Dish Network / Dish.comcancel dish tv service after 6 years.

V Oct 16, 2019 Review updated:

Why is it that even after waiting 20+ mins on phone for a rep or being 138th in queue for chat on numerous occasions, I can't get anyone to cancel my service? All I get is barely English speaking kiddies working on commissions that will not cancel my service. That is a very poor American business practice. Same with Hughesnet. Send me the boxes to return the equipment. I have no other choice but to seek the advice from my Congressman.

  • Updated by Vincent McCormack · Oct 16, 2019

    Could you supply a contact phone number? The ones I've tried are no help.

  • Updated by Vincent McCormack · Oct 16, 2019

    Could you supply a phone number for a loyalty department rep that can assist me please. The listed ones aren't working for me very well. Thanks.


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    chadt41 Oct 16, 2019

    You can’t cancel on chat. Only through the loyalty department, and that is over the phone. Since all loyalty agents are American based, sounds like you never made it there.

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    chadt41 Oct 17, 2019

    Unfortunately, no. I don’t know their direct line. If you don’t have it and can’t find it, you’ll just want to call in, and as soon as someone answers ask(twice) for loyalty department. No explanations, just loyalty department.

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  • Vi
    Vincent McCormack Oct 17, 2019

    @chadt41 Thanks, I'll try that. Could you comment on why DISH makes this so difficult to do, besides the obvious.

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    chadt41 Oct 18, 2019

    It’s more accountability. Think about how much people complain about the CSRs that answer the phone. It is not uncommon to have a department that specifically handles cancellations. Even my gym has that, and I have to physically go to the gym to cancel, which is ironic because I am cancelling because I don’t have time to go the gym.

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