other side of us facing west.

The ride rocketed up the tower as planned and then suddenly stopped at the top; suspending us at 240 feet above the ground at approximately 8:24PM. As we sat there suspended on a ride that is built to race up or plummet down the tower, there was zero communications from your staff on the ground as to what was going on or what was happening to us as we were all suspended at the top of the ride (i.e. malfunction, catastrophic failure, plummeting to earth soon, etc.). My husband and daughters were on the ground horrified and crying at what was happening. Zero communication from your staff, ZERO!

As if that weren't enough, the three (3) extremely large guys facing north were yelling down to a Cedar Point employee who's name I believe was named "Austin" that, "They were going to get him! They were going to get him. They were going to get him when they got down. They were going to get him for doing this". Yes, it appears as though this may have been a prank by one of your employees named "Austin"- at our expense. We didn't know what was happening.

As our panic attacks began, praying out loud and crying, all we could hear was these three (3) extremely large guys yelling down to one of your employees "Austin" who intentionally caused this.

We were suspended up at the top of the ride for about 15 - 20 minutes. This dialog went on the entire time we were suspended up there.

We were finally, very slowly, lowered. As we got closer to the ground, one of your employees King (I believe that was his name; black hoodie; responsible for making sure we were secure), was laughing with another employee at this situation. We were all panicking thinking we could possibly die, and they were LAUGHING.

We were met at the bottom by one of your Supervisors who wanted to pacify all of us with some sort of pass. Really? The only person who showed any concern was one of the three (3) extremely large guys who asked if I needed medical attention as I was still having a panic attack. At that point, I realized that they may also be Cedar Point employees who were not working that night.

We demanded to see a Manager and one of your Managers, Shaun Hill, came to talk to us. His condescension for what had just happened was absolutely appalling. We told him everything that I have written to you and his attitude was basically, whatever, non-belief, my employees wouldn't be laughing about this, etc. However, he immediately removed the operators of this ride.

They also wasted no time getting more kids strapped in before making even sure this ride was safe which was appalling.

Your Manager, Shaun Hill, told us that the ride was not balanced correctly when we got on the ground, and that's what caused the failure. Obviously, it was not balanced correctly - on purpose.

As I said to him, "How would we know that, suspended at the top of the ride, fearing for our lives"? Again, there was zero communications from the ground as to what was happening to us suspended at 240 feet at the top of the ride, on purpose or by a very careless miscalculation (three (3) extremely large guys on the north side and one (1) very small Mom and her two (2) small children on the south side; one (1) of which was clearly under the height restriction). Or, a terrible prank at our expense.

Again, no communication from your staff on the ground as to what was happening as we were suspended at the very top of the ride. Just laughter.

I have trusted the safety of Cedar Point for over fifty (50) years and had always enjoyed great service and excellent accommodations. This was a family trip that I planned to share this experience with my new son-in-law and my daughters. I always trusted that you put your guest safety first with respect. Have fun. Stay safe. Everyone from Mercedes and her supervisor Megan on the "chat" helping me with the planning of our trip to the staff at Lighthouse Point, especially Dylan, were amazing.

On Saturday night, your employees acted completely in poor faith. We are all so shaken by this experience that it completely ruined the rest of our stay. We left the park in disbelief, initially planning on staying that night until your closed. My husband and daughter did go back this morning for an hour; my other daughter and I could not.

If your employee caused this on purpose, you may have much bigger problems. And I gave his name to your manager, Shaun Hill, who couldn't have cared less.

I want to give you the opportunity to make it right.

I've attached our confirmation below for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I trust you will make this right and restore our faith. This experience is not the Cedar Point I grew up loving.

