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I previously posted a complaint with respect to Dell's limited 1 year warranty on its battery. I took out a complete warranty for the computer, however I was told the battery that comes with the computer is only good for 1 year regardless of what warranty one takes out on the computer. Dell then told me they would sell me a new battery for $299.00. Presently, one can buy new laptops for $600- $800. After completing an internet search on the Dell battery for the item number I found the original battery for sale at the following site, Pacific Battery for $139.99. I purchased several Dell computers in the past and have to say they worked well. However, when a company charges a much higher fee for a replacement part for its own manufactured computer system than a competitor vendor, you must question the ultimate intent of Dell, is it good company policy or corporate greed that is influencing its decisions?

Dr. Albert Alba


  • Ma
    Manabendra Jul 26, 2007

    I had ordered a Dell Inspiron 640M laptop (order number 694307649) through their website. Initially they had given me an estimated shipping duration of 10 days only, but later they showed their true colors and delayed my order by 15 days not once but twice. After a grueling time of one month Dell finally performed hara-kiri and cancelled the order saying that this product no more exists (as if I was a bloody joke for them).

    They told me to order another laptop of my choice and committed me that this time the order will be shipped within 10 days. Then I ordered a substitute order (Dell Latitude order number 727276241) and to my extreme horror they put an estimated shipping date which was more than a month after. When I contacted them on this they started giving excuses that this was a system error and would get rectified soon. They assured me that in the backend my estimated ship date was much earlier and told me not to go by what is appearing in the website. They told me it was a system generated date and is displaying wrong information for some reasons. But that was yet another joking session by the Dell authorities. The system is far from being shipped till date and its nearing 2 months now since I initiated my purchase with Dell. I have registered a case with Dell via case number 168035108 but Dell does not make any efforts to give me any kind of resolution. It is quite but obvious that since Dell is a very big company it does not pay the slightest heed to small customers like me. I am really frustrated and angered by the treatment meted out to me by Dell and I wish there was someone to take action against such atrocities. I am sure there would be a lot many customers who would have gone through similar experiences with Dell. So, if you are thinking of ordering something from Dell, do go through this mail and think again.

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  • La
    Laurie Morris Oct 05, 2007

    Dell only gives the option of a VISTA operating system on its computers and VISTA SUCKS. Dell will not ship other systems nor fix the problems with VISTA. Microsoft can't fix the problems either! I can talk to the tech reps at the college I work at and they can tell me all the problems with this system yet the seller refuses to admit the problem, screws the customer and doesn't deal with it. Its time we spoke up and weren't monopolized by the big companies.

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  • Fr
    Fran Cullen Nov 28, 2007

    I ordered a Dell laptop on Nov.3,2007 with a Nov12 delivery date. By Nov 7 the Dell website showed it left production but no tracking info. I called and got a DHL number. The DHL number would not track and the story begins...So far over 7 calls and e-mails , no computer, I canceled the order after they admitted it was lost. There is always someone different at he middle eastern call center, and have been promised that my credit card would be refunded. They called again on Nov 26 to tellme that it would take 10 more days to remove the charge. How can they place a charge instantaneously, but take 20 days or more to remove it? I am 5 days away from a lawyer. This company has changed. When I see a company ignore customer service needs and quality issues, it usually means they are in serious trouble. Dont be surprised to see this giant roll it's eyes and fall. If you own any Dell Stock , send them a message ,sell it .

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  • Ed
    eddie D Jan 12, 2008

    Dell has worst customer service, now bought PDA from Ebay, screwed up. Returned it to Dell. I didn't get the money someone else got the money becz he bought 1st. So tried to explain, i can't find the person who i bought it from 2 years ago but the cust. service told me TOO BAD YOU AIN'T GETTING SH*T. Thats your problem! So here we go, i lost $ 500 just like that, becz of those Idiots, specially these people over the seas handling this issues which they have no idea what the hell is going on. So no more DELL!!!

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  • Er
    Erik C Jan 15, 2008

    You're blaming the wrong people. If you purchased this from eBay, then Dell is not liable for your purchase. You need to have the service tag transferred to your name (which you can do on Dell's site). However, since you cannot find the person who it first belonged to (which tells me you got scammed), you might not be able to do this. Caveat emptor.

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2008

    On February 29, 2008 I purchased a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop. I immediately experienced problems with the unit. First of all, the price of the purchase was supposed to be $894.57, but my credit card was charged $922.22. When I called the Dell Customer Service Department, I was never able to get an explanation for the price increase. My second problem was the computer would not turn on and I had to call technical support. On March11, 2008 (Inside 21 days Terms and Conditions of Sale) I spoke with Kria, who was able to resolve the problem. Kria said not call the support line again if any problems arose, and that she will give me a follow-up call in a couple of days. However she never called. I spent approximately two hours trying to resolve the above issues, when really I should not have had to deal with any of this at all.

