DHL International Express Delivery Servicesdhl done nothing timely but closed all contacts

Sep 08, 2018

Mr. Greg Macheal, Senior Director, DHL International Express Delivery Services, Address: # 90 Matheson Blvd.W. Suite 111, Mississauda, Madrid, Spain
Dated June 28, 2012
Subject: DHL done nothing timely but closed all contacts

Hon'ble, DHL courier company strictly hired to finish the transaction within 14 days by European Scam Victim office in Spain to deliver me my despatch in India at my address under deceptive trade practice seems to be under bargain to be delivered my real despatch to fraudsters by taking me in trick of forger papers in order to prove and get in belief probable advance fee scam.

In case below attached DHL courier company 3 pages' letter and enclousers issued on 20th day against 14 days provided by office by delay dated June 28, 2012 are not forger but are true and correct then why closed all contacts, why not received fee timely 550 Euro by hearing me under what mode should I pay, where should I pay and how should I pay the so demanded courier fee.

Hence, DHL courier company is not true and honest who has really ever wanted to deliver the my attached despatch me but seems on deceptive trade practice bargain with fraudsters to finish my despatch them by establishing belief in me of probable advance fee scam. Because if basic office strictly hired to finish the transaction within 14 days then what's the meaning to ask advance on 20th day from me by keeping all the contacts closed.

Further, I'm getting harassed since date to till date behind concerned officials and courts and suffering too many damages and too many costs.

As attached photo-banner, it's financial crime and as attached photograph I've served my home doorsteps data correctly for correct delivery. But, DHL done nothing timely closed all contacts for fraudsters.

Therefore, if company is true must deliver my pending courier despatch me free of any cost or if found as seemed from data supporting fraudsters/else as the case may be and keeps no any link to the European office then must compensate me 2000Euros for till date harrassment.
OR In case attached forger paper are totally denied as not issued by DHL and DHL proves issued by the fraudsters then fraudster must be held to compensate 2000Euros for using good name of DHL on reasons that by getting in my privacy and properties they've no right to damage my privacy and properties under legal Ref. IT Act 2000 India and the same model law get adapted to every UN member nation by the UNO.

To secure additional identity copy of adhaar-card is attached here.
Gurvinder Singh, E-mail: [protected] Mobile 0091-[protected]

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