Digitel - Home Phone Service & DSL Internet Subscriptionnon-issuance of approved credit adjustments to phone & dsl subscription

Review updated:

Telephone no. [protected]

Dsl-data no. [protected]

Subscriber: marina a. dulla // regina a. dulla

I am making a follow up report on the matter concerning our credit adjustments, rebates & bill disputes:

1. line transpose issue : june 11- june 18, 2007

2. no dsl connection: august 21 to september 11, 2007

3. rebates made 10 months advance payments. happy deal

4. illegitimate calls/charges billing pd. of 15 aug - 14 sep 2007 (p 6.00 total calls made thru the time announcement 113-1).

On our monthly statement of account I just currently received, for the billing period of 15 dec 2007 - 14 jan. 2008 the approved and expected refund of p630.06 expedited by csr sally srbc has not yet transpire on our home phone/dsl - happy deal plan account and the rebates for advance payments.

At this point in time for the past 8 months from day one this matter has been reported june 11 2007 & numerous follow-ups has been made each and every month (ref or report nos. 3807282) this has been addressed to the head office (mr lance & john gokongwei, jr. and nimfa romero of sta. rosa buss. center, 1710 help desk: sandy antonio santillan and ken silverio) I am urgently requesting a feedback & a concerete outcome and specified date when this credit will be reflected on our monthly statement of account.

  • Updated by kim042390 · Nov 10, 2018

    bakit ganun napakahirap nyo macontact. OMG 27978305 please paki ayos ung internet ko.

  • Updated by zeta zones · Nov 26, 2018


    Can you please fix our PLDT it got broken 2 weels ago and until no one comes to rectify it.

  • Updated by Micar Guisinga · Aug 26, 2019

    They're delete complains that are too harsh for the they dont want the public to see it how smart of you.pldt


  • La
    lara beltran Aug 14, 2018

    Landline number (02)9613647 no service since June 9, 2018.
    Service reference number #263268749
    Please do something about this, can't connect to your hotline to talk to your agents either.
    Please contact us at (02)9628699 as soon as possible.

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  • Ec
    EC Cristobal Aug 14, 2018

    No Internet since July 27, 2018 and no action whatsoever from PLDT. Tried calling their customer service 171 but they are no longer picking up calls. Tried also sending a message through their facebook account but no reply.

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  • Go
    Goodlucktous Aug 14, 2018

    Since July 10, 2018 we do not have connection and dial tone. We are keep on calling, and since it is system generated, we cannot talk to any agent who can attend to our concern.

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  • Ch
    Chen Acm Aug 14, 2018

    Reference #26634334
    After troubleshooting, we still cannot use our wifi since July 05, 2018.

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  • Ar
    Arnel Tiape Orobia Aug 15, 2018

    Please follow up my report really need my internet back i already payed my balance so now i just need the service to its been a week i dont get my right plan for internet still sucks! so try to refresh and much better to deploy a technician in our Area - Brgy.178 Ph.6 12342 Narra St. Camarin Caloocan City. AASSAAPP.

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  • El
    Elvin Abendaño Mercadal Aug 15, 2018

    los is red blinking

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  • Le
    letsdobiznes Aug 15, 2018

    I have no internet and no telephone line for almost 2 weeks now.I already called your customer service and reported.Its now more than 72hrs still nothing.
    landline number (082)2972436
    account number (0252291350)

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  • Fr
    Fred Fred Aug 16, 2018

    Since monday night we don't have connection until now thursday. I have reported this issue already and no one is coming to check or fixed our internet issue. we always see home fiber the one who install our connection roving around everyday in our place but don't see any one to see or check connection issue in our place. ref#26529560.

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  • El
    elsie oafallas Aug 20, 2018

    Please check into our internet & landline connection which have been down since Aug 5, 2018 until now, Aug 13, 2018. We have Repair Reference # 26961068 dated Aug 9, 2018.

    Please deduct also the non-service days in our billing statement.

    Very truly yours,

    Nestor / Elsie Oafallas

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  • Ja
    Jay Pons Aug 20, 2018

    Very poor signal. Buti pa pagdating ng bill mabilis but ung internet is napaka bagal. Wala ka namang magawa kundi pagtsagaan na lang.

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  • Ma
    Mark04 Aug 20, 2018

    been ongoing for a month now
    technician have done remote testing on their end
    Technician have check the post on the area
    technician have changed the modem as well
    still getting multiple drop outs
    so fucking frustrating having noob service
    always advising for 72 hours time-frame for every testing

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  • Kr
    Krystel Joy Cuay Aug 21, 2018

    Internet connection lost time to time 24/7!!!

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  • Ed
    Eddie Habana Aug 21, 2018

    Senece last month my application in pldt was still not approved applicatipn # 1005991746

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  • Ar
    Archel Ferrer Aug 28, 2018

    I've been wanting to talk with a CSR through landline 171 but was surprised that there was no option

    As a customer, I am expecting to talk to someone who may be able to assist me through my billing concern since I am paying for your services

    This is disappointing as you require us to pay on time but cannot guarantee communication to your office.

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  • Je
    Jepwy Aug 29, 2018

    PLDT did not proceed with my transfer request even after making us wait for over a month. I tried for a new application but the agent was only fooling us. Our application was already tagged as cancled but they did not inform us.