    Unfortunately, the problems with this computer did not end there. Ever since I first started using the computer, it would frequently shut down in the middle of an operation (i.e. loading a webpage). I tried to resolve the issue with the Dell Technical Support department. I spoke with Amit and Nathan for about an hour on April 3, 2008; then I spoke with Guan on April 9, 2008; on April 16, 2008 I spent 90 minutes with technical support specialist Jacky and her supervisor Mavis. None of their recommendations helped, the computer still experienced problems and I decided it would be best for me return my purchase. On May 9, 2008 I spoke with Harry, Anita and their supervisor Nevetita, who assured me I would be able to get a refund and promised to send me a return label via email. I waited several days for the label to arrive, but it never did. When I called again on May 12th, I spoke with customer service representatives Norman and Michael (Michael claimed to be in charge of the department.) Both of them pretty much told me they had no knowledge of my previous call and that I would not get a refund. One of them mentioned that the time period for the refund had expired. However, when I first presented the issue to Dell the return period was still effective. After lengthy conversations with the two of them, they put me on hold for 20 minutes at which point I was disconnected. Nobody called me back.

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with all of these various issues with Dell support staff. I find this to be extremely unprofessional. I purchased a defective product from Dell company and I took the time trying to resolve the issues with Dell technical support and customer service department. Since this product still does not function properly, I feel that I am entitled to a refund. I still doesnt receive anything.

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  • Valerie Jun 26, 2008

    I purchased my Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop with the wireless router and wireless printer back in March/April. Immediately I had major software compatibility issues between Windows Vista and the wireless printer. In addition to that Windows Vista made the computer screen flash and does other crazy things. I called Dell Customer Service to fix the problem and was on the phone with a very, very, very hard to understand rep for about two hours!! Eventually the problem got fixed by the person taking over control of my computer through the internet.

    Well after the rep "fixed" my printer problem she created a new problem for me. I kept getting error messages recommending me to shut my computer down. Also if I left the computer on and didn’t return to it for more than 45 minutes or so it would apparently "shut" itself down and when I tried to start it again it would come up recommending starting in "safe" mode because it was shut down improperly. Once again I found myself on the phone with tech support for waaaaaaay too long with another person who was seriously hard to understand again!! I got no where with her because she didn’t know what she was doing and sounded like she was reading solutions from a computer screen or something. I couldn’t stay on the phone with her after and hour or so because I had to tend to my two children under the age of 3 yrs old! I called back and finally got so aggravated again because AGAIN the Dell tech support person was so hard to understand that I demanded them to return the system completely.

    They agreed but then called me back to try and convince me to keep the thing. I said only if they send me a new one and take the old one back. I was hoping I just happen to get a "lemon" computer or something. Well the new one arrived and same problems!! printer problems, self shutting down, hours on the phone wasted with tech support who are very hard to understand because they speak very broken English (they are out of India apparently). I had no time to deal with tech support at this point and needed a functioning computer for school and work so I had to pay my techie friend to come and fix it for me. Finally that did the trick and the computer worked. Even the wireless printer worked.

    By then Dell Customer Service called me to check and see how my experience went with their tech support and I unloaded to him all of my on-going problems. I demanded I be credited some money off of my system due to my horrible experience and due to how much time I literally wasted on the phone with Dell tech support. If I am to keep this Dell computer it needs to be worth my while as a customer. The representative said he would get back to me after he got permission from his supervisor for the credit.

    Well this rep went out sick and did not call me back after days passed by!! I left two messages on his VM (which did not say he was out sick by the way) to ask if I would indeed be receiving my credit. In the meantime my first statement arrived for payment on the system and I was NOT going to pay it until I heard back from the rep about my credit. Because if I was not going to be receiving the credit I had told him I may just return the computer for good

    I then called another Dell rep to tell him I had not heard back about my credit after repeatedly leaving messages. He then got in contact with the original rep and finally the original rep called me and told me he was out sick and apologized to me. By this time my payment would have been considered late and he told me "don’t worry" just pay two months when I get my next statement. I said fine. He told me I was granted the credit that I requested.

    Next thing I know and before my next statement came, I get a call from Dell Credit telling me I need to pay my "late" bill!!! What the heck!!! I tell the Dell credit person that I was told not to pay it until next month's statement. She said to avoid a "late" charge I should pay over the phone right now and that they would even waive the pay-by-phone charge for me. WOW. Aren’t they great? At this point I say fine Just to get her out of my hair and I pay by phone.

    Well I receive my next statement to see a "late" charge on there. OMG I scream!!! I call Dell credit and they remove the fee after I tell them the story.

    I receive my next statement and send my payment out on June 6th. It was due June 10th. Enough time to go from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Apparently they did not get it (or did not post it) until June 12th. And there is no grace period apparently. So I get ANOTHER late fee. I promptly call Dell credit to complain and demand that the late fee be removed. They then tell me that they are only allowed to remove one late fee within a 12 month period. I am furious at this point. I explain to the Dell credit rep that the first late fee removal should NOT even be relevant because that was not my fault. Still, the rep refused to remove the fee from my account. At this point I tell the rep I will be paying off my entire Dell account next month minus, of course the ridiculous "late" fee. And that I will NEVER pay that late fee because it is not justified. I explain that I have A-1 credit and have never had such problems with a company in my entire life. I pay all of my bills on time and don’t deserve to be treated this way by Dell credit.

