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DirectBuy30-day trial membership

I have been scammed by DirectBuy and want to know what they are up to with this new 30-Day Trial Membership. Has anyone signed up for it? What kind of personal information do they take from you? I am trying to warn as many people as I can to stay away from DB. They do not live up to what they advertise on t.v. and basically take your money & run!


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    Troy daniels Sep 04, 2015
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    I'm going to call the better business barrel on direct buy because u don't get ur free gift that they said u get they are a scam thanks Troy Daniels

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  • Ma
    Mark Donaldson Mar 07, 2012

    I like the post by Steve claiming you can save up to 100% on furniture. Would it not be free then? Yeah right.

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  • Ja
    James1962 May 06, 2011

    I am a member and work with DirectBuy and the people on this complaint site are largely malicious and irresponsible. I am an honest, forthright person who has been involved with DirectBuy for 6 years. I have never been involved with, nor witnessed ANYTHING within my Club, (nor in any Company I have been involved with) that even remotely can be defined as a scam. DirectBuy collects membership fees and allows people to shop in the Club or online and purchase items at the cost shown in the MANUFACTURER's catalog and the prices listed for the dealer (not the consumer). Is it a perfect system - no. Is it for everyone - no. Do orders get messed up or have problems - duh! What store doesn't have problems. Go ahead into Ashley furniture or Home Depot or Best Buy and tell me if they do everything right. Also ask them if they'll tell you what they paid for that TV, hammer or couch you are looking at - good luck. Oh and complaints on sites like this about poor service...give me a break. Gone into Lowes Best Buy or nay other retail store lately? Oh yeah what a great experience that is service wise. These comments I read I will challenge most of the people who used fake aliases are from people who have never been in an actual DirectBuy or didn't have the money, brains or guts to try something different that shopping at retail stores and malls. As far as the Free Trial. It is a very legitimate program, gives 30 days free access - no strings - no matter what the goofs on this blog spew out. It allows you to purchase $1000 of stuff at their cost. Of course it would be limited because it is free and DirectBuy makes no money on the purchase. It is no different than a CC Company offering you free 30 day trial on fraud protection then if you don't cancel they bill you card. The difference is DirectBuy doesn't take a deposit or other monies over those 30 days. We only require at the end of those 30 days you decide if it is right for you or not. Yes they have rules about deciding on membership and reselling and others because (again for the uninformed) you have access to catalogs and pricing that are confidential between a dealer and the manufacturer. The prices are printed prices from the manufacturer not DirectBuy. I ask anyone would you like to have a price book from a manufacturer to their dealer with you when you go shopping. Would the store like that? Hence rules get it. Anyway, I am sure people will respond to this post with comments like I am some plant or DirectBuy put me up to this...go ahead think what you want and be biased, uneducated and use a completely 100% unverifiable unreliable social medium like internet blogs to state you opinions but might make sense to really do the homework and learn the facts for yourself not via third parties. One last point if this is a scam why would reputable manufacturers like Sony, Maytag, Ashley, Kohler, Nike and on and on and on want to be affiliated with DirectBuy and sell product through them. Again fill the blog up with whatever you want but I know as someone who has been with DirectBuy for 6 years what they would be a shame to classify as a scam.

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  • Di
    direct buy sucks Feb 10, 2011

    Is there anyway for a class action lawsuit. Their promise of incredible savings is often not true. If they do beat the price and you have to fight for it, you might save $20. Whoopee!

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    tarquintone Sep 01, 2010
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    Without even considering
    The membership fees and shady signup procedures, Direct Buy is an unethical business. They have catalogues of merchandise for you to pick from, but their showroom is a joke. If you are picking out a sofa, for example, you cannot sit on it or try it out. This is true for 99% of what you can order from them. They unofficially send you to other retailers if you want to see product before you buy it. You therefore receive basically no customer service from direct buy. They send you to retailers that you have no intention of buying from. These other retailers are paying overhead to run their own business, while direct buy benefits if you buy from them. Think how mad this would make you if you were a local business owner. Not to mention if this business goes under that means less jobs for the community. So I am sure some will say that they only care about what they personally save. Well if you know what you are doing good for you. For the majority of the population who does not remodel or design frequently, or are not educated in this area I hope that you don't run into any expensive purchasing / design mistakes along the way. There goes the "savings" real quick.

