Dish Network / Dish.commisinformation on channels available when getting dish

G Sep 27, 2019

We called about Dish. I asked (my husband was sitting beside me during calls). I asked them: can we get Royals baseball on Fox Sports and BTN network. I asked this question 3 or 4 times and was told YES!! We were hooked up on 9/13/2019 about 3:30 pm. Turned to Royals game at 7:15-NO ROYALS GAME!! Blacked out message across screen. I have called to complain 3 times. I listen on Dish auto phone message: ‘about fox regional network': and find the contract was canceled in july!! We were lied to!!! Now last night BTN is canceled!! We haven't even had for two weeks! Ken in complaint said: there was no mis information given to u—that is a big fat untruth! We want to cancel with no early cancellation penalty moya greg peters [protected]

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