    So now here I am disgusted and appalled with the entire Dell Corporation and ALL of it's departments including; Tech Support, Customer Service and Credit. I will never, ever buy anything from Dell again and will advise all of my friends and relatives to do the same. I will post this on every "complaint" site I can to share my experience with and warn other consumers about Dell’s dysfunctional employee communication and products.

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  • Valerie Jul 01, 2008

    I have had the worst experience with Dell Tech Support. I have had the same problem with my Inspiron D530 since I bought it several weeks ago. I reported the error mssg to Tech Support and they attempted to correct the problem three times. Now they keep promising to call and help me over the phone. They schedule the call and lo and behold no call. I have bought 5 Dells in the past and I can guarantee I will NEVER buy another one. Now I have a $1000 paper weight that I cannot view pics of my children and grandchildren on. Thanks Dell, for missed appointments, missing work, staying up late, and loads of frustration.

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  • Ju
    Judy McBride Jul 07, 2008

    First of all, I have had some very good tech experiences with Dell in the past. Since they moved tech support to India, it has all gone down hill. The representatives are reading from a screen and I have had them tell me to do things that I know are completely wrong.
    One of the biggest problems is that you can't understand them. However, this is easy to solve. Tell them you want to talk to someone who speaks English and they will transfer you to support here in the United States. Many of these folks know what they are doing.
    Hope this helps.

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  • Te
    Teach0001 Jul 19, 2008

    I'll NEVER buy DELL...EVER !!!

    I would not take a DELL computer if someone offered to GIVE it to me !!!
    All DELL knows how to say is 'We Can't.'

    Shipment was NOT on time, for starters. 2 days promised, 6 days delivered. Conversion deadline was missed because of it, with NO compensation on DELL's part. "We CAN'T" they said. They tried to point the finger at the company they hired to ship/represent them-DHL. Then, the wrong operating system was installed on the machine, and there were no correct operating system CDs with the product.

    When asked to simply send the proper CDs, they again replied: "We CAN'T". After over 5 hours of pleading on 3 separate calls, I gave up. On each call an outsourced person (sounded like from India on all of them) repeatedly did NOT want to provide the needed customer service warranted by THEIR OWN ERROR. There was NO INTEREST or concern in correcting their problem.

    They repeatedly told me to send the machine back. I wanted to keep it...I just wanted my software as promised and as paid for.

    When I asked to speak to a manager at least 10 times in succession on 1 call alone, it was denied very smoothly by first agreeing and then putting me on HOLD for over 5 minutes, after which I hung up and retried. Seriously…they have a LOT of managerial complaints if it takes that long for escalation in custome service. Then, we played the same HOLD game/results for management the next 2 times, with longer waits. (This is how they keep from getting bad ratings on their call log, as it probably shows no mgmt involvement, only that the customer hung up.)

    On one call, I asked that they read me the last call entry. It stated that the customer wanted a different operating system than what was shipped and the customer was unwilling to pay for it. CLEARLY an out and out LIE. They either cannot document in English properly, or they do this so as NOT to receive bad marks for poor customer service. 2 of the reps said the CDs would be sent. NO RECORD of this in the calls. Never got CD's 'promised'.

    Yes, the DELL machine was returned. It's like they don't want to sell computers. Strange company.

    I have NEVER experienced so much useless "We CAN'T" drivel from ANY customer support group for anything. Over 5 hours total!!! PITIFUL. Remember, you're paying for a years 'service' included in the price, but you WON'T get any service, just 3d world runaround and empty promises.

    You get NOTHING from DELL. Zero service and less satisfaction.

    BE SMART... DON'T buy a DELL if you EVER feel you will need to talk to a knowlegeable, honest, American based support rep that has been empowered to make true Customer Service decisions.

    I'll be correcting my mistake. I'll NEVER buy DELL...EVER !!!

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  • Valerie Jul 21, 2008

    Dell has been bombarding me with e-mails and I have tried at least seven times to have them stopped. Dell offers an elaborate process by which one's address may be removed from the list. The process requires all sorts of personal information and detail, after which your e-mail address is STILL NEVER removed. This is continuous harrassment and annoyance and DELL DOESN'T CARE ONE BIT. I have written e-mails to several Dell departmens and they never respond. I wouldn't buy a Dell product on a bet. BE CAREFUL TO EVER GIVE THEM YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.

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  • Valerie Aug 05, 2008

    On April 25th 2008 I placed an order with Dell at The order was process and excepted and receipt issued, I received confirmation emails for the order soon afterwards. On May 2nd 2008 I tried to access my account to check on the order status and to schedule a payment to my account only to find that the account had been blocked and my order canceled. I called the toll free # that was given me on the website, it was the verification office, I answered all the Questions they asked correctly and was told that they could not verify the account. When I asked why they wouldn't tell me I asked to talk to a supervisor who then asked me all the same questions and said that they would transfer me to sales so I could reorder the products. After talking to the sales person I found that they were not going to give me the price of the original order but were going to raise the price. I told them I would not except that and was transferred then to another department to reorder and get the discounts I had received with the original order. After going through the order process twice I was told I needed to talk to Financial services before the order was completed. Financial service's tells me that the account has a block on it and that I was going to have to speak to the verification office to verify the account. After telling them that I had been through all that they transfer me to somewhere in Texas where the agent there tells me that he can't help me because there is a block on the account.

