Dish Networkprice increase to existing customers who have contract


Dish Network increased prices for 2009.They have right for this no comments.But they should not increase for their existing customers who have 24 month commitment with old Effective date of price inrease should be after 24 month contract period for the existing customers.For the new customers they have 6 month promotional price .When I called customer service no proper answer and say I have to pay cancellation charges if I wish to cancel their service as there is a 24 month They try to impose military dictatorship rule.Does any one knows governing body like State Public Utility commision.Unfortunately PA PUC 9 say they donot handle Satellite & Cable TV complaints.I feel there will be lots of customers who took in the last 12 months will have same problems.Can all such victims can file class of action suit against DISH Network bad business practises.


  • Di
    Dish_sup Mar 02, 2009

    Pulled right from the contract you agreed to:

    Changes in Services Offered. We reserve the right to add, delete, rearrange and/or change any and all programming, programming packages and other Services that we offer, and our prices and fees related to such programming, programming packages and Services at any time, including without limitation during any term agreement period to which you have agreed under the terms and conditions of any other agreement with DISH Network. If a change affects you, we will provide you notice of such change and its effective date. In the event that we delete, rearrange or change any programming, programming packages or other Services, you understand and agree that we have no obligation to replace or supplement any programming, programming packages or other Services previously offered that have been deleted, rearranged or otherwise changed. You further understand and agree that you will not be entitled to any refund because of a deletion, rearrangement or change in the contents of any programming, programming packages, or other Services previously offered

    Sucks dont it.

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  • Be
    Bert Mar 06, 2009

    It especially sucks if you only signed up a few weeks before the actual price increase like that one

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  • Ti
    tiebel Apr 07, 2009

    How is that a legal and binding contract when you can change the terms of the contract, doesnt that go against the definition of a contract? So if they wanted to charge me $200 more each month for the exact same service that I have Im obligated to pay it unless I pay for the cancellation charge? That doesnt make sense. They sent me a notice saying they tried to keep their costs down but must charge an increase now. I have over a year left on contract. There must be some law they are violating by doing this. I think because the increase amounts to less than $10 people dont complain much but seriously what if it was an extra $100 a month, we are still required to pay? I bet people would have a hissy then and someone would make a case out of this. Its crap I tell ya!!!

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  • Aa
    Aaron0226 Feb 13, 2010

    If anyone finds a way to do something about this garbage, please let me know. My email address is [email protected] I absolutely think this is a bunch of crud just like the others who posted before me. I don't mind them raising their price, but I signed a 2 year contract for the old price, not the new one.

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  • Pi
    PissedatDish Mar 02, 2010

    I have the same problem. I just talked to Dish. I have a 2 year contract. They are claiming that I cannot leave them for 2 years but they can change the pricing at will!!

    How can such a contract be valid? I am going to find out where I can complain. See, if enough of us complain, the regulatory agency will take nay action.

    Does any one believe that we need a consumer protection agency at Federal level? The big business and big government can screw the customers at will, it looks like...

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  • Di
    dishplaintiff Mar 03, 2010

    I had the same billing problem yesterday. I signed up last November for 2 years, and now 4 months into it, they have raised my bill by $5.27 - a 17% increase for me.
    I went around and around with several agents at Dish Network and each one refused to back down.
    Finally, I ended up at the executive office and got an address for filing a small claims lawsuit. It is Dish Network, P.O.Box 9040, Littleton, CO 80120
    The telephone number at the executive office is 720-514-8555 x81021.
    The amount involved here is only $105.40 for the remaining 20 months of the contract, but it is the principle involved.
    If enough of us get involved, then maybe we can do a class action suit for customers with time remaining on existing contracts .
    (I will be talking with a lawyer this afternoon, and will post what I find later)

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  • Ke
    KevinT Mar 11, 2010

    DishNet equipment pricing has become horrible. even if you spend $300+ to buy your own HD DVR, you pay $17/month. If you lease from DN, you still pay same. That's crazy. They don't want you to own equipment so that you are at their mercy. Have you ever heard of buying your own car and still be forced to make lease payments?