With Regards,
Paula Rosenbusch

Reference 4189226
Guests Paula Rosenbusch

Stay Duration Fri. May 17, 2019 - Sun. May 19, 2019 (2 nights)
Guests 5 adults [48" and taller and under 62 years]
Room Adjacent Cottages - Lake View
Rate Wild Card Package
Total $1, 094.55 ($999.95 + $94.60 Taxes & Fees)

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    Cheryl From Chicago Aug 05, 2019

    As a season pass holder I don’t think our family can ever come back to your park after our weekend stray at Light House Point. Our reservation at LhP was for Saturday. We arrived at Cedar Point at 11:00 Am. to wait over one hour to pull get int to the gate resort entry. Around noon we checked in to LHP. For the the first time our room wasn’t ready. The girl at the front desk said to check back in an hour. We checked back in an hour and they said no check back later and Watch your cell phone for the room to be ready. Since our room was always ready in the past we stuck around the LHP and waited on the parking lot hoping to get in our room. We tried to go to the pool it was packed with people that were not staying at the resort and No there where to park with all the visitors to the pool. We checked back at the front desk at this point the person was very disrespectful and told us not to come back before 4:00. No rooms would be ready til then. So we waited in the parking lot from 3 to 4 and watched many others just checking in and getting their cabins. So we tried again to see if ours was ready. Again. not til 4:00. And this time we were told our room would not be read to the earliest 4:00. At 4:00 we still had no text we went to check in we got a room by the pool. I politely asked to to be far away from it. The front desk guy said he had to talk to the manager as to the hotel was sold out from the day before and not many cabins where available. Then I hear the manager say first come first serve on the cabins and we were checking in too late. We checked up in at noon and then at 4:00 we were told we were too late. Not sure why everyone else between 1:00: and 4:00 could, get their cabin. Every employee treated us with a lot of disrespect . They acted like we were getting the room for free and didn’t deserve it. I was applauded and embarrassed by the way they treated my family and I. I should have walked out that day when we got to the rom. I was disappointed with how dirty it was. Food on the floor. Dirty utensils on the the outside chairs and the room smelled super bad. The shower was disgusting. Of coarse right next to the pool our room was. We are season pass holders and stay every summer at the cabins for years. I can’t give you one more dine when you staff at Light House Point treats my family and I like shit. I can’t figure out what my family and did to deserve to be treated so horrible. I paid almost $400.00 for a cabin. Spent most of the day in the parking lots of cedar point. Then the next morning at 8:30 am they staff was at our door pushing us out to leave. I thought the check out was 11:00 but I guess not for us. I really want to know why we were treated like shit by your staff? We are very nice middle class family from Chicago suburb and I just can’t wrap my head around why they were like that of us. Real waste of a day and money. What was suppose to be a nice family weekend at Cedar Point turned into a trip from hell. After spending all that money at your park this summer and the cabin to be treated so bad I just can’t imagine ever coming back to CP again. This is a official complaint about all the light house point front desk employees that worked in 8/3/2019. They are mean and with nasty attitudes. The property being sold out is no excuse for their behavior.

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Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companypetting zoo cedar point


To whom it may concern,

Our daughter Lorelei, 5, was headbutted violently by the black goat with the name tag "Miss frizzle" today at the petting zoo in frontier town. We are platinum pass holders and frequent the park every few days. Our child has special needs/growth delays and we were in the enclosed area where you can pet the sheep, goats, lambs, chickens, bunnies when the large black goat "miss frizzle" who stands about the same height as lorelei headbutted her multiple times in her head knocking her into the barrels in said enclosure. She did not provoke the animal at all. Was standing near it. Lorelei screamed and cried. After that we took her over to see the bunnies and chickens and the goat followed her again. She attempted to pet it and it rammed her into the fence. I have video of this. Please tell me where I can send the video or who to contact. Thank you.
Samantha Clark

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company — knott's berry farm holiday party.

I was looking forward to going to the private Holiday Party at Knott's Merry Farm on November 15th 2018 from 7-11 PM. The email was sent on November stating to wait for the second...

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company — crowds

Very disappointed in our trip to Cedar Point on Saturday, 10/12/18. All lines (ride, concession, merchandise) were ridiculous!! We stood in line for 3 1/2 hours for the Millennium...

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyoctober 13, 2018 - cedar point rollercoasters

Hello, we visited Cedar Point this passed Saturday (October 13th, 2018). My group and I were extremely disappointed with our experience, as we were only able to ride 4 roller coasters over the span of 10 hours (arrived at 12 pm and left at 10 pm).

We have been to Cedar Point many times, however this was by far our worst experience ever. Paying $147 (2 general admission tickets at $57, parking at $20, and processing fees), we feel we did not receive the services we paid for. All wait times were between 1 1/2 and 3 hours since the majority of the roller coasters were broken down. At one point, we stood in line for almost 2 hours at the Magnum to finally get to the front of the line & have the ride break down. We waited about another 45 minutes, and thankfully it restarted.