    All this took 2 �½ to 3 hours and nobody can tell me anything ... they can't even tell me what I need to do to verify the account. I am now unable to make a payment on line, order or review my account information at all and nobody can tell me why. Nothing on my account has changed since September of 2007. At this time they are going to make money off of me one way or the other, I can't call in and do a check over the phone without paying for the service, if I mail my payment in it will be late and I will be charged a late fee, If I order I loose the sale price on the items I ordered and will have to pay about $200 more. My account has been in good standing since I opened it, I have never missed or had a late payment and now I have no choice but to pay an extra fee or have a late payment and no one can tell me why.

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  • 08
    0886 Aug 25, 2008

    Go to and remove yourself from the mailing list, problem solved.

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  • St
    Steven Sep 09, 2008

    I am going through the same problem. I ordered a laptop on 8/4, needing it before the Labor Day weekend. I had an estimated ship date of 8/21. On 8/19 I found out that the laptop was not going into production and that it was on hold pending verification. I asked what I needed to do to be verified. I was not given any help, beyond "until you receive a verification letter we can not help you." The letter was supposedly sent out on 8/19, but I had ordered the PC and been approved for financing via DFS on 8/4. The line of credit was also attached to my credit report around that time (before I could be verified).

    I spent weeks trying to get someone outside the regular help numbers and finally reached someone via email. Now, almost 3 weeks later, I still have not received the first letter, and now I am waiting on a "second" letter to be verified.

    My advice to anyone, do not use DFS and do not buy Dell.

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  • Da
    Darlene Noble Sep 29, 2008

    July 22 2008 signed up for extended warrenty (3 years) on home computer by Dell and was told that contract would be sent in the mail. Sept. 26 2008 called and was told by two tech. support people that there would be paper contract sent. Transfered to third person and he stated that they didnot send out contracts and that I could view contract via e-mail. I stated that I wanted paper contract in my hands because anything could happen and if for saome reason it was lost I had no proof of contract except deduct from check file due to payment being made with debit card. This person was hard enough to understand since he sounded as if he was of Indian desent and then became rude when I asked for his supervisor or complaint phone number. He stated that he could give me neither because it was against company rules. I then asked for his name again stating that when I found the number I wanted to report his attude he stated he would not give his name again. He stated that this was a global company and that there were no phone numbers that would promise aU.S. number. I know I will never purchase a Dell product again and would tell others to run as fast as they can away from this company. All told I have wasted approx. 4hours on this problem and many many more hours on different problems with this company. A very dissatisfied consumer.

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  • Ek
    ek tan Sep 30, 2008

    My 3 year international maintenance contract expires in Apr 2009. In Apr 2008, my notebook CPU refuses to work. I had to call Australia support number since I am in that country. After many calls they finally attempt to trouble shoot over the telephone and refuses to get me to contact local technicians. Until today, Sep 2008, I have no more calls or update from Dell and I have bought a new better Acer notebook.

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  • Dr
    DR. ALBERT ALBA Oct 08, 2008

    I purchased a laptop from Dell on 1/8/07. I also purchased a warranty against hardware failure until 1/8/11. My battery's useful life indicator shows the battery is losing its charging ability. When I contacted Dell and asked if I could get a replacement battery since the system is relatively new they informed me battery replacement is not covered under the warranty. I then asked if they could sell ne a new battery at a discount since I did purchase the extended warranty and they informed me they would not provide me with any discount. I have purchased many Dell products before and have stood by their company for customer support; however, I will reconsider purchasing a Dell computer in the future based on the above incident. The informed me the cost for a battery replacement would be $299.00. Dell only provides a 1 year warranty for its battery

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  • Gl
    Gliattitd Oct 09, 2008

    I have spent a minimum 7 hours trying to get a Dell support tech to understand my dvd drive needs to be replaced. They have uninstalled many of my software packages - including my old Canon camera software that I no longer have the cd for and Canon doesn't support either... thanks Dell... Anyway, what do they pay those guys? Do they even make a $1 an hour? You would think if you spent 7 hours on the internet and phone with a customer it would be cheaper to just replace the dvd drive... (they're on for $29.99). What are they paying these guys that makes this such a big deal? Dell Support is the most inefficient organization I've ever dealt with. They even tried to sell me a deal where I could talk to an American - I told them I already paid for their extended support, why would I pay more? This isn't a racial issue or anything, I don't care what nationality they guy is, I just need a new dvd drive!!!

