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S Oct 03, 2019 Review updated:

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but you are about to lose me. I pay my bills on time and expect to have the channels I purchased. I purchase satellite TV so I can watch sports but every year you guys do this and cut off sports channels often during prime seasons. You need to get your act together quickly and restore the fox channels (including fox sports SW, Fox News, Local Fox affiliate, etc) or I am going to find another solution and quickly. I have had enough!

Signed, Fed up long time loyal customer!


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    chadt41 Oct 04, 2019

    Fox News never came off.

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    BRB3316 Oct 04, 2019

    I made a big mistake when I switched to Dish just a couple of months ago. The very day it was installed we lost Fox Sports Southwest, now we lose KDFW. How slimy of Dish is it to post the telephone number for KDFW urging Dish customers to call them. My contract is with Dish and this is one of the channels I pay for so Dish needs to get off their butt and reconcile this. I also think it's pretty sorry of Dish to not have this worked out BEFORE the contract with KDFW expired.

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    chadt41 Oct 04, 2019

    Fox is the one that took that channel away from you as a Dish customer which is why Dish posted the number. Fox did the same thing.

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