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Direct Energy Complaints & Reviews

Direct Energy / billing gas and electricity

Marie Aitken on Jul 25, 2017
Hello I have been with Direct Energy for a number of years (7+) and always been on the budget plan. My bills have always been 260-280.00. In April I received a bill for 449.00 which I asked to be explained to me. I was told it was the review of services used throughout the year and being on...

Direct Energy / natural gas and electricity

Courtney Taylor on Jul 24, 2017
Date of complaint July, 24, 2017 Account # 780000846672 I am the daughter of the current account holder. My father was rushed overnight to the University of Alberta hospital to receive a transplant, during this time I have been looking after his bills. I made a mistake while paying the bill...

Direct Energy / Natural gas

MadMace on May 9, 2017
It's incredibly difficult to understand, how a billion dollar company like Direct Energy, can cut off a customer who has kids for $365. I phoned to extend my time to pay by a week and got NO HELP! It makes me sick to know you consider yourself a customer related company, when it's apparent...

Direct Energy / Did not move my services and starting charging my landlord without me knowing it.

TamJ on May 9, 2017
In the middle of June 2016 I went online and completed a moving form to transfer my gas services through Direct Energy to my new address for July 1st. I did not receive a bill from them, so I assumed that they weren't providing for that area and that my services were being held by Enmax...

Direct Energy / Contract fraud

tangjie on Feb 11, 2017
In October, a broker came to my store and told me that direct energy business had a cheaper price to offer and asked me to sign a contract. I did not know the details of the bill, but in December, the first time I received my bill, the price shocked me, not only not cheap, but more...

Direct Energy / Electric and gas bill

Venkatesh24 on Dec 27, 2016
I am venkatesh. Me and my wife moved to pa from ct 1.3yrs ago. After a month of moving, a sales man from direct energy came to our house when I wasnt even there at home. They said to my wife, like they spoke to my friends in next apartments. They just signed for this and you can also sign...

Direct Energy Regulated Services / Electricity turned off

Teresa Lessard on Jun 8, 2016
When we moved from a townhouse to our current duplex in the same town we were charged a $500 deposit for electricity and a $385 deposit for gas with Direct Energy Regulated Services. My husband was laid off work in February and I only work part time so we have been having a hard time...

Direct Energy / Natural Gas and Electric

ChrisS1970 on Jan 19, 2016
I signed up summer of 2015, the condo I was renting was sold in November of 2015. I called and cancelled and on 12/2/15 got my first and only cancellation fee bill from Direct Energy. I was told to fax them documents, I did, called back and was told to fax more different document...

Direct Energy / Door to door salesman

Reviewer54807 on Jan 18, 2016
Date of occurrence: 01/16/2015 Area: Canton, MI Couple of agents of Direct energy came to my house on Saturday evening and asked if I had any wrong energy recovery charges on my bills( which are actually a legitimate charge I came to know later)? and then asked me to give them my account...

Direct Energy / Illegal practices

Reviewer16566 on Jan 8, 2016
December 2014 a Direct Energy representative came to the door and I mistakenly signed up for their Comfort and Control (?) plan. I realized the mistake the next day and called to cancel; the law requires a 10 day "cooling off" period to allow customers to cancel registration to a utility...

Direct Energy / Electric service

goldnlady69 on Dec 23, 2015
To anyone considering using Direct Energy beware of the "invisible" contract they will have with you for 2 to 3 years! I never signed anything saying such a thing & when I found out their rate was much higher than my regular electric supplier I cancelled them. At that time or no other wa...

Direct Energy / Harassment

Reviewer46858 on Sep 18, 2015
Switched from direct energy, ever since they call every day, twice a day. I told them I am not switching back, they continue to call, once it was 2am which was frightening, thinking something happened to family members. This is a disgrace and there should be a way to stop them or fine them. Why is this allowed.

Direct Energy / Door to door water heater inspection

Reviewer63299 on Sep 17, 2015
September 17, 2015 - Mississauga Ontario and am reporting that a man knocked on my door and advised that he was from Direct Energy and needed to inspect the pipe for my water heater to ensure that it is the proper equipment for today's standards. I did not let him in. I do agree with sending people door to door requesting entrance.

Direct Energy / Legality of Business Name

Reviewer19575 on Sep 16, 2015
Many people have submitted there problems with this company so I'll just add mine as well. Spoke with Alex ID#51125 who was in Guatemala. Any legal company would have given me their address but Alex would not do this. Gotta be a scam. But this Direct Energy company wasn't the Direct Energy...

Direct Energy / Fraudulent American Middleman

rnitsuj on Aug 2, 2015
DO NOT GO WITH DIRECT ENERGY!!! Save yourself money, time and frustration and shut the the door in the face of these door to door salesmen for this fraudulent American unnecessary middleman of a company! Edmonton. Said salesman had many claims at the door. I had to push for something in...

Direct Energy / Misleading sales rep., illegal/unauthorized charges

Andy120 on Jun 28, 2015
On April 14, 2015, an agent wearing a Direct Energy fleece and ID badge showed up at my door. He offered to consolidate my gas and electric bills (with no charge), which would save me administration costs. For the record, my regular energy provider is "Direct Energy Regulated Services, "...

Direct Energy / charges

Mulcam on May 27, 2015
I bought a house and inherited a hot water heater from Direct Energy (rental) We started experiencing the pilot light going out on a few occasions in a period of a week and we called for a technician to come out. He confirmed that the pilot light was going out and also the unit wa...

Direct Energy Home Services / Cancellation of Heating Protection Plan

S Elliott on May 11, 2015
Verbal discussion on phone over 2 years ago for heating protection plan was to be able to cancel any time. Called to cancel in early April as heating protection plan no longer needed since new furnace and AC to be installed mid April. Informed unable to cancel plan as contract that...

Direct Energy / Gas Delivery

MatchGirl on Apr 24, 2015
Due to a error by Direct Energy, they sent Atco Gas to turn off gas service to my home on the morning of April 23. Direct Energy's database had 2 customers with my address. Several months ago I started receiving overdue bill notices for the other individual who is unknown to me. I...

Direct Energy / Direct Energy charging me for a water tank that I never had

Fer1 on Apr 11, 2015
Direct Energy file number: 22965097 (they are charging me for a water tank that I never had) So, I purchased my house on May 2012. I paid my Enbridge/Direct Energy bills until recently (Feb 2015) when I noticed a leak in boiling room. I called Direct Energy and as soon as their technician...

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