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    This all started two days ago when my computer AC adapter crapped out. I called dell to order another on since I tried to order online and was told they were having technical difficulties getting orders to go through electronically. I talked to a woman named Rona or something like that, I couldn't understand her, and she sure as heck didn't know any english which left spanish, I don't speak spanish, however I speak six other languages. I could not find one we both knew.I told her three time I was purchasing an AC adapter for my personal laptop. Another word I don't think she knew, laptop. I hung up with her, this was on tuesday mind you. On wednesday I received my adapter only to find out it is the wrong one. One must wonder about the intelligence of a business when someone gets an adapter for a camera and a laptop computer AC adapter mixed up. So last night 10-8-08 I call dell, this time I talk to Mae, another idiot who doesn't speak english for crap, but she at least knew what a laptop is. I tell her to rush deliver it, well they will rush deliver it but they won't ship it until the 14th of october.Of course it is their mistake, I am a student, I was working on a paper when my AC adapter quit on me. I use my computer for everything, I can't function without my computer. So I am telling the sales rep, Mae about the dilemma here all she says I understand I am a student. I don't think she does, so I am here now explaining to my professors and the entire campus that I am going to fail my test that is due tomorrow all because dell can't hire English speaking emplyees in the American departments of the company. They made a mistake, a 27, 000 dollar mistake, as I am a 4.0 student, my scholarship will not allow anything less. So therefore this test could cost me a 27, 000 dollar scholarship all because of dell. And what Mae have to say about this, "I'm sorry, I understand I am a student too, but it will ship out on the 14th." I am planning on getting a new computer I am planning on spending an ungodly amount on this new computer, guess what company it will not be with now.

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  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    I ordered my Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook on the 1st of September, with the expected estimated arrival date of September 23. Although I wasn�¢??t thrilled with waiting a couple days for the computer to arrive, I agreed, under the impression that it would be delivered within that reasonable time frame. I ordered the laptop for school and work, in addition to moving at the end of November, so this was a time sensitive order. I was notified the 21st of September (the day the laptop was supposed to ship) that the laptop�¢??s shipment date would be postponed to the 21st of October, an entire month. I called Dell customer service and after explaining that I needed the laptop as soon as possible, was told that in efforts to make me happy they would be willing to give me a $25 gift certificate. I was told that the delay was caused by Hurricane Ike and some parts wouldn�¢??t be available until a later time. Upon the 21st of October I was called and told that my laptop would be postponed yet again, for another month and would maybe ship to me on the 21st of November. Of course I will be in the process of moving, if not already moved, by that time. I called Dell, inquiring as to why it was postponed again. I was told that there were unforeseen circumstances. When I pressed as to why exactly, at this time Dell customer service told me they would transfer me, because they could only tell me was that it would be shipped November 21st. I was then hung up on. I called back, asking to speak to a supervisor and told that there was not one available. I asked to be placed on hold until one was. They refused and demanded I call back. I asked if they could call me back when the manager was available, Dell told me no. I told Dell I didn�¢??t mind waiting for a supervisor or a manager. I was told it would take 45 minutes for someone to be available, I told them I didn�¢??t mind. After convincing them to put me on hold, someone was available to speak with me within 5 minutes. The supervisor notified me that the color I had chosen for the laptop (Blossom) was unavailable. I asked why then, was I able to order it. She didn�¢??t have an answer for me. I asked why I wasn�¢??t told that the first time they postponed my order; she didn�¢??t have an answer for me. I requested a discount (because I spent $25 on the blossom design, that now I wouldn�¢??t have) she denied that. I asked for expedited shipping, and was denied. I asked to change the address for my shipment, and was denied. She then promptly tried to transfer me to someone else. I was on hold for twenty minutes before I hung up and called back. I spoke to a man who apparently heard I was calling for information and although I asked to speak directly to a manager, he refused and hung up on me, stating that it was �¢??his right�¢?? to hang up on me if he wanted to. I called back, now highly agitated and spoke to a person who refused any discounts, refused to change my address information and strongly suggested that I cancel my order. Let me make myself clear, Dell has already taken my money, the laptop is paid for. The shipment date would be more than 60 days from the time that I ordered the laptop. The $25 gift certificate was only available online and only available on non-discounted prices, and I had to pay shipping and taxes. Dell, in the end, got more money out of me. I only agreed not to cancel the order and accept the gift certificate as long as the laptop was delivered in October. This was not the case. If Blossom pattern was not available, I should have been notified. I should have been waiting for information and given updates at the last minute. I should not be hung up on. I should not have been given attitude for a mistake that Dell committed. Its rude, inconsiderate and a mark on the company. I only want what I paid for. I will not be suggesting Dell to any friends or family members. I am highly disgusted.

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  • Dr
    DR. ALBERT ALBA Nov 01, 2008

    I was able to locate a Dell original battery for a much lower price than Dell's price from an online comapny that sells computer batteries. How ironic is that? It is interesting that other companies can sell parts cheaper than the company who developed the original part. Therefore, if anyone is looking for a low price on an item, google the item and search for the lowest price.

