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false advertising of &cash cards&

The ads say that if you spend $300 you will get a free $150 cash card. THIS IS FALSE. It is NOT a CASH card, it is a Dick's gift card (only good at Dick's.) Very misleading wording. They shouldn't be allowed to call it a cash card. They should say it is a Dick's GIFT card, because the card is only spendable at Dick's.

The cashier told us that they used the term "cash card" because it has an expiration which gift cards don't have. They should have said it was a gift card with an expiration.

That expiration is... wait for it... wait... January 31, ... 2011 ? 2012? NO... it expires the end of NEXT MONTH!!!

In other words, they mean:
If you'll spend $450 at our store before January 31, 2010, we'll give you $150 back. That may be a good deal if you buy a lot of sporting goods and clothing, but they should be HONEST with the public!!!

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    cashew Jan 11, 2010

    I had a horrible experience with Dick's "Cash Card" as well. I recd a $20 cash card because I met the criteria because I spent $200 on a weight bench. So a couple of weeks later I used the card to purchase apparel as a christmas gift, but it was the wrong item for my son. I returned the $60 clothing item and I was not refunded the $20 that I used as the cash card. I am not sure how they can justify this. I purchased a $60 item, was refunded only $40, and they put the item back on the shelf to resale at $60. I call this cheating the customer! I did write a letter of dissatisfaction to the Dick's Headquarters, so I will see if they respond.

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    Youcannotbeserious Jan 27, 2011

    First of all Nutmeg, are you serious? I mean do you actually consider yourself a person that has good judgement and can figure most things out without someone guiding you? Why in the world would a store just give you $100 just for coming in and shopping? The whole point is to drive business into the store. Obviously you didn't attend any business or marketing related classes. Also there is always a disclaimer on everything! You could have spent the same amount of time reading what it said on the card as it took you to write your very important comment.
    Cashew to you all I have to say is you can't give someone money that wasn't spent. You did not give the store $60 you gave them $40 so you don't get to have money that never came out of your pocket. Is that a hard concept to grasp? Perhaps if you would have looked at your receipt and saw that the return price just as they print on other store receipts said that you could have asked right then and there. Or you could have also read the regulations on the card, or you could also think about things rationally Have you ever used coupons at other stores? Please let me know the names of these stores that give you back money that you did not spend. I know that when I get a Kohls coupon and shop there and return something I get the RETURN PRICE not more than what came out of my pocket. They also offer me to use that towards another purchase or an exchange. So please stop complaining and think about things logically. Why must retailers have to talk to and spell out things to consumers as if they are in preschool and don't know any better.

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false advertising

***'s Sporting Goods uses misleading wording in their advertised specials.

The ad says "buy one - get one" elsewhere it says "50% off". This led me to believe that if I bought one I would get the second one free which would be a savings of 50%.

Why do they not word their ad to say buy one - get another one ( or second one ) for half price, which is what the cashier and the store manager told me that is what the ad meant ?

The wording was not continuous between buy one - get one and 50% off.

The manager was very rude and curt when he talked down to me.

I won't say I will never shop there, but I will never trust their ads .

As for the managers attitude, I think that came from the fact that I was not the only one complaining about the advertised special.

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    Thehalls94 Dec 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dicks sporting goods inventory system sucks. Placed two different sale items in cart a quarter zip and sweatshirt. Both items were placed in cart and purchased. Got an email stating the items were not available due to high demand and offered a 25% discount. The items I wanted were over50% off! I told then to shove the 25% discount in a dark place. I am done with them and will not recommend anybody to do business with them.

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unpaid employee

I finshed working at Dicks Sporting goods on August 1 and it is now almost December and I still have not received my last paycheck. I stopped working due to a move and they have told me on THREE separate occassions that they are mailing a new check. Now my messages to managers go unanswered and I just spent 15 minutes on hold and the manager never took my call. I hope corporate shows more responsibilty in answering my messages, but we'll see. And as a former employee I witnessed many of the issues described below and it was rather upsetting.

