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Direct Energybilling scam


Has anybody else been experiencing this? Direct Energy does not take a meter reading, but makes an "estimate" and bills you on that "estimate". After a period of about 6 months, it "corrects" the estimate with an actual reading, and invariably refunds you for its high estimates.

This is a neat scam by Direct Energy to sock its customers for interest-free "loans" under the guise of making "estimated" payments.

My bills are as high as $100 each month based on my actual reading versus their"estimate".

Shame on Direct Energy for bilking its customers to finance its operations interest-free.

Any class-action lawyers out there?


  • Er
    erinedmonton Sep 16, 2010

    This isnt the first time i've had some kind of issue with direct energy...2 months ago (July 20) my gas was shut off (without a warning call or letter). I heard rustling around in my backyard and found an employee trying to hurry out, I asked him what he was doing and he told me "just checking the meter" I asked if there was some kind of problem with my gas/bill since I got an odd feeling from him and he told me "no, theres no problem" as he rushed out the gate. I didnt find out til just after midnight when I dyed my hair and went to have a shower and rinse it out that they did shut it off!!! I had to rinse out my dye and had no choice but to stand under freezing water for 20 minutes to do so!!!
    I called the next morning and they said my bill and to get my gas reconnected was a total of $260. and that my bill before they cut it was only $200. !!! Since it's the summer they are allowed to cut you off as they wish even if you owe only $10.
    I cant afford extra costs on anything, I'm a low income family living with my common law husband and our two toddlers. I decided to just wait it out until the end of summer to pay and reconnect.My whole family has had to go to my parents to shower, i have to boil pots of water if I need warm water! It is now Sep.14 and got a bill in the mail saying I owe $345. not including reconection!
    I called and asked how my bill went from $200 to $345. in two months and dont even have the gas connected???
    Thats approx. $150. ????
    I called to ask them to explain this but the guy i talked to couldnt figure it out either???
    I dont think he even understood what my issue was since he kept telling me it's my late payment fee (which is only $4. )
    So I'm still trying to figure it out myself and get this sorted out somehow!!!

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