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I would like to make a complaint on direct express company I have been trying to get my account together since 2016 three years later i am still having a problem they companyy is rude when you call you can never get through if you sit on the phone and wait most likely you still wont get through this is a financial company that handles my money the last thing i want to do is spend all day holding for every just to tell me to call back . i can never get the correct information when i call . i get sent from one department to the next . and its very nerve wracking when you want to know what is going on with your funds. then once i finally got through i wanted to despute somethings on my account well the firsst thing i was ask why did i wait so long to call them to despute these things which is the problem i didnt i called back then but even so the reason no one wants to call for a few dollars because the hassle is horrible but i did then and i did when i notice more issues but i still havent got anywhere on top of that i never done this before so i wanted to know the steps to follow . i was not given the right information . then after spending all that time on the phone she cut me off so i wasnt sure if she got all my information i checked my balance on my card just to find out it was canceld i was never told that .they sent my new card to the wrong address after being charged an fee . and its been 2 weeks and no letter and i ihave spent enough time one the phone i hate to even call back . i want to feel like my funds are secure and if not if something were to happen i wouldnt have to go through all of this nonsense. i went with a card and not a bank so i wouldnt have to go through all this trouble . the customer serivces is not professional . the speak to you crazy and nasty . the last time i stayed on the phone for 45 just to find out I was hung up on 6/11/19 I have several other dates but that was the last . I was told they would call me so I can get on the website and watch my account from my laptop because I have been locked out of my account on the website because of their mistake . I was paying for a print out every month but I was not receiving my monthly printouts I would get them a month late. so how am I suppose to know what is going on with my funds I cant log in my account on the website and I hardly get print outs . I was told someone from a different department had to help me fix my problem on the website . I will file a complaint with several advocates for this situation . I have reached out to US senator It may sound extreme however they do have advocates .my funds are from my retirement through the government and since Direct express does not feel how they respond or when they respond does not affect others livelihood .. then maybe someone bigger then me can make them understand that they have a big responsibility to their card holders. thank you..lovely wells

Jun 12, 2019
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      Jun 17, 2019

    Go to face book and look under Direct Express complaints and victims. They can help.

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