    Best, Dr. Albert Alba

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  • Al
    alice04 Nov 04, 2008

    cheating us of our money. We payed off our laptop and couple months later they called us and told us that we're accumulating late charge fees. i tried calling all the different numbers to fix it but they have been throwing me in circles and everything i try or they tell me to do leads me in a big circle with a dead end. they wont stop harrasing us all day everyday

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  • Da
    David Zimmerman Nov 12, 2008

    I bought two PCs from DELL with up to a year to pay without finance charges. After approximately six to eight months I tired of recieving billing so I paid the balance IN FULL. Subsequently, while applying for a mortgage, I was told that there was a collections blemish being reported on my credit report (from DELL). After contacting DELL they stated this was in error that my account balance was zero. They said they would take care of it but only reported to the credit bureau the balance was zero, the collections status remains! Repeated calls to DELL were of no avail since they claim they are only responsible for reporting my balance and the rest is left up to me! Great way to treat your customers!

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  • De
    Debbie Nov 13, 2008

    My name is Debbie and I work with a team that assists customers online. I’m located at Dell Headquarters in Texas. I’m sorry to hear you have all have had unsatisfactory experiences with Dell Financial Services. I apologize for the difficulties you have had up to the point. I would like to address any issues or concerns you may have.

    If you would like my assistance please feel free to email me. I am happy to assist in any way I can.

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sargon Nov 19, 2008

    Today I purchased a 1525 Inspiron over the phone with Preston Oler, after the order was placed, I asked Mr. Oler a question in reference to my existing Dell laptop, he stated he would need to speak to a Tech., as he thought he had placed me on hold, I over heard the entire conversation as he called me an idiot as he was speaking to the tech.

    Within the past 9 months or so, I have purchased 2 laptops from Dell and this would have been the 3rd. but as you can see, I had canceled my order from Dell. If I'm called in idiot for buying your products and spending money with your company, then I would be a bigger idiot to continue on shopping with your company.

    I will write to your headquarters about this and I will also go to the media to let people know that Dell company is disrespectful and none worthy of doing business with. As you know, your sales team is the company the drives success. I will also write to the CEO of dell. A copy of this email will also be sent to the CEO and COO of your company to assure that they are aware of what is going on.

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  • Valerie Nov 20, 2008

    Recently I ordered a Dell computer for one of my Belgian customers. Yesterday UPS delivered it to my home and I was excited to find out this new product. Once I opened the box, I saw that all software and documentation was in Dutch. My final customer is French. So I called Dell to find out why they send me a Dutch version. The answer was very simple, as I spoke Dutch on the phone, they decided to send me a pc with Dutch software. This might be very evident in most countries, in Belgium it is not. Almost every PC shop will always ask in what language a configuration needs to be done. The Dell agent did not ask anything and now is unwilling to understand that by acting so, he left out crucial information from the sale.

    When I asked if they could tell me how to change the language of the OS and Office software, the only answer was: You will have to buy a new OS and Office software. By the way: the software would be more expansive than the entire system!!! The Dell account manager now wants to hide his own mistakes and does not deliver any support.

    If you are not a big customer, you are nothing to Dell. Do not buy Dell, unless you can put dell under pressure as the big ones. Service or you lose your next order of 100 pc. With only one or a few sales, dell does not listen and treats their customers as dirt.

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  • Valerie Nov 21, 2008

    Had a accident with our Dell computer. The charge port got broken. we sent it back to Dell to be fixed. We were told that the motherboard was broke and it would cost around $700.00 to fix. We declined the work, because we could buy a new laptop for cheaper than that. So we went and bought a new laptop, had Dell send back the old one. Well we figured it was broke we got a new laptop what would it hurt to tear it apart and look and see if we could fix it. Get it torn apart and the motherboard is still intact.

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  • Ba
    Barb Dec 01, 2008

    In July I was in the market to purchase a computer as I needed it for work purpose, however the issue I was facing was that I needed to have Windows Xp and most new computers had Vista. I was aasured bythe salesman that the PC I was purchasing would have both XP and Windows on it. I Was confused and inquired how the PC coudl have two operating systems in which he expalined the partions to me, but all this would be installed. I confidnely place my order and awaiting for my shipment. After a few days I checked the status online and it stated that my Vista systme was shipped. I contacted the customer services to expalin my situaion, the custoemr services was extremely unhelpful and rude and told me it wasn't possible. After I replied I did not want the system as I had been lied to, they advised that I would have to pay a 15% return fee, the gut continued by stating there is nothing they can do and hung up. I submitted a complaint wih Dell and as it has been 6 months I have not received a response. I will never purpose anything by Dell again.

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2008

    On August 1, 2008, I purchased my Dell Inspirion 1520 laptop online. I had just bought another dell back in March but accidently spilled soup on it. But, I was happy with my Dell (that I bought from Best Buy) and decided to get another Dell. I decided to just have one made custom for my needs and not what you can get pre-made in the store. Anyway, my laptop was supposedly sent to DHL on 8/7/08 and I paid for 2 business day delievery (which is extra) so it was supposed to be here yesterday on 8/11/08. So when it became late in the day yesterday I called DHL to discover that only a "label" was printed up and they had never physically received my laptop.

