Discovery Channelall your shows


Network replays old footage constantly. 1st on supposedly new episodes, 2nd on 50% after commercial breaks. If people are not watching and following the show then you have already lost. As for the people who actually tolerate the extra footage are your true fan base. I actually record the shows I like so I can skip to the actual new footage. Stop the drama as well. If the show is about gold mining, then show more of the things you guys did in seasons 1-3 of gold rush...diagrams and 3D extrudations of how it works. This has kept me watching, learning. Not the fight or the random guy who shot at crew members. Stop it. Reality... anyone who actually uses a chainsaw doesn't use ear you know why??? Please actually ask me my email [protected]
I know you have advisors who predict ratings and outcomes, and some people actually follow that too. I live in the mountains and it's very easy to see the amateurs. Especially when it's scripted to put them in certain situations for dramatic purposes. Maybe you just want to suck in the bulk of the tv ratings and make money, I understand that, but please get real off the grid pioneers or someone who has experience.
Sorry if this was rude, but sometimes a degree from communications, marketing, & ... is not enough.

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