    DN - get real. Be reasonable ...

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  • Di
    dishsusks Mar 14, 2010

    I am in the same boat. I just signed up for a 24 month contract and now they are raising my rates. Anybody have info on a class action suit? How can a contract be legal when they can raise their rates at will?

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  • Sa
    Sally Moore Mar 22, 2010

    It is hard enough dealing with the economy and when big companies like dish network take advantage of the situation like this it really suck's and they make sure you can't get out of your contract either. As soon as my contract is up I will be canceling this crappy company.

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  • Dr
    Drakima Mar 23, 2010

    I'm with you guys on this one. They did the same thing to me. I just signed up this past October for 24 months and now Dish Network is raising their prices on me also. They should not advertise their service for one price then change it once you are their customer. If I change something in their service I get fined around $300.00 dollars. But if they change something it's ok. Well it isn't ok I will also be calling the executive office to complain. I will also look into other actions that I can take.

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  • Ji
    jimyd259 Apr 11, 2010

    I agree How can dish have you sign a contract and then after you sign it they raise the rates, Glad my phone service does not do this I have free long distance Last month i used 300 minutes long distance Just think if they decided to send me a bill changing their mind about FREE service like dish. I got FREE dvr and FREE dvr service then last month i got a bill I calle dna dthey told me it is no longer FREE Cant cancell still have over a year contract, DISH NETWORK SUCKS.

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  • Wi
    Williebill Jun 27, 2010

    How about free HD service to new customers and existing customers cost is 200 dollars. What a joke.

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  • Cw
    cwatcher Jun 28, 2010

    I agree. I spend 90 minutes on the phone with three CSRs and get the same information: I have 24 month commitment and they can change price and I cannot do much about it. Let's spread the words and have more people with the same situation leave a complaint, and maybe a class law suit lawyer or the state general attorney may take some actions.

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  • Me
    MEADE12 Jul 01, 2010

    I had been a Dish Network customer since 2003. I payed for one year in advance and 3 months later Dish canceled my account on their own and did activate me on a new account where I had to pay a fee for one of my DVR receivers. It is an old 501 receiver for which I payed full price in 2003 (not leased to Dish Network). No
    Yes I believe that it is time for a class action against Dish Network as the regulatory agencies With the exception of the FTC) so far are doing close to nothing. Perhaps the FTC will help if they receive enough complaints regarding this company and its practices.

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  • Lo
    lovemydog Jul 09, 2010

    Absolutely agree. Even though it's in the contract it's still a very unfair term that they get to change pricing as they want at any time... Not to mention most of us usually just take a quick glance and sign the contract when the installation guy is waiting.

    There's got to be a way where all of us could file our complaint against dish network together and make it suffer!!!

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  • The Attorney General in your state is your attorney for deceptive business practice. Contact them immediately. I am going to mine tomorrow since I got nowhere with Dishnetwork for the same problem of price increase for my 24 month contract after I was already 5 months into it. We all should file complaints with the AG office so they can look into this and perhaps file a lawsuit against Dishnetwork and we can hope to get our money back for the over charge.

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  • Di
    dish worried Sep 02, 2010

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  • 21
    211 Sep 04, 2010

    I used to be a dish fan- especially when they refused to fold to channel 2 rates. However, my views have changed since my move in may of this year. I was originally paying $65.00 a mo. for top 240 and two receivers. Slowly ( over a year or so the charges crept up to $70. Part of my package was a free move as well. Then, when I moved, I was charged $90 for moving and was told the offer was only valid for six months. Who the hell wants to get service for six months only. Fallowing this I dropped top 240 to top 120 . I fought to get credit for only using one receiver and was given credit for 3 months ($15) and next month my monthly payment goes up to $ 45- for programming that's just"o.k".

    Wat is really frustrating is that my co-worker pays $28 a mo. for the same package and we live in the same town! The recent dish promotional offers I have seen claim the regular price for my same package is $39.99 a mo. so, what's up?