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  • Am
    American By Birth Aug 19, 2010

    I am itching to try the DB free 30 day trial. However, reality set in. DB (or any other membership retail organization) would NEVER give you 30 days to come in buy what you want and never darken their doorstep again. They cannot make money (or interest) or the thousands of people who would do this. Here's what they do:

    Give us 5, 500 -6, 500 and we'll give you the first 30 days FREE before you start your first monthly payment. They release no secrets over the phone or Internet on the "30 day Free Trial".

    We don't have to worry about terrorist or others from various destroying us; we as fellow Americans (i.e. DB and simular organizations) detroy from within - destroyed credit ratings, high interest rates, spending money you don't have and the like.

    AM I WRONG?!!!

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  • Ny
    NYbuyer Aug 06, 2010
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    I wish I'd have seen this site before wasting a few hours of my life last week. I live in a 500 sq ft studio in NY. I am getting ready to remodel my bathroom and have been doing a lot of research online trying to find the best prices. Ads for Direct Buy kept popping up all over the place. "Free 30 Day Membership" ... all you have to do is attend an open house. Well, little did I know that the open house was an hour of telling us basically only a [censor] would choose NOT to be a member of DB. Then after all the song and dance we were told there were 3 types of memberships: buy 1 category, 2 categories or all 5 categories of products. (eg for my bathroom: cabinetry was lumped into one category, tile was in another, lighting was in a 3rd, etc.) So I would have had to purchase the the 5-category membership just to complete one project.

    So the deal on the table was: $5500 for a ten year membership plus an additional $200/yr for years 4-10). Take it or leave it and never be permitted back at the club again. Again they pushed only a fool would leave and go back to paying retail. The pitch was hard and heavy and a was shown a lot of testimonials of people saying how much they saved. The showroom was nice and there were tons of products and well known manufacturers. You can look at all the catalogs and products you want, but you can't make an informed decision until you actually start comparing prices yourself for products YOU USE and prices you've seen.

    As a group at the open house, DB estimated how much people spend over 10 years and how much typical retail markups are. They used that as a basis for their sales pitch. Since this a considerable investment. It's more than a down payment on a car. It's more than several months of mortgage payments. I don't drop that kind of money without doing my research. But as it turns out, there was no "Free 30 day trial". I was told repeatedly I had to make a decision on the spot and if I left the showroom I would never be invited back. I could not have a day or two to think about it. I inquired about shorter membership options, but was told 10 years was it. They did try to make it more manageable for me by offering a payment plan, but only after much prodding did they tell me there was interest charged on they payment plan (only they couldn't tell me how much the interest was).

    I'm not an idiot, I get the idea of direct buy, but I could only think about how much money I would have to spend in order to save the money I invested in the membership. And how much time before I actually broke even and started saving??? Savings on products are all different depending on manufacturer and industry. There was no way of knowing if they products I use would be marginal savings or big savings. Why would it matter if savings is savings? Well they charge an 8% handling fee on everything. And if it's big, they charge a delivery fee from their warehouse (they don't ship big items to your house).

    So what happened to my "Free 30 day membership"? I never saw it. It's just bait on the internet to get people to attend the open house. I might have actually joined if I had the opportunity to compare and do my own research in something like a 30-day trial. While I can see it might be a good deal for some, it seemed pretty shady that I wasn't allowed to think about it or compare, or crunch my own numbers to see if it would be a smart INVESTMENT for ME at this moment in time.

    My advise: buyer beware. Don't waste your time unless you are planning on doing massive remodeling or refurnishing your home with high end furniture.

