Dick's Sporting Goodsitems sold / customer service

R Aug 02, 2018

I went into the Dicks sporting goods store located in Cedar Hill (uptown) looking for 3xl football pants. First off when you walk into the store no one greets you, secondly once I got to the football section no one came over to help. Once I found the item I was looking for I went and found a worker to ask if all the pants on the rack were clearance, I was told that the items were misplaced although there were 3 racks full of the same items. I asked since there was over 30 of the same items on the rack would they give the clearance price, I was told by Clayton, the customer support manager that they have buyers who buy for them and that they don't really provide pants for anyone over a size 2xl. Clayton had alcohol on his breath and was rambling. The only company that makes 3xl football pants in their stores is Nike. Although all the Nike pants were on the clearance or 25% off rack they refused to honor that price. In any other store if you have more than 3 items in a certain place, that shows a different price, they give it to you for that price, especially when it's a store screw up. They blamed all the misplaced pants on the customers saying that people pick up the pants and find something cheaper and just put it back, but for it to be an abundance of the item on each rack and its 3 racks, that's not customer doing. I will never go in there again and they will definitely not have any support from me. I bought my sons pants from Academy and they price matched those same pants to the cheaper price on the website.

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