    The fact is all cable and satellite companies have become out of control with rates and programming. For years I have been forced to wade through channels of infomercials and yet, no cheaper rates. I find it hard to believe that the majority wants to watch "supple beverages" over family guy, the science channel or, sponge bob, for that matter. We as consumers are being robbed, plain and simple! The solution: boycott or government involvement.

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  • Ge
    getaGED Sep 09, 2010

    Cmon people seriously? I guess if your over 60 and the lights a lil dim then I understand. I for one love to write complaints as well. And I will WHEN i know what im talking about at least. Ive had cable, directv, and dishnetwork all within the last 5 years. And both satellite companies have on the original contract that most of you ignorantly just signed away, that they are able to raise their rates at any time. Of course your happy tosign it cause you just went from paying 80 bucks for one hddvr and 3 crap converter boxes to around 40 to 60$ for digital boxes on all your tvs. Ive found that at least satellite tv doesnt charge up around 20$ for my hddvr and that they dont have 10-20 in taxes on a 70$ bill. If you want the least expensive television service even with the rate increases you have to have satellite tv and just except the rate increases. At least its only occasionally once a year (and at most) it has gone up on current customers with 6 tvs around 16$ for most customers with 4 only 9$. Thats nothing considering cable goes up like 8 dollars EVERY February and 6 dollars EVERY August if you dont think it does then you dont watch your bill! That, or they pricelocked you for an amount of time but that price lock is still crap compared to satellite even with a price raise! If you dont want all your shows that you like, and dont want to deal a company thats in business to make money (welcome to America) then your straight out of luck. And sorry if a sales rep lied to shouldnt have been lazy, and should have done the homework yourself! Shoot you have enough time to type a book on it! If you would have spent half that time to do a lil research so you could have been at peace with it you could have spent the last half an hour of typing to enjoy a show that you liked and wouldnt have been so angry at the world. Oh and p.s. to the people thinkin they can take a company down... sure must have been nice to be spoiled as a kid. Maybe thats why you were misled, because you were so used to just whinning and not doing anything for yourselves. Have a fun life being angry! lol

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  • Co
    ColoradoSpringsTim Oct 03, 2010

    I am another victim of Dish Network having signed up in 2009 for the 24 month price. They have raised my rates by $8/month three months ago and now by $24/month from the original price, when it was supposed to have gone down, after one year.

    I sent an email outlining the customer service agent's text to our Colorado Attorney General's office/and consumer fraud department at the following email addresses.

    I suggest you do the same to create one message from "the people".

    [email protected],
    [email protected], [email protected]

    I hope Dish goes out of business for such corrupt and unethical practices!

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  • Di


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  • Me
    mercerlab Nov 02, 2010

    "Well" it seems that Dish network has been deceptive with many of there customers, I'm shocked at how many complaints I have seen in the last hour.
    I consider myself to be a fairly informed consumer, and for what it's worth I feel I made every attempt to go over every detail with the customer service rep. I spoke to, but somehow they got me anyway!
    I signed my contract for two years on 4/11/2010. The promotion I thought I was getting included 1 DVR for two rooms and a regular receiver for for an additional room, the price I was quoted was $24.99 for one full year, at which time the price would raise to $52.99 for the remainder of the contract.
    As per there agreement I would pay the first two months in advance.
    OK, this is where the game's began, 2 x $24.99= $76.00 ?, at this time I found out $24.99 was really $37.99.This is when I found out the free equipment had a service charges they did'nt explain.In the beginning I was told if I was not satisfied within three months I could cancel, boy did I blow it!!
    This was just the beginning, I got my second bill and it was $53.61 movie promo added, I did give the a call about the added service charges, which they credited one month, "had to yell at a supervisor to get that though" well at least it was a small victory. The following month it went right back up, the next two bills were $62.45, then it went up to $64.99, and this month it is $67.66, each time there was a change I contacted customer service, only to have it explained away due to promotions ending, they have offered to exchange the DVR for a regular box, and to remove some programing to bring the bill down to $24.99. I can't figure out what happened to the promotion.
    To make matters worse, when I spoke to the customer service rep about my last bill he accused me of super sizing my promotion at the time of install, even though all I got was what they were promoting, and if I did'nt understand that, to bad I signed for it and I'm stuck with it.
    I also found out after a year my bill will be over $80.00!
    In closing, all I can say, is before you sign anything with these people, have a lawyer look at your contract, because from what I can tell, those of us who did'nt are SCREWED!!!
    Thank you for listening
    [email protected]