  • Ig
    igottouched Dec 19, 2011

    There was a store manager that unaropriatly touched my "area" and kept staring at my breasts even though i am a man. Oh and he sold me a ### pair of cleats and socks

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return policy

I purchased a new Benelli over/under shotgun. The salesman disassembled and packed the gun in two piece...

fraudsters and cheaters

I recently purchased a treadmill from Dick's at full price, only for them to deliver me a used floor model, and try to pass it off as new. The delivery men slipped up and told me it was the floor model. They went further to say that this was not the first time this had happened. They refused to take back the used treadmill which had now been set up in my bedroom saying they had other deliveries and no room on their truck. After contacting the store I was told that it was on the receipt to deliver a floor model. I stated that I had a copy of that order and no where on it does it say that, and pointed out that I paid full price. The manager's story then changed to say that the delivery men requested a floor model. It was agreed that for my inconvenience I was to choose another treadmill of my liking in replacement at no extra cost to me. When I went into the store the manager changed his mind and told me he would get fired if he did that and offered me only one other model. When I became upset that they had encouraged me to come to the store under false pretenses, I was told to leave and never come back. They have not sent anyone to pick up their used treadmill and have not returned my money.

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not honoring coupons

The ***'s sporting goods store in Saginaw mi. Is refusing to honor coupons that were e mailed to it's customers. The manager told me she had no idea where it came form and thaey were not going to accept them. Even thought there was a scannable bar code on it. I explained it was e mailed to me for my rewards card with their company and she told me sorry too many scams out there I will not accept this coupon anyone could have made this. Tried to explain again ti was from their company she said too bad. I explained I was pissed off and would not be shopping there again because I didn't understand at all how they could nat accept a coupon from their company she didn't seem to care. I called the number in the e mail from this coupon and was told they had no idea why the store would not accept it and that they had not heard from anyone else. she said there was nothing she could do about it accept send me another one and she gave me a phone number for her corprate office which of course wasn't open.

treated like dirt

Yesterday I went into the Dicks Sporting Goods Store on East Washington Street, and talked to a gentelman in...

refund rip off

I used a coupon at Dick's that said $10 off a $50 purchase. I had one item to return, leaving a subtotal that still was $50 but recieved a lesser amount than the tag price because they prorate items even when the coupon was off a TOTAL purchase! I feel cheated-themanager failed to even try to see a consumers point of view!!!v

false advertising

I wanted to order a Schwinn bike from On their home page, they advertise "Sign up and Save! 10% off your next online order. Sign up now". I signed up and received an email that says "Thank you for signing up to receive email offers from Shop now and get 10% off your next order." There is no promotion code and further down in the email message is some fine print that says discount will be automatically calculated at checkout. The fine print also lists 30 or so brands that are excluded from the offer but Schwinn is not listed.

I clicked on the email message, as directed to get the discount, put my item in my cart and started the checkout process. No discount was applied. I called the # listed for customer service and was told the discount was not applied because Schwinn is excluded from the offer! I explained that the email I received did not include Schwinn in the list of excluded brands and the response I got was "Well the list I'm looking at says Schwinn is excluded."

I tried responding to the email so they can see that Schwinn is not listed but the email was bounced back and there is no email address listed on the website for customer service. They only offer an online form but I want them to see the email intact.

  • Th
    thetruthhurts12 May 27, 2012

    Apparently, whoever wrote this comment, needs to go back to school and learn how to read. I am reading the exact "fine print" that this person is reading and it clearly says, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, and I quote: "Offer applies only for standard economy shipping."(...) Which this only applies to ground shipments or anything under 50lbs.(via UPS ground). The fine print also mentions: "Some items cannot be shipped by standard economy ground and therefore does not qualify for discounted shipping offers. Typically excluded items are overweight and oversized." Well, obviously a "Schwinn" exercise bike qualifies as an "Oversized & Overweight" item. (Which is mentioned under the title: FEATURES. In which, if you were to ship this item, obviously you would have to ship it via freight/18-wheeled truck and would have to be picked up at the store. So even though Schwinn isn't listed, it still qualifies as an "oversized/overweight" item. SO YOU HAVE NO CASE!!!...Just some a**hole who wants to start trouble!!! My advice to YOU is to invest on a READING COACH...or someone who "break things down" for you, so you can understand things better!

