Direct Expressdirect express dispute process and customer service

Direct Express is shockingly mismanaged. After my Direct Express card was stolen by a Direct Express debit card machine (labeled Comerica), they allowed $1500 to be taken from my social security funds until the balance was $0. Then, after trying to reach them by calling 10 hours a day for DAYS but their automated system almost never connects me to a live person and when I do finally reach a live human, they usually have an archaic process that results in NO help and they all say "you have to speak to a different department" then they either hang up on me or transfer me into another hold queue for HOURS or until they eventually just hang up on me because THEY took too long to connect me to a human. Their automated system seems to find reasons to hang up on me and the humans do the same as well. They should have a normal Dispute process which is all done online or through an online portal and allow the dispute to be initiated through a web interface but instead after wasting a week trying to reach a human, the human barely speaks any English which delays the process as well and then they say they can't issue any credit back for the money THEY allowed someone to steal from me UNTIL they send me a paper mail to them and then they lost it when I sent it back and also uploaded it online but they lost that paper dispute. Now it's been over a month and now that I finally reached a human again, she says we have to start over again and she is going to mail me the form AGAIN because apparently they AGAIN lost the one I mailed back to them plus to be safe I had also uploaded it electronically AND also emailed it to them. But after an hour she still acted like she has no idea that I have done all of this already and she insisted I must start all over again and "no I can not give you a provisional credit" for the money that THEY allowed someone to steal from me. Other banks do all of this instantly on the phone and the cash is back in an account instantly for any disputed transactions. But they wast my time and their times for over 45 days, 7/24 and still no help and no return of my social security Disablities funds that disappeared from my account due to THEIR errors. I will soon be evicted from my home if they don't return my money to me . The bottom line is it's been over a month and no money and shockingly incompetent customer service and dispute process and staff that doesn't seem to understand English.

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