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  • La
    Lasp1221 Feb 15, 2011

    I checked my account online today only to realize that dish network increased the price of my plan without official notification about the increase. I had cable before I switched to dish a few months ago and I am regretting as to why I switched. I was attracted by the HD for life campaign and once they get you into the two year contract, then you are done and they can change the price of their service at any time. Direct TV is actually far much better that Dish network and went to Dish because they were a little cheaper than Direct TV and now am regretting because the price am paying now is the same as Direct TV and yet am paying bad service instead of paying the same price for quality service. Lesson learned and I can not wait for my contract to expire then am out the door. Don't even make a mistake of having dish network because their service is not worth paying the same money as Direct TV.

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  • Sp
    spindermans Feb 16, 2011

    All tv programming is WAY over price. Im paying $55 and thats the cheapest I can get without signing a new contract or 6 month cable promo. Still staying with dish but why to h*** cant you choose individual channels. I watch maybe 3% of the channels and if I upgraded the programming I would be paying $25 more for maybe 2 more channels that I would actually watch. Watch netflix and amazon much of the time but the spose still wants the tv. If you ask me any tv provider is ALWAYS going increase prices and force you to pay for what you dont watch. AND who cares about the MOVIE channels! Interernet Sreaming is the best BUT one last guess PBS may be going off the AIR!! and one guess who want to control that.. WE have to pay $$$$$$

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  • He
    helpless generation Feb 16, 2011

    i got no clue what to do ? I signed contract for 24 months on Dec 16, 2010. as of today feb 16, 2011, they raised the fee stating business essential package's rate went high in february. So, we have to raise your rate. Initially, they took my credit card by stating it's only for holding. they make me agree with the contract. i keep asking about no charges on my cc. they said no. At the end, after agreeing, a lady told me she has to charge $60.00 as a set up fee. i told to cancel it. but she said it's too late...! Yesterday, when i call about my statement to view, they said it's set up for auto pay and paperless. i said, what...? Being a business customer, i can not have access to view online...! A business essential package was $48.xx. And a $10 off promotion for 12months. Now stating price gone up by $6.00. So, the cost will be $44.96 + tax. I don't have my statement to view. So, ...? I feel like everything is in air. If you have to have channels for your business, pay your bill according to dish network or no channels...!
    i am tired keep thinking.. just wait and watch. Hope someone will listen. Get solution...Ok. Good luck to the dish network victims...!

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  • Sa
    sabhi Feb 23, 2011

    Yes thats right they just increas mine too

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  • Pi
    Pissed Off Cougar Feb 26, 2011

    Yes I cancelled my service with DishNetwork. They were constantly increasing my monthly bill, the service on TV was horrible (even on a clear day), they were constantly removing channels etc. etc. All of this without any type of Notice beforehand. They contacted me and asked if I would like to have the cancellation fee debited to my c/c? I in return stated if you can provide me with a signed contract I will be glad to. They went on to tell me that there was no signed contract, it was verbal. I in return asked if they could provide a recorded statement of me agreeing to such contract. Needless to say, no such result. They could not provide me with any type of document with my signature on it. Now they have turned this unpaid cancellation fee over to a collection agency CBE Group. They are harrassing me to death. I offered to pay half of this balance with the agreement of Dish removing this from my credit, although I still feel that I am not liable for this cancellation fee. Not good enough! So I have decided not to pay a dime and I am looking to sign up with a class action suit in regards to this matter. I continue to pursue my legal actions towards this company. They will go down...