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  • Di
    DirectBuy Victim Apr 26, 2010

    Amen Atticus!
    So cannot do any research ahead of time nor can you do any independent price comparisons when you are at DB's Open House. Everyone who gives "glowingly positive reviews" is usually a franchise owner or a person paid to patrol the internet and rebuff all negative comments. It's sad there are so many people getting scammed. DB will continue ripping people off until they declare bankruptcy and then disappear into the night. I hope the State Attorney Generals go get em!

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  • At
    atticus Apr 08, 2010

    The usual pattern... Somebody comes along and, for their very first post (a) offers an unblinking defense of DirectBuy, (b) claims to have saved money, and (c) suggests that only happy customers of DirectBuy are in a position to assess its business model.

    To start out, you can't "do your research" before you join DirectBuy, because their business model is set up to obstruct that. Every honest and ethical business I have encoutered takes the opposite approach - encouraging consumers to educate themselves and making information easily available so that their services and products can be judged on their merit. Most DirectBuy franchises are reported to take the opposite approach - hear a sales pitch, get presented with a contract, and sign it or never again be allowed to set foot in the store. Perhaps your local franchise is more ethical, or perhaps it has to be due to Canada's having stronger consumer laws than most U.S. states, or perhaps your cousin runs the franchise... but it's more than fair to judge DirectBuy by the general practices of its franchisees, rather than by assuming an exception and then pretending that the exception represents the norm.

    I would love to do a thorough investigation of my local DirectBuy to decide if it's right for me. The membership fee, to me, is easily afforded. But they won't let me. Any number of consumer organizations have attempted to investigate DirectBuy, and they have been similarly stonewalled. If the consequence is that people assume DirectBuy is unethical and more interested in collecting membership fees than in providing a bona fide service, the fault lies entirely with DirectBuy and its franchisees.

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  • He
    headstonesfan Apr 08, 2010

    I joined probably 6-7 years ago. Like anything else you join or purchase, do your research. From all of the purchases I have made or looked at making, I would say %95 have saved me money by going through DB.

    If you don't like what they have to offer, don't join. I see most of these comments are from people who are not members. If your looking at saving a couple of bucks on a toaster or a tv don't join. But if your remodeling, have kids that are getting married or building a house like I did, this should definately be a consideration for you. I saved several (like 40) thousand on log home package.

    So, I would say my membership paid for itself!!

    [email protected]

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  • At
    atticus Mar 16, 2010

    And yet DirectBuy's commercials have people talking about the small appliances they've purchased, something that pitches their services not to wealthy people in large houses, but to those consumers you just told us aren't in their market. Why do you suppose they would do that? Or add the laughable line at the end about "No dealers, please."

    No business that believes in itself would pull the "buy a membership now, or you can never buy one (or can't buy for years) pressure tactic. It screams, "We don't want you to comparison shop before we have your money."

    We could look at the math another way. If the typical person has to spend $30-50K to get his or her money back, DirectBuy could increase its handling fee by a mere 1% and offer memberships for a much lower price - a few hundred dollars. DirectBuy would not only benefit from bringing in the high end buyers, but could also serve the market "Drake Belson" sneers at - students, senior citizens, and the working class. DirectBuy wins, all around. So why does DirectBuy prefer high-pressure sales, huge up-front fees, and preventing comparison shopping before it has cashed your check?

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  • Cb
    CBarnes Mar 16, 2010

    I am a member of Direct Buy and I have shopped around and I have found out that Direct Buy prices are higher than buying in the stores off the street. Plus you have to pay there shipping along with the higher prices. When you go to a direct buy meeting you are pushed into the membership and I was told there was no interest if I want to pay payments on my membership. No credit check, no interest and that direct buy did there own financing. Well, this month my interest charge was a whopping $ 59.00 and the month before that it was the same. We are told in the first meeting to join not to shop around and check prices that it only causes confusion that we are to just know that direct buy is the cheapest for the best products. Well, I want my money back? Don't believe what direct buy is saying check it out first! I have been paying almost a year and I paid & 500.00 down to join and I still owe $ 4, 300.00 for the membership because of the high interest rate that they till you they don't charge. Never join direct buy or allow them to push you into a membership. I demand my money back! They won't even respond to my demand via email. Please reply to this comment if this has happened to you and you may be ready to do something about it. I am ready to hire a lawer...