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no customer service

On Saturday at 11:35am, I went in to buy 2 pair of running shoes. The attendant walked up and asked, "Are...

Resolved don't shop there

The customer service at ***'s is horrible... It derives from the fact that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing... I had to go through 2 lines just to return an item...

The greeters at the front told me to stand in a certain line, then the people at the counter told me to go to the back of the line... And when I complained, I got snide comments in return... In addition, the item I returned (apparel) had hidden stains all over it...

If you want quality sporting goods (for a cheaper price than ***'s), I suggest you shop online!!!

  • Ma
    mark Jan 03, 2009

    Got a christmas gift from out of state, a pair of gloves from Dicks. But they were for the same hand! Obviously not usable. So, I took them to local Dicks to exchange. Since they were sold out of this type and I had no receipt (it was a gift), they would not refund or exchange for something of equal value. And my experience with the help, including manager, was awful. This store does not give a damn about customers and I will never buy anything from them.

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  • Wa
    Wasted money Mar 27, 2009

    I rewarded my son with a new bike from Dick's. After being in the store for an hour and a half waiting on someone to help us, We were finally able to sign tons of paperwork and go home. Within 2 days stuff was breaking off the bike. When the brake handle snapped off in his hand I returned it to the store. I had bought the warranty and the bike was not even 3 weeks old. I was told the bike tech wouldn't be there until 5pm. (I went on a saturday) I left the bike there and was told I would be contacted with info on how long they would need to keep the bike. The more I thought about it the more uneasy I felt about the $200 bike. I called and told them I wanted to exchange the bike for a better brand. I was told they have a no return and no exchange policy on bikes. I will never buy from them again and hope this help someone else make a better decision than I did. Now my sons reward for his good behavior has turned into heart ache for him. He is scared to ride it, afraid something else will break on it.

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  • Ra
    RangerJen Nov 30, 2009

    I agree! I represent a not-for-profit organization and had to exchange some items we had received a grant for. The management was absolutely rude and hateful to me! I will NEVER shop there and will tell everyone I know to pay a bit more and go to the locally owned sporting goods store were the customer service can't be beat.

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  • Mo
    montemike72 Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    im not sure which dicks sporting goods you were shopping at, since you seem unable to be literate in posting that info, but i work for the leawood kansas store #408, and can tell you this, our customer service, is # 1, so stop your crying, ive seen what all you good customers do to a retailer, you tear up the packaging, then ask that we return it, what do you think we are supposed to do with it ?, you take a tent and go camping with it, then you return it, full of twinkie wrappers, pop cans, used condoms, ect, should we charge you rent for using it ?, we get clothes back with stains on them, reeking of sweat, we are not your personal cleaning service, we pick up your discarded cups, food packaging and dirty tissues, and we do it all with a smile on our faces, i work in the bike department, i have people come in and demand that i help them 1st, forget all the people that came in before them, i try to help them all with a smile on my face, ive seen first hand how you good customers treat the cashiers, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but i know you are not, YOU are selfish, the world is all about you, you, you, so next time you come in, please leave your dirty diapers, in the changing rooms, for all to smell, and the lowly 8.00 per hour to clean up after you and be your personal maid,