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  • Pc
    PConley Mar 06, 2011

    I signed up with Dish on 3/15/10. Their ad said LOCK IN YOUR SAVINGS FOR 12 MONTHS and free installation up to 6 rooms. The price for 200 channels was 32.99 What a joke. They did not tell me that each TV over 2 were $14.00 ea. a month until after installation. I wrote on the paper what I was told about cost, I was told it would be $57.99 the first yr and 72.99 the second year. My first bill was $122.92, the next $61.50, then 2 months a little over $63.00, then $70.00, then $75.00 for 4 months, now I got one for $91.11. Is there no end in sight? I am a senior on SS and I sure cannot afford this. It is more than I was paying for cable. I hope somebody does something about it. Oh, and my son had to have them come out and rewire his TVs and they charged him $100.00. Cable does not charge for service calls.

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  • Fi
    Fight dish Mar 12, 2011

    Write your us congressman and the FCC. You can google both and if you input your zip code you will find your congressman. Tell congress you want a fair contract for telecommunications service.

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  • Ku
    Kurt Bu Mar 19, 2011

    I fortunatly have only 3 months left on my dish 1 year contract. Last month (Feb.2011)
    I noticed the increase of over $5 without notice. Some contract! I also been charged $6 a month for a service plan I never asked for. The install guy asked me if I wanted the equipment service and I declined. Sure enough, on my first bill was the service plan charge for $6. I spent a 1/2 hour contacting dish to have the service plan removed. Yesterday, for the third time in one year, I spent another 1/2 hour of my time with customer service to get the service plan charge removed. Mean while, I climbed up a 25 foot ladder onto the roof in a snowstorm to clean a skiff of snow off Dish Networks dish at least 20 times this winter. Not good. Cant wait till my contact with Dish is done. I guess back to cable. Ive had issues with them as well but at least I dont have to risk my life going up a icy ladder to have a premium Tv service.

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  • MikeL DISH Aug 11, 2011

    I came across your posts, Murthy, DISH=FOOD=TOEACT YOUR MONEY, mercerlab, Lasp1221, spindermans, helpless generation, sabhi, Pissed Off Cougar, PConley, Fight dish, and Kurt Bu! I understand your concerns and how it can become aggravating to not have them addressed after awhile. Please let me know if you've gotten a chance to speak to someone about these issues or if they have yet to be taken care and I'll look forward to the opportunity to further assist you!

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  • 12
    12332 Jan 20, 2013

    The price increase is just a matter of tv providers raising the price by roughly 10% each year. Dish Network hasn't had a price increase since febuary 2011, while DirecTV and all other providers have continued to go up each year. You need to understand that prices are going to go as their prices go up. Definately understand having to pay more for something you have had and are still in your two year commitment with nothing else. Keep in mind though dish provides the free previews and things like that. I myself am excited about the blockbuster movie mania thru febuary and march.

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  • MikeL DISH Feb 28, 2013


    Thank you very much for your support; we appreciate it!

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  • Ca
    cardboard Dec 22, 2013

    I'm really at a budget the last 5 years, especially the 2013 was the worst for me income-wise ever. Yet early 2013 Dish raised my family package rate from $20 to $26 roughly and now I just got a charge (without advance notice!) on my card for $31.88! That's almost $32 for limited amount of channels, without movie channels and only few months ago they added local channels for me, but charging me $6 more for that. Every dollar counts today and I've already quit important things like home insurance, street pole light and now I will quit Dish Network, which will save me $26 or $32 per month and that is fine, as I don;t watch TV much, mostly internet. Even on my TV I watch a lot of Youtube, movies etc. And I less and less spend time behind PC and TV as the commercials are on the increase and I'm tired of waiting through the commercials by muting them. Bye-bye Dish! Your dish on my house's roof will remain for a while I guess and I will not sign up with anyone else. Consumer Revolution! Minimize spending, except food, clothing and hobbies! This fight is also revenge for spraying us with chemtrails and committing the horrendous Inside Job of 9/11.

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  • MikeL DISH Jan 15, 2014


    I'd like to take a look at your account information as I've reviewed your post. Please private message me your account number and four-digit PIN so I can pull it up. Thanks!

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