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  • Dr
    Drake Belson Jan 27, 2010

    I've been a DB member for 4 years now. I have gotten my money back three times over. DB is not for everyone, if you are planning on renovating or at at the stage in your life that you need to buy lots of stuff for your home, DB is for you. If you are a student, or a senior in a 600 sq foot condo, or living on $25000 a year, DB is not for you. Do the research for yourself, and ensure you have enough money to spend on merchandise to get your membership back. If not, spend your money in a retail store.

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  • Jf
    jforneed1876 Jan 18, 2010

    The DB free trial is a sham, you have to join for 5K the night you attend or you can't come back for something like 6 or 7 years. You can take a "free trial" which lets you come in for a month and then pay 1K more so 6K for the chance to save. Wow thirty days and you charge me 1k more. I thought you were in business to save me money not milk me for another 1000

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  • Na
    Nabster Dec 18, 2009


    I work for DirectBuy in Tn. And you guys are putting out info that is misleading if anyone was. Some info for you guys below. Not an ad, but truth.

    Did you know DirectBuy operates under franchises? Different owners for different centers. Different dues for different centers. California and NewYork and Big City centers have higher dues. Others dont. Some sell a 1 year membership others a 3 year.
    We have a 1 -10 year membership and ours is only 5150 FOR THE WHOLE TEN YEARS. But you dont buy 10 years when you join. You buy one for less then 3k. See? Different centers - different programs.
    I have witnessed entire first membership savings on a purchase of less than 2k. In others words members spent 2k and saved 3k. There are some niche areas where savings are quite surprising. (Stores are killing us out there.)

    Free trial offers ALLOWS non members to test the waters and actually purchase at cost, $1000 worth of stuff (it is printed on trial offer certificate), which is more like $[protected] worth of stuff in the retail arena.

    Certainly no one thinks DB would allow unlimited purchase power for 30 days. They would never sell a membership. Incentives to join during open house are just that, incentives. Although one has 30 days to decide for membership as well.

    The membership at the regular price is a value if you will use the center and work your purchases through DB. It is a better value at a lower price obviously, and the return on your investment is realized quicker. But it is an incentive to earn business and reduce costs of marketing. It is done everyday at all kinds of businesses.

    Unfortunately some centers (salesmen) out there do not operate completely above board. They mislead due to greed and inability to communicate. That can be said about any franchise business and their sales force. Check your local BBB- check your local center out.

    The center in Cool Springs Tn, is A+. With nearly 43, 000 orders placed in 7 years and only 1 registered complaint that was handled satisfactorily. One can give away free food and get more complaints than that.

    Savings in different categories vary. Electronics and appliances can be 18-30 % - depends on brand and level of quality. Furniture 20-100 % - depends on level of quality. Is it durapella or Italian leather? Flooring, windows doors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, outdoor furniture, all have levels of savings that depend upon level of quality. Everything does. (kia or beamer?) Again no offense here.

    If you like to shop for everything at WalMart and Kmart and Target- then DirectBuy probably isnt for you. And no disrespect here either, But the margins of mark up on these products is minimal at these stores - and so are the savings at DirectBuy. But there is still savings, just a little less.
    Step up to Havertys, Sprintz, Or Home Centers, or Even product specific stores like lighting galleries and flooring stores where selection is increased - and you will hit a homerun at DB. Come in with your comparison prices- we encourage it. And see for yourself. If it isnt right - leave. If it is, you will be glad you came.
    No one can handcuff YOU to the center and beat you up. And you dont have to take it, if some ### salesman does. GET UP AND LEAVE. I cant stand pushy sales guys. Being in sales myself, I try to honor my guests, not beat them up. In the end what goes around comes around. :-)

    Main thing is form your own opinion.
    God Bless,

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

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  • Th
    The Randomer Dec 13, 2009

    I've heard a lot of the same stories about Direct Buy myself, about the pressure and rude treatment if you don't sign up or don't sign up for the most expensive membership. I don't know anything firsthand but after hearing countless of tales I'd assume it's true.

