Dish Network / Dish.comdish network not getting 30 days see if dish is what I want

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I had dish to come to my house hookup service. After 13 / 15 days I decided that dish is not what I want. I didn't like the talking remote because U have to be used to it and several times I mised a Astros game because it was blacked out. I always thought U had to try services 30 days but not dish. I called dish to cancel service and person on other end didn't speak english very well. After dealing with him I thought every thing was taken care of. After 3 months I started getting bills. I called and again didn't speak english very good. After him arguing with me I asked to speak to someone else or supervisor he said they are not in. Anyway all dish had to do was go back 13 / 15 days on the recording from day dish hooked me up they could hear I DID cancel service. After all [censored]ing I did dish took $420.00 out my bank knowing I'm disabled fixed income on 12 / 25 / 19. Merry F Christmas to me from dish network. I had to close my bank account. They was supposed send me a box, & return label. I got a letter from their attorney I owe $290.00 more dollars. dish REALLY put the SCREWS TO ME.


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    chadt41 Jan 10, 2020

    None of the satellite companies offer a 30 day trial, and once the contract is signed, it is in effect. Part of the contract is that you agreed to everything being correct at the time of installation and that you are satisfied, and every other point you make is covered explicitly in the contract

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