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I recently was ripped off by a Dish Network retailer called Mini Dish Network. I was working at a county fair in Benton County. At the time I was helping a Chef for Kitchen Craft Cookware. I spoke with the Dish Network rep and he told me he knew someone I knew in the business. The person I knew was a christian guy who didn't drink and fairly honest. I had sold Dish Network door to door through this other agency . The dish Network company at the fair was called Mini Dish Network and operates out of Portland, Oregon. The owner is Brett Driver his brother pretends to be the owner his name is Troy Driver.

Troy Driver was who I spoke to at the fair. He had a business card that said Owner on it. I assumed he was legitimate because of how he told me he knew my friend I had worked with before as an agent of dish network. This Troy Driver guy told me I could call him anytime and he would get me out selling dish network contracts.

After a few fairs with kitchen craft I was in need of employment because the job was temporary. I called Troy Driver and he told me to come over to his house. He operated out of his garage. He told me he would start training me that day. When I arrived he told me he would not be able to train me because of another fair and he had a sales agent who was top notch and could train me. Then the other sales agent suddenly quit and was no longer working with Troy. They had a dispute over paperwork honesty. Troy told me I could stay in his garage for a few hundred dollars until I could get a few contracts . He said he wouldn't bother me All he needed was three contracts a month from me for the garage space. I had just stopped working at fairs and needed a few weeks of work to get into another place. I accepted the invitation.

I hadn't been able to get a hold of my friend who's supposed friendship with troy made it seem safe to me. As soon as I brought my bags to Troy's he changed like jeckyl and hide. The next day I was locked out of the house and had no access to the toilet . Then I was yelled at and told I had to do yard work and house work. Then I was told I had to help work at the state fair. I didn't leave right away because I figured I could stomach it until I got a few sales. He told me each day he would find someone to train me . He finally found someone . It was someone who was ripped off by another retailer and quit Dish Network for a year. He said he was ripped off 5000 dollars in commissions. I was started to get the picture.

I had no bad experiences like this prior with dish and couldn't get a hold of my friend I worked with before. I was yelled at each morning and told I had to drive people to the state fair . At night I had to drive home because Troy was a heavy beer drinker. He yelled all day and night for people to do everything his way. At the end of that fair I had a few sales pending and was getting the hang of it. I had no real formal training or even been walked through any sales .

I was given an ultimatem to go with Troy to the next fair in Puyallup washington. He told me I couldn't stay at his house after telling me he would leave me alone all he asked was 3 sales a month. now I had to goto puyallup. He was talking to me about contracts and how he got started in Dish. He had sold dish for several years but he never filed his taxes for 10 years he told me. To hide from the IRS he had his brother put the business in his brothers name. . I needed to get out of the situation but I had only a few minutes of the day to do anything . He would yell and scream at me and then say I love you Ed really I'm a good guy you just have to work around here we need some sales out of you. Or words to that effect.

I had to drive to Puyallup because he was drinking. He yelled at me as soon as we got there. He was drunk and harassing me. I had detective training earlier in my life and could put on a straight face and understood he was drunk I had to humor. I had to open at the fair everyday and stay until close. He would arrive late afternoon sometimes early noon. Then he would leave a few hours before close and get drunk. He was hardly there and I had no training or experience. He agreed he would give me a 50 dollar commission on every sale at the fair.

All I had to do he said was bring people back to the booth. He told me he expected 300 sales from the fair. We weren't getting very many and he was yelling and screaming every day and night. I would get 5 or 6 sales and he would yell for me to get more and call me names and call people names behind their backs who would come to the booth and leave. The sales people in booths next us noticed how he behaved and a manager came over to me and told me he would let me sell hot tubs and the first hot tub I sold he'd give the commission right then to help me get home and not have to go through Troy driver anymore. He embarrassed me and those around him everyday and night. he drank every night and sometimes in the day. I had to be designated driver every night because at the end of each night he was drinking.

I was about to leave and he told me he would pay me 5000 dollars if we just get 100 sales before the fair ends. We had about 35 and 10 days left. I thought it was possible. A few days later he put his laptop on my shoulder as we were walking to the car after closing time. I told me to carry it to the car. I carried the laptop and set it down next to him when we got to the vehicle . I told it was there. He was on his cell phone and told me I am driving he's been drinking.

We left the parking lot and noticed his laptop didn't get into the car. I assumed he put it in the car. He threatened to kill me beat me called me every name he could then when we arrived back to get the laptop it was gone. I told the police about his behavior. He blamed me for it yet it was his job to keep track of the laptop and his laptop. He was drinking not me and I set it down next to him. He was unable to speak to me he was belligerent and verbally abusive. I went back home on the bus.