    So I called Dell, (which I hate doing because 9 times out of 10 when you call the 1-800 number you get connected to someone in India who speaks broken English and who are typically extrememly rude. Since I ordered my laptop, I've spoken to 5 EXTREMELY rude, Indian representatives). So when I got a hold at someone at dell, which is also difficult to do because you have to go through an ANNOYING automated phone system, I was told I had to wait another "24-48 hours" to call back. So I called today and I was told the same thing AND my laptop is STILL at Dell when it says on my account that my laptop was shipped on 8/7/08 which was 5 DAYS AGO! I demanded a refund of my shipment and they keep telling me I have to wait until I receive my laptop, which seems it will never get here. I then said I just want a refund of my entire laptop but they told me I already have a "tracking number" for delievery and they can't do that EVEN THOUGH MY LAPTOP IS STILL IN THEIR POCESSION.

    My advice to any future consumers: DO NOT BUY DELL. THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS WAY TO HORRIBLE AND TOO MUCH OF A HEADACE TO EVEN WORRY ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT. If something goes wrong with your laptop, you are so screwed if you have to call customer service.

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  • Ja
    jaka conde Dec 02, 2008

    Dell does this run around of customers by transefering you from one CSR to the next for about an hour to get you frustrated and so you can give up. NEVER AGAIN, NEVER!!! There are better brands out there.
    They only stay on the phone if the can get you to spend more

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  • Kr
    Kris Dec 10, 2008

    I ordered a dell computer and I had to under go a serious surgery and I am not sure when I can return to work. So I contacted Dell for 5 days finally got a hold of someone and they told me not to refuse the computer. and that under these circumstances should not charge me the 15% restocking fee. When I finally talked to a customer service they said not only would I have to pay the restocking fee but also pay so have it shipped back. If only had refused the package I would not have to pay that back, but worse then that they refused to take the 15% off. It's really nice to know that I'm doing business with a company would really could care less about people and more about the dollar. they even said they would give me a 35.00 discount if I keep the a computer. It's very sad when the dollar means more than anything else. also by the way it was a basic computer no add ons so there was no special things added to the computer just a basic model.

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  • Ta
    Tanya Jan 02, 2009

    Dell is horrible I bought a home pc and after hooking it up it had a virus. They told me that I didn't have a software warranty and if I wanted to send it back that they were going to charge me 200.00 to put it back on the shelf. About the warranty I did get one just not the right one it seems as if they made sure not to mention there were separate warranty's if I would have known that I would have purchased it. I feel that their products are not efficient and their consumer support does not exsist.

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  • Ia
    Ian Jan 15, 2009

    I bought a new Dell at Staples in August 2008. I left on vacation, and used the new Dell for a total of 10 days. It broke, and can not be rebooted. Neither Dell nor Staples wants to give me a refund. After many hours on the phone, the technician who was supposed to come to fix it, didn't show up. I needed to buy a new computer for my small business. I need a refund. Dell is totally unresponsive.

    What to do next?

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  • De
    Denis Jan 16, 2009

    I have fallen into Dell Hell. I recently bought two, expensive, Studio 17 Dell laptops. I have had problems with both but what really makes me furious is the horrific customer service response to my problems. I have probably spent over 50 hours on the phone with Dell and spent a couple of hundred extra dollars with Dell paying for support for the software installed on the computer. I didn't realize that even with the first 90 days Dell does not provide free software support and you can't go back to the software company because the software was bought and installed by Dell.

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  • Ga
    GaryD Jan 20, 2009

    Dell should start hiring people that can actually talk english. I have such a hard time trying to understand some of the Indian service reps., that I just pretend I knew what they were talking about. Having spoken to one customer rep which I believe was a call centre based in Manila Philippines, I was surprised to hear someone that can actually speak English, without a heavy accent so no need to decipher what they were talking about. Aside from some really bad customer service, this is a major problem that some customers complain about, and worth mentioning too is the delays on computer systems.

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  • Mo
    monica Jan 23, 2009

    I was married and we decided to buy us a new Dell desktop (in 2001) and my husband agreed that if we put it in my name due to him having shotty credit and mine being good then he would pay it off. Well when we separated he quit paying the bill AND he got the computer, I eventually got the computer back into my possession but now I had a bill that had not been being paid for months, so trying to keep my credit in good condition b/c I was young and still building it up, I started making monthly payments in an amount of $40, an amount that I could handle at the time, no big deal right? Well then Dell Financial Services sent me a letter stating that the amount that I was paying wasn't enough and they wanted more! I tried to explain that this was all I could pay. Eventually I became so fed up that I quit making payments to them, I know this was wrong on my part but then the HIGH interest rate took me over, they threatened to send it to collection, I made numerous calls telling them I would give them a considerable amount from my tax return to just resolve the debt and make it go away, they refused, so I tried to send them a dispute letter explaining my financial situation as a young woman, also having been basically screwed by an ex, and still no resolve not even a reply. Now it has been many years now, close to 8! I still receive calls on a very regular basis and I owe Dell Financial Services more than the computer could EVER be worth!! and I have NO idea how to fix this debt or my credit. Thanks to dell my credit is now shot! and I am newly married and want so badly to resolve this huge amount. Please help if you have ANY suggestions!

