Dischemdischem sent my order to wrong address - refuse to correct it

A Nov 17, 2017

I ordered, as - I often do, because I am disabled & semi-bedridden - from Dischem Online & paid for it to be delivered at my home, since my mobility is very limited. I saw by accident that they put on the WRONG delivery address - when they got it perfectly right with my previous order - and e-mailed them about it twice to correct - with zero feedback. Then they gave RAM couriers this wrong address, which delivered it to the wrong address to the wrong person. The Ram courier phoned me when he got to this wrong address to ask me to have the security gates opened, which I did, but there was NO-ONE at the gates. So I phoned him back 2x but first got no answer & second he refused my call, and, of course I got no package. I immediately contacted Dischem to inform them. They simply told me to go get the package myself from that wrong address. I contacted them again, but they simply refuse to answer me back. I have paid Dischem for items I did NOT receive & RAM Currier's gave my package to a stranger. I feel so helpless, disappointed & angry. I simply cannot afford something like this sine's I am very poor because I cannot work due to my disabilities. Can somebody PLEASE help me?


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