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L Jan 11, 2020 Review updated:

Dish has lost contract with KOLR 10. I contacted them because I don't feel I should have to pay the full monthly fee for local channels when I no longer receive KOLR 10 which my husband watches constantly. They suggested an ota, which they provided to me and charged a fee of $6.50 for it being hooked up to the Hopper. I installed the ota and scanned for available channels. Guess what is the one channel that isn't found. You got it, KOLR 10. None of this is making sense. Why would you waste my time and money suggesting this method when I still cannot receive the one channel that was lost. I feel that this is just another ploy by DISH to get a little more money from consumers.


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    chadt41 Jan 11, 2020

    What you feel, and what you agreed to are not the same thing. You agreed you expect no compensation or substitution. You also agreed you’re not guaranteed any channel, and the channels offered are always subject to change.

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    Rephp Jan 11, 2020

    I have been a loyal dish customer for over 20 years. I demand a reduction on my monthly local channel cost if KOLR 10 is not restored. Dish is not hurting anyone but their loyal customers.

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    chadt41 Jan 12, 2020

    @Rephp You already agreed you expect no compensation. Making demands after that means nothing.

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