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  • He
    Helpful_Soul Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    you should be ashamed of yourself for saying things like that. As a employee myself for 3 years store #264 Melbourne Florida I understand it can get frustrating but that's customer service and honestly if you don't like it find another job that's all I have to say.
    Cause yes its aggrivating to walk into a dressing room to find piles of clothes across the seat, floor, and hanging from the bars
    Or picking up balls across the floor many times from kids playing with them in team sports
    Picking up all the merchandise that was knocked down from someone hanging from the basket ball rim causing it to fall over
    Filling out accident reports from someone who turned on the treadmills to high speed and ran and jumped onto it just to fall flat on their face and get mad at us.
    Opening one of the display tents to find someone had pooped in one and used a shirt of the rack to wipe the residue from there behind (YES that actually happened)
    PIcking up half eaten food from shelves and empty cups
    Knocking on a dressing door and nobody answers when you unlock it to find someone in it or on one occasion it happened to be a couple having sex

    So yes it can be frustrating but it's a JOB! So now instead of being completely negitive about it think about this

    This story touches my heart I will always remember this customer for the rest of my life.
    A woman came in very scared looking for sports bras, and I took the time to help her locate and try on certain ones. She was a breast cancer survivor and had lots of swelling and brusing from the chemo and surgery. We finally located one style but only had one pair. I took the time to check and call every store in the district and stores out of state to have them transferred over. I got them all in and called her in, she needed help getting her shirt back on cause the pain was so back she could barely lift her arms. She felt that I treated her as if she was the most important person in the world that nothing else mattered. She became a regular customer and a friend and come to find out she was also in a bad situation with domestic violence in her home. I assisted her and finding a safe haven to escape to with her son. Now everytime I see her she has the biggest smile on her face and she is glowing with relief and happiness. She is now free and clear of cancer but she touched my heart, helping her those days finding the right bra to help relieve her pain was the best feeling ever.

    Treat customers as a person a individual and not has someone who walked into your building and you will be treated with respect as well and it will change there outlook and experience with the store.
    Seeing a smile on someone's face when they come in looking for a certain item and only having a vague description and you locating it for them and watching there face light up is the best part about working for dicks sporting goods.

    That's customer service its like that anywhere you go you are paid to help customers to assist them in locating what they need being professional about it and making the customer feel that your not trying to just make the sale your there to help them find what they need.

    So again I say if you don't like it find a different job for I have been working for them since 2007 and doing customer service for 8 years at other jobs as well and love everything about it.

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Resolved terrible experience

The nightmare began when I foolishly decided to purchase a bicycle for my girlfriend's birthday from on April 16, nearly three weeks prior to her birthday party on May 2. A reasonable amount of time for handling, shipping and assembly, I thought.

I was very wrong.

The troubles began when I attempted to use the "Bill-me-later" option on your website, lured by 90 days of free interest. I had used "Bill-me-later" only a few weeks earlier to buy myself a bicycle from another sporting goods site, so I figured it would be convenient to use it again. However, this was not the case - The purchase was declined immediately, with absolutely no reason given from Dick's web site. After calling Dick's and speaking to a customer support representative who seemed to care little about his job and even less about my issues with my purchase, your rep promptly distanced himself from the issue and told me to talk to Bill-me-later directly.

After working with Bill-me-later for a number of days (with absolutely no help from Dick's), we finally got the issue resolved and the order went through. The issue was with Dick's website, which was down for some reason and prevented the order from going through. Regardless, I finally got the confirmation email from Dick's on April 23, a full 6 days after initializing the transaction.

The bicycle and all of my other ordered goodies arrived on-time a week later, around April 30. This was great, as I had plenty of time to assemble my girlfriend's bike before she got into town that weekend.

Except...the boxes that my merchandise was shipped in were nearly destroyed. The box that held my girlfriend's helmet was ripped apart and partially crushed, but fortunately the helmet was intact. Not so much for the bicycle box and it's contents, which each apparently received the same fate. The large bicycle box (which cost me around $25 for shipping!) was completely ripped open, with large gashes torn into all sides of it. There is no excuse for shipping something in this condition, especially when an object inside has so many small parts that could have fallen out.

The bicycle itself was in terrible condition. The decorative stickers were applied wrinkled and crooked, and the rubber on the handles, as well as the paint, was scuffed and marked. The pre-installed gear-shifter sat crooked on the right handlebar, totally misalligned from the rubber handgrip. The whole thing looked like it was put together using slave labor.