Aside from this issue, the park was clearly over capacity. We could barely walk without getting stepped on/pushed/shoved. Thankfully we did not have children with us, but many other people did and I felt bad for them.

I understand mechanical issues happen with the rides, and I appreciate the crew doing their best to keep visitors safe, however when you are paying this amount of money to go to an amusement park that has 17 roller coasters, you should be able to ride more than 4 over a span of 10 hours.

I feel we were taken advantage of by Cedar Point. I feel we deserve some type of refund as we did not get to enjoy 95% of what the park has to offer. We also know now to never attend Halloweekends (it was our first time) if this is the type of service provided.

Thank you for your time,
Anna Fowler

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyrides

I want to complain about how UNaccomadating your rides are. My husband and I planned our trip to cedar point and looked forward to it as our first little getaway for 2 months after after our daughter was born... We got to the park only to find that apparently we don't "fit" on any of your rides anymore. As a new Mom struggling with a postpartum body and barely ever getting to go out and have a good time, having to get off 75% of the rides for "not fitting" was ridiculous and HUMILIATING... it's not hard to install some more accommodating seat belts that can be loosened and then tightened to the persons size/comfort. Your "one size fits all" method of seatbelts is absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. Not only do I feel like my much anticipated trip to Cedar Point was ruined, but I've never felt so bad about myself in my life. As a new Mom I struggle enough with body shaming, and your "only for skinny people" rides made it 100x worse. Do better.

[Resolved] Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companycedar point


I would like to discuss the living conditions of the horses on Frontier Trial. I understand these horses add to the aesthetic of cedar point, but it makes me very upset to see a horse tied so close to a tree that he can't even reach down to eat grass or sit. As well, the other horses were in pens so small, they had very little room to move. It appeared their garages where they slept were even smaller. I call into question the prime necessity of this horses. I personally have never seen a visitor engage with these animals, but I do not visit often. These days horses are bred often for work, but that does not mean their living conditions should be overlly compromised. Horses need purpose and engagement. I hope this will make you question the living conditions of your animals. Personally, I question their sole purpose of living at your park. People are their for the attractions and it breaks my heart to see these animals living without purpose and love just so people can look at them. Customers do not make trips to cedar point for the horses. Please consider my complaint. If you need help with ideas of care or more information on this situation, feel free to call me at [protected] or email me at [protected] I wish I had photos, but I was so shocked with the conditions it slipped my mind. Hope to talk soon.

Kaylee Gwyn

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    please ignore the above information

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    Bryan1234567890 Oct 15, 2019

    That’s horrible. This wasn’t “resolved” considering I’m here to make the same complaint!

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Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company — locker issues

I just want to express the experience that I had with using the lockers at Cedar Point and how the staff was not on top of it when somebody was in need of help. My daughter and I...

guest services

Me and my family purchase Platinum passes every year, this year I added the drink all season to my Platinum pass. Today we got to park and was there for about an hour, I went to get my kids a drink and my drink pass what not on my Platinum pass, they told me I had to go to the front of the park to guest services, I have a 4yr. Old and 6yr. Old, so I walk all the way up to the entrance to guest services to be disrespected by one of your workers (Chris from Toledo) not only was he rude he told my husband to look at him while he's talking! When my husband became upset about the way Chris was talking to him, Chris called security! This is the third time I've had this problem with my drink pass this season, to pay all this money for these passes and to be disrespected is really messed up. I live here in sandusky and I don't think I will be getting passes next year! This was ridiculous!

parking booths

We were in a parking booth lane and the lane was not moving very fast at all. I understand people have questions. However, we timed each car that went through there. It took...

food/ride service

A majority of the food places that I had stopped at on Thursday July 12 2018 had staff present that didnt seem to care about their job. I had ordered two funnel cakes. 3 was made...