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  • Bo
    Bobbie McHenry Jan 23, 2009

    What a Nightmare! I bought a Dell XPS 710 about a year and a half ago. I've had this computer for 6 months. Had some problems with windows loading, would freeze up or just stay at the window logo, trying to load. Called Dell...or should I say India. After being on the phone for hours upon hours, first of all trying to understand what the heck they are saying to not getting anywhere. To make a long story short, they send me a new harddrive...lost everything I had on the comp. Put the new drive in, now 2 months later...they are sending another harddrive. Whats up with this???? How frustrating. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN. I'm getting this today, installing it, and getting rid of this piece of crap! Never, will I purchase or recommend a Dell to anyone. Stay away from them. They love throwing parts at you hoping to satisfy their customer. Well, I've had enough! Good riddens Dell!!!

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  • Bi
    bill Feb 19, 2009

    I agree 100% with this young lady.All in all DELL has put the sss in scam more than once. I never stops amazing me that we have not filed a class action suit against them for contractual misrepresentation. As a person who falls into that catagory I really don't want to bore anyone with the details but like this young lady I fell into the same situation .The minimum payment will never pay the machine off. I have paid 36 payments and owe the near exact amount as I did when I bought it?? Also a year agou the motherboard went bad due to the keyboard being changed out and the computer is just sitting there with no life at all left in it. I suppose Dell has sucked the life out of anyone who has ever had a "prefered account" .The adjective prefered is modifing Dell's ability to charge you more, not your status with their company.I cannot believe someone has not slammed them with a law suit to stop this.Of course in these days where people steal 50 billion and are not arrested I can understand why my plight is so meaningless to the grand scheme of things. I ask you If YOU READ THIS and you have sent suit papers to Dell drop me a line [email protected] I would LOVE to hear from you...I am signing this as "Bitten but not Forgotten"

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  • Kr
    Kris Feb 24, 2009

    Sent my computer in for repair. When they shipped it back, they shipped it to my old work address, not the address they picked it up from. When I found out that my system was miss shipped, I contacted Dell (1/12/09). I was told that there was nothing this team could do and that I would get a call back in 24 to 48 hours. On Wednesday (1/14/09) I called Dell and talked to a different manager. He said my case had been assigned to the executive team and that I would get a call back and that he would send another request to call me. On Thursday (1/15/09) Shobhit (ID 55196) told me that I will yet again be getting a call back today. The entire time (one full week), the system with all my personal data has been at a different location then mine.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mar 08, 2009

    Numerous complaints about service, multiple calls to support they all begin with a language barrier. Countless blue screen crashes, wireless printer that loses communication on a regular basis. When I originally purchased computers yes I was very foolish and ended up with a laptop with xp and a desktop model with vista. I purchased extended warranties on both machines. I thought I was protecting myself because things do break and electronics's do fail from time to time. But calling India is nothing but a waste of time. I probably called in 10-12 times after hours on the phone all they really want to do is disable a feature instead of properly fixing the problem.

    I wrote a couple of letters to Michael Dell, didn't really expect him to get involved but I was hoping to receive a little better serve. wasn't really the case. Someone still from India claiming to be a senior service technician called during the normal work day which is exactly where I was at ((WORK)). She was told when I would be home no call back, I called to the number she left only made it to her voice mail and no return call, the next day go through the same procedure all over again. This went on for about 2 weeks and I finally got tired of this BS and wrote a letter to the BBB of Austin, Tx. This at least got the technician from India again to call me when I was at home. He walked me through reestablishing communication with the printer which I already knew how to do. Didn't bother addressing all the blue screen crashes. Didn't even try to figure out why the printer would lose communication just wanted off the phone as quickly as possible.And then proceeded to ask me how good a job he was able to do for me. I was not impressed and.still with a language problem.

    Well I've come to this conclusion Dell is nothing but a sales company service does not exists. When you call in to buy you might speak with some from Tx. or Ok. or some other area within the continental US but call for service and you better be able to speak the language of India.

    I have found a computer repair person here locally to fix the problems I was having, they are also helping me to learn how to make some of these repairs myself. This is all done at additional expense to me, baring in mind I paid for an additional 3 years worth of warranty. And as it turns out they are authorized dell repair technicians. But I guess I wasn't a large enough customer to warrant receiving service from someone I could understand but more importantly actually fix the problems I was having. They tried to get repairs covered under warranty. It wasn't authorized so I paid

    So in conclusion I would like to say never again will I consider buying dell. If they end up being the only computer company in the world I will do without. They do nothing except take your money. I am very disappointed in a company that I thought was from the United States, if he's so in love with India that's where Michael Dell should move his company at least then his customers will know who the will be dealing with. I guess we don't have anyone in this country with more than 4 million out of work that could learn how to make some of these repairs. It's too bad I'm still game fully employed because I'm learning to do most of this myself.


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