It also looked incredibly cheap, like a trinket from a gumball machine. This wasn't the most expensive bike available, but if I was looking for bargain basement prices and quality I would have bought a used bicycle. I expect a new product that I buy to at least look new!

All of this would have been tolerable if the bicycle had come with a seat, which it did NOT. I now had a partially assembled bike for my girlfriend's birthday with no safe way to ride it.

Upon calling Dick's Customer Service, they once again distanced themselves from the situation by suggesting I call the manufacturer, Huffy. Dick's made it clear to me that their "brick-and-mortar" locations have nothing to do with, and in fact don't even carry many of the same products, nor do they support them.

The Dick's Customer Service reps that I spoke to were completely uninterested in the fact that I made my purchase through THEM, not Huffy, and not only were they unwilling to check to see if they had another bicycle that they could quickly send me, they wanted nothing to do with calling Huffy, something that they felt was apparently was my job. Nice punishment for doing business with Dick's. They were gracious enough to give me the customer support number for Huffy. This saved me five seconds on the internet, compared to the hours of time I had already spent attempting to complete this tiring transaction with them.

The actual bicycle seat finally came about a week later. I was excited, thanks to Huffy's responsive product support. The seat matched the bike and looked decent compared to all of the other flaws and scuffs that were present from the moment I opened the box. A little tweaking here and there and some boyfriend TLC would have been just what the bike needed, except...the shipped seat post was the wrong size.

Nearly a month later and I STILL did not have the complete product that I had originally ordered from Dick's. Fortunately I was able to borrow a seat and seat-post from my father that fit the bike, so my girlfriend was able to ride the bicycle, but it still looked like a mismatched, used bike made of spare parts, and my father was now out of a bicycle seat.

I called Huffy directly (by this point it was apparent that Dick's has no interest in helping me or standing by it's products or customers) and Huffy promptly sent me out a new seat post for the second time. It arrived just last week.

Here it is, June 4th - over a month and a half after initializing this transaction with Dick's Sporting Goods, and my girlfriend STILL has not seen her completed birthday present. She will be back in town on June 21st, where she will finally get to ride her completed bicycle. By the time she does, it will have taken two full months of embarrassment, frustration, anger and an INCREDIBLE amount of wasted time to get to this point. This was her first birthday with me as her boyfriend, and due to these issues I was unable to give her a gift even worth using. This is unacceptable.

My experience with and Dick's Sporting Goods in general has been absolutely horrendous. I don't understand why I would ever do business with these companies ever again.

Resolved return policy

I bought a Mountain Bike for my sons birthday. First of all the purchase transaction itself was made...

terrible service!

I am currently working at Dicks Sporting Goods. I would like to complain about one of the managers there. ...

Resolved not military friendly

I was in Dicks on Friday 12/22 and tried to buy a .22 for my 14 yr old son. The employee Jim did not allow me...

total customer ignorance!

I set up a 'Wish List' on Dick's Sporting Goods website, supplying my real e-mail address but making a point of un-checking the boxes that would sign up for what amounts to spam. I then printed out the wishlist and went to the brick-and-mortar store in Christiana, Delaware to look for the items that I found online. This has prompted two complaints regarding this company and their business practices.

Complaint 1: This has to do with the online version of the business. Even though I specifically UN-checked the opt-in boxes, I *still* ended up on their e-mail list. So, I tried to unsubscribe. At the bottom of each e-mail is a link to click to unsubscribe. Clicking on this link takes you to a webpage that states you have been removed from the list but that it will take two weeks to fully process. I did this no less than five times in that two week period. After two weeks passed, I called "Customer Service" and spoke with a real, live person who said that it would take two weeks. I waited *another* two weeks, again clicking the unsubscribe link multiple times, and called "Customer Service" a second time. The rep who answered stated that she would remove me herself. I then asked for the phone number and/or e-mail address of the Information Technologies department, but was told the only way that I could contact them is through an online form. The rep suggested that I double check my "account" to verify that the boxes are unchecked (they are). While I was there, I changed my e-mail address to a ficticious one. In response to that, I got a confirmation e-mail that my address had been changed and it was sent to my real address! I then found the Helpdesk form on the website and filled it out, but received an automated reply to call "Customer Service". This morning, I received yet another piece of spam. I did receive a response to the online form, but one must change the subject of the e-mail in order for a real, live human being to read it. For those who need it, send an e-mail to [protected] and put "Customer Service Follow Up." in the subject.