so i'm filing a complaint about your rides. i feel that you should make more rides that can fit heavy set people. i personally don't think its fair that us heavy set people cant ride most of the rides at your park because they were all made for skinny people. that offends all of us heavy set people and makes us feel bad about ourselves. i fit just fine on the valravn tester seat but i had to use the bigger seat with the red belt. but when i got on that seat with the red belt, it didn't fit. the worker couldn't even get it on. so why don't you explain this to me and tell me how your gonna compensate me for that horrible humiliation. its embarrassing. i paid a lot of money to go and couldn't ride hardly anything. because of my build.

ticket pick-up

June 13th, 2018
On this day our group picked up our prepaid tickets for all day drinks band, and (1) meal ticket per person that was for any participating restaurant that had the meal deal, again any restaurant at any time during our afternoon there. The tickets printed up for us were not stated in that manner, but the ticket employee guaranteed that the information on the ticket would not resemble what the ticket would scan and that the tickets were fine to use, even though the ticket information was all wrong, the ticket date, the restaurant, the time of day, everything on the ticket was incorrect. But the ticket sales person said the ticket was fine, everything on the ticket would scan the correct information and the tickets would be fine to use at any location and at any time during the day.
So I took the tickets because the ticket sales person was Insistent that they would be good to use. So being we intended on splitting up into groups, so some of the girls were able to use the meal tickets but not because they scanned to be good, but because the supervisor of the restaurant went ahead and honored them. Half of the group ran into compassionate supervisors that honored the tickets even though the ticket that was scanned was not valid. The other half of our group did not receive the same treatment when they went to use their ticket vouchers provided, the staff at the restaurant would not accept them and when the ticket was scanned it did not provide the information that the ticket sales person said it would. These groups went to the guest services twice and was told again the tickets were good all they would have to do is scan them and the information would be provided and the tickets were fine. After an half of back and forth the parents decided to just pay for food for the girls, it was wasting time and the tickets and guest services was no help. We were only there for 6 hours and to waste 1 1/2 going back and forth to guest services took away from the girls ride time.
I am just requesting a refund for half of the food vouchers that were not able to use because of the bogus tickets presented to us from the Cedar Point ticket center.
Thank you
April Malott

not enough staff, park not functioning

on Friday we purchased 4 full price tickets, we expected a light day as school are not out. Unfortunately because your staff is also in college/high school the park was extremely understaffed. Only select main resturants were open, every one had lines out the door. We settled on a walk up service for lunch as we didnt want to spend hours eating. Our walk up service took an over hour to get 3 chichen tenders and a small amount of fries for $12. There was only one walk up food available in the entire park. no speciality places at all. We purchased a refillable drink cup, yet none of the coke refreshment stations were open, this should not even be sold if its unavailable!!

Ride were closed, there was never a time that a majority of the rides were open. some would close and then another open, sharing staff?
on a few of the rides, like Magnum and Gemini open only one or two cars were going. Lines were long for rides because the park wasnt fully opened. We never rode the Steel Vengance because of the over 200 minute wait. between eating at Johnny Rockets and Steel Vengance that would have taken over 6 hours just to eat and ride one ride.

Are you offering rebates so we can come back and enjoy our $60 ticket?

order number [protected] is our order, our two friends on on their own order.

working rides and communication by staff to consumers waiting in line

I spent $269 for 4 passes with lunch and free parking after staying @The Breakers Hotel on the 10th. Hotel staff provided an early entry pass. Entered park at 9 and stood in line...


I live in staffordsville's a 6.5 hr drive..I have a family of 5..we drove down for the season open. There were hardly any concessions open..which I had purchased the cup...