    However with an objective view, Direct Buy isn't really for the everyday furniture purchase - which is what they seem to advertise. But, nonetheless a precious commodity if you're looking at renovating your house or buying a lot of things in one go. I'd have to say your experience with Direct Buy will depend entirely upon your reasoning for going. I've considered checking it out several times, but have been holding out simply because I am aware that going in for the savings won't have the return I am wanting at this time. Which definitely is what you should be considering before you go. Flat out, if you have doubts about going through with it, don't bother going this time around - because you will be mistreated. But if you don't I'd say go for it, obviously if you don't have to think about it the return will greatly outweigh the investment, and just because they're dicks is no reason to sell yourself short. Anywho, that would be my input.

    - the insight of some randomer.

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  • Gu
    guest 10/21/2009 7pm Oct 24, 2009

    the 30 day is a bate and switch. the cost of the membership is around 6500 for three years. it has never been that amount. the cost is 5500. if you take the 30 day free trial the charge you more. your are punished for not joining today. if you join today they give you 100 off. bringing it back to the normal cost. it is like a sale that runs all the time. they have many levels of membership now but the push and push to have you joing the "gold" plan which is the 5500 membership. the free trial is only to get more families to attend. they must be feeling the pinch and feel this is a way to get better PR from the same day decision. you still have to make a desision and the pressure is even higher now because if you dont join you cannot come back and if you need to think or talk about it as a family for a 5500 choice you are punished for doing so.
    also if you join at the silver membership to be safe at a lower cost. you get 1/8 of the products and treated like a 2nd class person. if you want to upgrade you only get 50% of what you paid towards the next level. total bullsh*t. needless to say the short used car salesman in the chicago north club is very pushy and a close talker. we felt he was rude. he talked so close to you face you could smell the coffee and smoke on his breathe. yuk! stay away from this. it is worth paying more for retail and that is sad but true. no like or trust will ever come from this. only greed.
    we saw the whole thing first hand. you can waste more then 90 min with a short fat Brent Gilligan all up in your face and tossing money down on the table asking if we would trade 100 for 20... we understand an investment and return you [censored]. poor sales scam and to bad for the concept is great. they way we are treated after taking the time and being openminded was just to much.
    a member told us in the parking lot that they felt stuck in having to get a return on the investment as there is no way out fo the contract.

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  • Fa
    Fan360cu Sep 15, 2009

    Why don't you go and see for yourself instead of trying to make absolute statements about something you know nothing about. It is 1000 limit, how much more do you need to see if you can save? Thanks for your expertise. I do work for DirectBuy not sure about the other post doesn't sound to biased to me.

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  • At
    atticus Sep 13, 2009

    Wow. Somebody signs up under fake name to post favorable comments about DirectBuy. There's a first. (Not.)

    I had the same question - what are they up to - so I looked at their website. Their promotional page gives no indication that they're up to anything. So I did a bit of Googling and found a big omission in their promotional page - you can only buy up to $1, 000 in merchandise during the "free trial". I wonder what other restrictions may be attached - and all I can do is wonder, although perhaps they mail you a dissertation of all the strings and limitations if you sign up and get the certificate.

    I would be far more impressed with them if they offered a thirty-day guarantee of satisfaction - or even seven days - or if they allowed people to do some comparison shopping before signing up. Or if this were truly a free trial offer instead of being so limited. If it's supposedly worth it to sign up for their multi-year memberships, why are they so afraid that people won't sign up after a genuine thirty day trial?

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  • Br
    BruceDern Aug 12, 2009

    Nothing, it's a free 30 day trial. I signed up and if I decide not join in 30 days it's over.

    Signed, Not nearly as paranoid as you are.

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