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  • Ju
    Jun collantes Sep 01, 2018

    Acct name: Porferio B Pena
    Address: San Marcos, Camaligan Camarines. Sur
    acct no.0248186968
    tel no. 884 9401
    Complain: TO SLOW INTERNET

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  • Ns
    Nsotingco Sep 03, 2018

    It seems PLDT hotline does not have any feature to speak with a customer agents. Kindly advise steps how to connect to a customer server agent regarding on application and support.

    email - [email protected]
    CP - 0927 3211718

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  • Lu
    Luenam James Ramos Sep 05, 2018

    Ma.Cristina C. Ramos
    Ariston Este, Asingan Pangasinan

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  • Ma
    Ma.Jobeth Openiano Sep 09, 2018

    Walang dial tone isang buwan ng mahigit ayusin naman po please naapektuhan yung negosyo ko..uodated nman ako sa pagbabayad

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  • Jo
    Jomari Roxas Sep 10, 2018

    Here in 0563 Panasahan, Malolos Bulacan, the signal from our router is unstable, can you fix that?

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  • Ka
    Katherine Dela Cruz Sep 11, 2018

    Pldt is very poor in assisting customers. No wifi since 8th october 2017 24th october 2017. My husband and i are both ofw and internet matters to us! calling the attention of pldt to please be responsible in doing your job!!! we are paying and yet we are not getting the fast response.

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  • Er
    Ersalyn Ortega Sep 18, 2018

    No internet one week from now we need internet asap

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  • An
    Anfernee Gonzales Alvarez Sep 18, 2018

    We have no internet connection 3 days na starting Aug .30 -sept 3 my cellphone no. is 09499113877 please fix it because we really need it thank you

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  • Ha
    Harold Nathan Tan Sep 19, 2018

    Would like to complain about the service of our PLDT Home Fibr account. Our internet connectiom has been down since September 3, 2018. We have been contacting PLDT to service since september 3. When they arrived today they told us that the problem is with the outside line and they cant fix it now. Really poor & slow service.

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  • Al
    Aleuis Herveaux Sep 19, 2018

    Hello. We're paying a good amount of money here but we're not getting a good amount of service here. The internet connection really sucks a lot. I hope you fix this as soon as possible.

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  • Ma
    Makatibandit Sep 19, 2018

    I requested connection of phone and internet service to residential address almost two months ago now. Even though there is a PLDT cable already connected to my house the service has still not been activated.

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  • St
    St3vee Sep 19, 2018

    Bakit Internet B Slow?!?..

    Gusto no malamon kung bakit serbisyong internet sa inyong Philip in as lalawigan* bakit Hindi magagwang upang panatilihin any kanyang mga Tao kaya SLOWINTERNET ng koneksyon sa internet  any aking mga kaibigan?  Bakit?? Bakit Bakit malugod...? F. I. X. .

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  • Ej
    Ej Darklense Sep 20, 2018

    Ref22680632 5 days no internet and phone i always report but nothings happens despite of calling them everyday. How am i going to pay the billing for the whole month. The service is so poor.

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  • An
    Andree Monzones Oct 02, 2018

    Acct.number 0217300266
    We already paid our current balance amounting 5, 995.00 last September 19, 2018 but until now we still don't have internet connection.
    Kindly check our billing and let us know until when are we going to wait for our connection.

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  • Ni
    Nida store Oct 14, 2018

    My pldt am compken 2 ago bat stel not respon in pldt costomer service for me psymenn my bill

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  • Rc
    rcam moderator curia Oct 15, 2018

    it has been more than 2 months my phone has been off line. they said it is the pldt line that is not functioning. we have reported it several times. pls review and update this office what pldt has done and the cause of the delay. number is 02-5272995. 121 Arsobispo St., Intramuros, manila.

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  • Ra
    Raquel Batac Cardama Oct 15, 2018

    Since we transferred to our internet line in our new office last June 2018, until now we can't use our internet. They send 2 representative here, but both didn't solve the issues. We are updated with our payment, but their service is very poor!

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  • Lm
    lmencanto Oct 21, 2018

    Our internet connection was disconnected because our Account Manager did not do her job properly. I wanted to file a complaint to PLDT SME but i don't know whom to address my complaints.

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  • Pa
    Paulo Tolentino Oct 21, 2018

    Its a fucking unresolved issue ongoing for almost 1 fucking year. And all your representative from facebook only knows to apologize and advice that someone will call me, yet no one is fucking giving me a call back. What the fuck do you want to happen? By Friday, Aug 4. Ill file a complaint through DTI. Fuck your service.

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  • An
    Anna Franco Oct 22, 2018

    No dial tone since july 18, 2017.. called customer service last july 20 to follow up.. always saying that with scheduled field engineer assigned already.. so until now no one has attended it!!!

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  • Al
    Albert J. Morales Oct 22, 2018

    Our telephone line/number (042) 710 5172 is not accessible for more or less 3 weeks, kindly check the probable problem. It's under the name of my sister in-law "Rodelia Dalumpienes Lagrason" she's in abroad and she need to talk to my father in-law for further info anent for some important matters.

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  • Ro
    Rolly Borreros Oct 27, 2018

    Masasabi ko lang FUCK YOU, ayusin nyo trabaho nyo...

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  • An
    Ana Marie Oct 28, 2018

    its been 3 weeks for my application but still up to now there's no update about the installation.. im ana marie manabat cunanan and my location is #811 brgy. tabuyuc (sto.rosario) apalit, pampanga.. hope you can help me. thank you..

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  • B0
    B0B0Ng Pldc Oct 31, 2018

    T4ng1na lagi nalang nawawalan ng net dito putangina oras oras napuputol net di maka gamit na maayos, ano ba yan pldc mga tanga ampotangina, nag babayad kami ng tama pero putanginang net yan laging wala, pati landline wala rin. Tangina talaga.

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  • Le
    Lemon123456789 Nov 01, 2018

    Its been weeks already and until now no installation has been made. To my deepest dissapointment is the Customer Service of Pldt are giving you false information about whats the status of your application.

    I just home that this complain would actually read by manny pangnilinan

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