services paid for were unavailable

My family made a trip to Cedar Point on May 5, 2018. We had reservations to stay at Hotel Breakers that day and depart on 5/6/18. This was a birthday gift for my 14 year old. It took quite some time to save up for this trip and will likely be the only vacation we will have this year. We live in Toledo OH. However, we have never spent the night at the hotel, so we were extremely excited about the wonderful trip we were to embark on. We purchased the ride and refresh tickets for 6 adults and one junior. We also purchased the dining plan for 6 adults and fast lane plus passes for 5 adults. Our total trip cost approximately 1700.00, not withstanding gas and souveniers. We got to the hotel and we were able to check in immediately. That was fantastic, since we arrived at 8:30 am to pick up our passes. The hotel was clean and beautiful. We went to the park around 9am for early entrance. We immediately went to the fast lane vendor to get our wristbands. She was not exactly ready for us as she did not have enough wristbands. She went to the season pass office to get more. We waited for about 10 minutes. Finally we got the wristbands and headed to the rides. Most of the rides that the fast lane plus passes were used for were not open. The fast lane plus passes were 120 dollars a piece. We had no idea why the rides were not working. We found out later that there was not enough staff to open the rides to full capacity. We were never informed that this was going to be an issue. If it was, we would not have spent the 600.00 to purchase them. We also tried to use the dining plan. However, at least 3/4 of the restaurants that are on the plan, were closed as well. We were not informed this would be the case, otherwise we would not have spent the 32.00 per person to utilize this plan. The food places that were open had over 1 hour lines, due to the fact that there was no where else to eat. We would have brought our own food and taken it to the hotel. My wristband for the dining plan was not activated as dining, it was activated as a drink wristband, so I was unable to even use the food band after the first meal where it was activated, therefore, denying me my paid meal plan. When I complained about it, they told me there was nothing they could do. They would not even replace the wristband to the right one. I also bought a funpix for 40.00 for my daughter. What a waste that was, because most of the roller coasters were closed due to not enough employees, or the picture place was closed, and we never saw an actual photographer to utilize that. She literally got 4 pictures the entire day. I have a 5 year old that we took for the first time. There are limited rides for her age and height. Only one kid park was open at a time, due to lack of employees. She was not able to ride the rides at Camp snoopy past 3pm. The entire Camp Snoopy was closed. I took her back to the hotel to swim. She was able to swim in the kiddie pool at Hotel Breakers for about 20 minutes, before the employee came to close the pool, due to lack of chlorine. It never reopened. The indoor pool would have been sufficient, however, the temperature was freezing. No good there either. When we booked our trip, we knew that TGIFridays was there. That was closed as well. Tried Perkins, but they seated us at a table where no server ever showed up. We waited about 15 minutes, and left. Very disappointing for a 5 star hotel. If we knew that opening day was not going to be operated at full capacity, we would have not went on that day. The employees were not trained well, and didn't know what they were doing half of the time. I was highly disappointed with this trip. I cannot recoup the money and start over. We are not rich, and cannot afford another trip like this anytime soon. I am hoping that this can be resolved. If we could get any type of refund or compensation, that would be acceptable. I don't expect to have my entire refund refunded, however, the extra plans we paid for were not even able to be utilized. Thank you for considering my request.

costs / ride seating

Fast Passes advertised on the park web site for $65 were increased to $149 on our date of visit. We were advised the prices could and did change daily. No kidding. I guess if they see the number of cars lined up to get in (and then hitting them up for anywhere between $20 - $40 to park - ABSURD!) they jack the price accordingly. After driving up from Cincinnati & spending 2 nights at a hotel, we went ahead & purchased the passed based on recommendations from relatives that had previously been there and what appeared would be a fairly large crowd for the "offseason". Several rides were unavailable to "larger" (6' 3", 250 pounds) guests like myself. A simple extension of the "secondary" seat belts would solve this issue. A number of the rides weren't even operating, including the Sky Ride, Log Flume, Sky Swings, Raptor and Maverick. Top Fuel Dragster & Twister (both of which I couldn't ride anyway due to my size) broke down while we were at the park. I had a helluva a time getting out of the Mine Car ride due to my long legs and actually had to turn sideways after struggling for a minute or so with ZERO park or ride attendant assistance. I've been to a number of parks, including Cincinnati's own Kings Island which is owned by the same company, as well as both Disney's and Universal Studios in Orlando and I've never had issues "fitting" into ANY of their rides. Not everyone is 5'6" and 150 pounds. A 16.9 oz bottled ice tea was $4.99 - I get over a GALLON of this EXACT SAME tea at my local grocery for around HALF that. $500 for the weekend to ride around ten coasters seems pretty ridiculous.

overcharged on ride pass and cold floor at water park

Ok I already texted twice but no answer or sorry or drop dead. First when we arrived on aug 7 I was checking in and they advised me of a after four price of 29.99 I purchased...

four of the main coasters closed

We checked weather and knew potential storms after 8pm prior to traveling 3 hours to visit the park. We were very disappointed that 4 of the main coasters were closed (Gate Keeper, Valravn, Top thrill dragster, and Raptor) and we were not able enjoy the park experience. What does the park offer from a customer experience perspective if your customer doesn't feel like they received the product/experience they paid for from the park? One ride, maybe two happens but four main coasters is poor customer service for the cost of the tickets.