I got a ticket from family and his brother played the innocent owner who really wasn't involved and I had to get my money from Troy. Troy decided I owed him for the lap top and then after a few weeks I called him and told him I was going to file a law suit and call the IRS. He told me he would pay me in 10 days from that time a small portion of my sales. a week past that 10 days and he still wasn't paying me. I decided to just take him to court and sue him.

Nearly every word out of Troy's mouth was a lie or some word to prepare himself for another lie.

Troy's deceit put me on the street for more than a week with no place to stay!!!

Luckily I met a truck driver who would hire me to be a lumper and teach me to drive truck.

I still have a few days to start that job so until then I am still injured from Troy Drivers business Deceit and Dish Network is absolutely how Troy Driver could do it. So Dish and TRoy are guilty to me I'll have to see in court. The least Dish could do is not let Troy use their company to do business his way.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 06, 2011

    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I apologize about the confusion with the charges. When a customer opens up an account we require a debit or credit card to be placed on file, in case the account is closed and the equipment is not returned or if there is a cancel fee. We would have had to collect the card number and authorization from the card holder. When the account is closed the equipment must be returned within 30 days. The account will be charged the equipment fees if the equipment is not returned in that time frame. Once the equipment is returned we can credit the account. If you have any other questions please let us know.


  • Ro
    ROTOCAT Jun 17, 2011

    The Only time I ever get upset at all and I allways try and be professional is when a customer agrees to sign up for Dishnetwork Service and they break there contracts which in return creates a chargeback to our company which can range all the way up to 1000.00 per cancellation. the customer doesnt stop to think before they cancel who else this can be hurting which in this case is me...I try everything possible to allways resolve any and all customer complaints and issues...we happen to be the only retailer in the United States that gives the customer a free gift for giving us there business and staying with there local retailer for Dishnetwork...if for any reason if a customer did not get a free mini laptop from us its because either they have broken there contract or broke there agreement to stay on Autopay or they never paid there shipping fees...even then if any customer would just call me and allow me to work this issue out I would immediatly resolve the issue and make sure the customer is happy...I wont lie and tell you that there has been a couple episodes where I defended myself on the phone when threatened which I may have used not so professional words but let me ask you this...if your physically threatened and yelled at how would you react and again even then I try the best I can to be polite and I allways try and work the problem out with the customers but unfortunatly you cannot make everyone happy as much as Id like to...this customer that wrote about me in the last blog If I remember correctly broke there contract and avoided my calls at all costs and left his equipment with his mother (satelite equipment receivers etc) and they were not willing to give us back our equipment or pay there bill so I can honestly say this customer is a dead beat and thief and If I only new then what I know now about that particular customer I wouldnt have ever allowed this customer to sign up EVER...people like this is why alot of retailers go out of business and as a retailer I really need to screen every customer the best I can before allowing that customer to sign up with us...this particular customer is never welcome to sign back up again with Dishnetwork again and as far as ever allowing myself to ever be there to help anyone Ive stopped because no matter what you do to help people out because you honestly feel sorry for them and you wanna try and help them they allways end up making you look like the badguy but in the meanwhile im the person being used and taken advantage of and once I finally realize these people you cant help I make it known that I cannot help any longer since they dont wanna help themselves and I explain Im not gonna help someone that doesnt wanna help themselves they turn it around like they have here and Im the badguy...for all of those people out there please take it from me and never trust anyone that you try and help...they are down and out for a reason more then likely becuase they refuse to try in life and burn every person that tried to give them a helping hand...I sincerely feel sorry for these type of people but I will remain at a distance and never allow myself to help anyone personally again because its clear here it was never appreciated...anyways enough said from me. you can believe what you want to believe but I have no reason to lie...I gain nothing from lying . I am a Very Honest retailer and nice guy but only become unhappy when a customer ends up costing me thousands of dollars because they couldnt be grown up and work a issue out with me with there service before they break there contracts. I can only Pray that Dishnetwork goes after this type of customer since they limit us to what we can do other then taking the customers to small claims court which even when we won in court they wouldnt pay regardless so whats the point...we just take yet another loss because of customers that cant pay there bills and fullfill there agreements.

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  • Du
    dustysmom May 30, 2011

    This troy guy is a horrible buisness man! He promised my mother a laptop she still has never recieved and ive heard and read horrible things from this man everything from threats to customers blackmail and foul language! someone needs to get him away from the public!

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  • Le
    Lee Silverline May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've experienced the same type of behaviour from Troy Driver also. It seems like he surrounds himself with people who are down and out on their luck, gets them dependent on him, then treats them horribly.

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  • Ne
    netprowler May 09, 2010

    Read terms and conditions before placing any type of service then later act surprise when charges appear. I recently Order dish network service from and I'm very satisfied with their service. Highly Recommend this company. their customer service reps were very friendly and explained clearly their service terms. posted by frank, Los Angeles, Ca.