Complaint 2: This one involves the brick-and-mortar store. Armed with my wishlist printout, I walked into the local store in search of two pairs of shoes. Neither brand was carried in the store let alone the specific model. I picked out two different pairs, one costing $80 and the other costing $120, and proceeded to wait in a conspicuous spot for the attention of a sales person. Apparently this was the day that half of the high school soccer team needed new cleats, and both sales persons were busy. One would think that the manager would discover this and send more people over to help being that there were no visible customers in the rest of the store. Not. I stood there for a full twenty minutes being ignored. I put the shoes back, never to return again.

After these two experiences, I will never shop at Dick's Sporting Goods again and I will warn all of my friends to avoid doing so as well. I got MUCH better service from who had both the brand *and* the model I wanted and delivered them to my door in less than one week.


Location: Online as well as Christiana, Delaware

  • Lo
    louis zaccardo Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dicks sporting goods store in the freehold n.j. at the freehold maul, I had my tennis racket strung and when I pick it up the receipet was on the handle and also a tension device when I went to p-ut the tension device on the racket the tension device broke and I went back into the store to tell them, so I thought I would get another one instead I got an insult from the manager who made it seem that I was trying to cheat them . they did not seem to know if the tension device came with the stringing and he refuse to give me another one I hope someone can do something about this I always buy maney things fron the store and send all my students there but I need to get some kind of reaction from you people this happened at about 5 pm on wednesday so maybe you know who the manager is my tel no is 732 462 0229 thank you louis zaccardo 226 daffodil drive freehold n.j.

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  • Se
    Seething! Jul 03, 2009

    I will never spend a dime at Dicks! I went to test a product I saw on Dicks website, drove the 20 miles to find out it is only offered online! Nothing on Dicks website made me think it wouldn't physically exist at a store. I was told by the manager that I should have called first! Talk about lame! Then I searched the store 3 times trying to find my boys who happened to be putting in a side room. When a clerk asked me if I needed help and I told him I couldn't find my kids, his unconcerned reply was, "I don't do domestics." There's plenty of decent sporting goods stores out there, please don't shop at Dicks!

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  • Lu
    Luke MR Aug 20, 2018

    Upon returning a mouthguard which didn't fit quite right, Jodie at the McHenry location was incredibly demeaning and rude. I was unaware this was an unreturnable item, and would have gladly been told just that without an extremely offensive attitude. This employee made me feel belittled and has shaken my loyalty to Dicks Sporting Goods.

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  • Pa
    Patriot 50 Aug 20, 2018

    Dicks Sporting Goods - Your decision to stop selling firearms in Florida announced today is a liberal sell out.

    I have destroyed my Dicks Credit card and will take my business to your competitors.

    You liberals will learn NOT to threaten the patriots of this republic, one dollar of profit at a time.

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  • Sa
    Sara129 Sep 04, 2018

    There was a cashier named Rebecca working this evening when I went in to turn something with a friend of mine. She was very unpleasant, very rude, and rolled her eyes at my friend when she was explaining what she wanted to return.

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  • 56
    56thde Sep 05, 2018

    I chose to shop at Dick's for tennis shoes because I had an internet coupon for $10 off $50 purchase . When presented at register was denied . Cashier asked 'someone', who I don't know or what said. I wouldn't have shopped without coupon . There wasn't any explanation or apology. What happened to satisfying customer ?

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