I am complaining about the seat belts on certain rides. They should be able to go around all body types. To fix this issue cedar point should make seat belts longer. And if they...

a lot of coasters broke down

Today my brother in i drove 3 hours to come to Cedar Point, our 1st ride we were told it was a 15 min wait, but really was 2 hours! Most rides were broke down by the time we get up to the main gates to get on the ride!!! Very very disappointing, ive been coming here for years and have never had such a horrible experience at Cedar Point!! Also waits were way longer than what it said due to your fast pass crap!

urine smell in room. disrespectful security

We booked a room in Sand Castle Suites. Arrived later as planned. Went to the park and arrived back at our room late. IT WREAKED OF URINE!!! We isolated the problem to the corner...

disrespectful employees

Hi my name is Anthony santiago I visited your park fourth of July and had a incident that I had to leave early to avoid a fight involving a employee my daughter and a few of her friends and my wife was shocked to hear the employee yell at my daughter who has a disability rushing her and yelling at her I told the worker my daughter is disabled and is very emotional when yelled at she was very upset and crying and to avoid any more conflict my wife just said to leave the park I had a complaint made with security but have not heard anything and would like to know whats going on with this situation the employee running the carousel should read the employee hand book or rules or should be punished some way my daughter will never forget that day

my complaint is about the service.

I went to cedar point on Monday, June 5, 2017 after 16 years of being away as I now live in Florida. I wanted my children to experience my childhood favorite amusement park. My sisters and their children also went to share in the experience for the first time for our children. Unfortunately it was not as it should have been. It started with a little drizzle yet perfect temperature. But then...The power went out, our personal things were unavailable until someone could manually open up our locker. Some rides were unavailable, they were shut down, some broke down after waiting in line. If that wasn't enough the all day dining bracelet registered as an error from the first attempt and then the entire day. Some staff were polite and kind they said I could go to guest services yet as long as I showed my receipt I should be okay. This seemed acceptable as I wanted my family to be able to enjoy as much time on rides rather than in guest services in the front of the park. Again, unfortunately I couldn't say all the sraff was the same. Even with the receipt, one young lady questioned if the bracelet was from this visit implying that I would cheat to get a free meal?! I was insulted. The fact that we were a group, I had my receipt and she could view the information on the computer... Unacceptable treatment of a customer. At another food station, a young man kept trying to scan the bracelet stating it doesn't work, offering no solution although I explained it kept occuring and I had a receipt to verify the ticket. He finally scanned it. At all of the locations due to this error with my bracelet it caused a delay and inconvenience to my entire families day due to continuous explanation of the error with the all day dining pass, multiple tries of scanning and frustration of it all. Sadly, it was disappointing. I had been building up cedar point in my families minds only to be disappointed with all the mishap of power outage, non working and malfunctioning rides and the treatment due to this error with my all day dining pass. On my way out of the park I went to guest services and spoke with Damien. I felt I should have gotten some type of reimbursement. He gave me half off tickets for this season. Being that I live in Florida, uncertain when we"d be back, that didn't work. I felt I needed to let someone know in hopes that somehow this could be rectified and hopefully treat future customers in a better manner. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

customer service

We love this place.. but we had lost a phone on a ride so we try to find someone to help us and the customer service was horrible and we're acting like they were to busy to help us not impressed please share! We were on hold for a hour it's not that we lost the phone it's the point that not one employee actually seemed like they cared. Just pushing us off like they don't hav time for us..

customer service

Cedar Point Amusement Parkstolen property, poor service

wallet was stolen by one their employees while awaiting a ride, accepted money for rides never run, rude treatment when reporting stolen property, no resolution.

  • Kr
    krha123 Jun 21, 2014

    I also did not have a good experience at Cedar Point. My cell phone was stolen by one of the employees. The security officer seemed like he did not care at all. Most of the employees treated me poorly. There were way too many bugs, and there was no resolution.

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  • Kr
    krha123 Jun 21, 2014

    (it was an iPhone 4s)

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