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  • Sc
    scoobydoo Feb 06, 2010

    DISH is definately the most unethical company in America, employees are taught to do what it takes to make the company money. I hate DISH for many reasons and will post more later but please pass along this info to everyone who has a complaint. He is the head of the dish network legal department, and he will definately HATE to hear from you. I can speak from experience, but you might get some results, who knows.
    [email protected], let him hear your complaints

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  • Ma
    Manore Feb 04, 2010

    I am a dish customer who resides in the syracuse n.y. area. i made the switch over to dish a few months ago. the gentlemen i talked to from customer service told me that i would have cbs in high def. i still do not have that service. if i would have known that i would have never made the switch. i would like to know when that service will be available.

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  • Nb
    Nbil Jan 19, 2010

    I called Dishnetwork to make a payment by phone as I always do. This time however, they have a voice automated service. It is the poorest most disgraceful service I have ever used. You not only have to listen to stupid pay per view adverstisements, they can't get your information correct. I gave my card number and the voice repeated back some ridiculous number I never said, I have to punch in the number. The voice asked whether or not I wanted it to be activated throught the AMT and I said no but the voice kept saying I can't understand you. Would you like me to connect you with an operator, however it will be a $5.00 charge. This went on and on. It took about 3 or 4 times before they got it right. Each the voice asked me if I wanted to be connected to an operator but it would be a $5.00 charge, I answered no. I do not have a speech impedement, nor am I incapable of following instruction. I do a lot of phone payments and this is the worst I've ever encounter. The audacity they have in threatening to charge you $5.00 for connecting someone to a operator because of their poor service is amazing to me. My time is very valuable to me. This procedure took me a total of about 15 minutes. I think they should pay me $5.00 for my time.

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  • Ma
    Mark Kl Nov 16, 2009

    I see online at another forum you used the name "edward" whats that all about "carl" ???

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  • Ma
    Mark Kl Nov 16, 2009

    I met the guys from mini dish at the fair. they seamed polite. I ordered dish at my home as well as a rental. troy was always polite and professional to me. sounds like your just a disgruntled employee. have a nice day

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  • Ma
    Mark Kl Nov 16, 2009

    I met troy at the fair. I put dish in my home as well as a rental using the mini dish network. Troy was always polite and professional with me. His installer was also polite as well as on time. to bad you dont agree. Sounds like your just a disgruntled employee. have a nice day.

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  • Pe
    Pepper Mar 02, 2009

    Signed up for Dish Network in November, by telephone, promised a free Home Theater System. Nothing mentioned about having to go on line within 30 days to receive supposed Voucher. No internet address given. I called them back because I did not receive a voucher in December and they told me to go to and down load claim form and send 3 months paid dishnetwork bills to receive a voucher for the system. I did so, I called February 19, 2009 and they told me they never received the claim form, I am going do everything in my power to make sure DishNEtwork and go out of business for false advertisement. I'm stuck with a 2 year contract for nothing!

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  • Lu
    Lucas Feb 19, 2009

    I reported on these unethical, scheming and ultimately illegal tactics on 11/17/2008 and am here again with an update.

    Once the dish network people made it clear that they did not care if they practice ripoff tactics, and after finishing talking to Gilbert Lopez at corporate dish network offices in Colorado, I decided to try to protect myself and my paltry checking account.

    The first thing I did once I was 'disconnected' from my conversation with Gilbert was to call my cu and cancel my debit card. So far, this has saved me from any unauthorized, stealing, ripoff withdrawals from my account. Thaaank you jeeezus!!

    I have no idea how I can get out of the bogus contract the 'installers' in Mill Creek WA screwed me into. Gilbert sent me a copy of the 'contract' which was NOT a part of the original paperwork provided me by the Mill Creek, WA 'installers'. The 'copy' I received from Gilbert has my initials but I had no copy of the contract when the installation was 'executed'. He (Gilbert) simply added my initials to this 'contract' via electronic defacing. The 'installers' verbal assurances were nothing but a fart in the dust. Those guys should be extremely ashamed of themselves. Haven't we ALL had enough of the enron.

    My only hope is that word travels well enough in 2009 to keep unsuspecting people like myself from being scammed into a bogus contract. Dish Network from what I see in the media is slowly 'passing away' Thaaank you jeeezus!! The ### deserve to be refused by every major and not-so-major television network out there and I truly believe they will faaaaade away. The sooner the better.

    DISH Network when you die I will piss on your grave.

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  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    All I want to say to future customers is STAY AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK, NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY SAY IN THE ADS -it's a scam.

    Here is my experience after nearly 12 month of service: First they locked me in a contract for 18 months. Then, the first month bill showed numerous hidden charges (took me several hours of phone calls to dispute them off). Then after a few months, they increased monthly fee for several dollars more (while the contract is still in effect), and shamelessly explained that it's required by your state. After further confronting, they changed the reason to "due to increase in programming fee" and insisted that in the contract, they have the right to change the programming fees and charge you more. What a joke!

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