Del Tacoemployee conduct

C Nov 16, 2019 Review updated:

I visited the del taco at 150 Boulder Highway. I had been on the bus and needed to use the restroom badly plus i am 8 and half months pregnant. I asked if someone could buzz the door, and an employee by name of David working 5:30pm on Saturday November 16th told me i had to purchase something.. Ok i dont have a problem with that i asked if i could make my purchase after i used restroom i was visably having a hard time, David was very rude and i said please im pregnant i cant hold it he said no there is a parking lot outside or an Albertsons. I have never been treated as poorly as this person treated me. I felt like embarrassed because i begged just to be treated like a dog or worse. So i said seriously he said yes.. So i asked if i could get a churro he said bye at first then said ok. This employee handled this situation so poorly, i would have not made a complaint had he said sorry mame its company policy and had some respect for del taco customers. We eat del taco often and i have never ever had any employee from any other del taco act or talk in this manner and in front of other customers. The del taco further down Boulder Highway is great all employees are wonderful and make us feel welcome. I dont care if this employee has been there awhile or is a manager he shouldnt represent del taco like that and degrade the customers. Which is probably worse because i dont see how someone with that attitude made it that far. This is very disappointing and im sure the other customers will tweet or have comments as they were already in awe at what he said and how he handled it. I did make my purchase and still never even got am apology or anything. This im sure will happen again he didnt seem to be in a bad mood, it wasnt to busy, he just wanted to be that person. And im not one to make complaints i am type of person that will just chalk it up and make an excuse like maybe he is having bad day, but that was horrible, he made me feel horrible even after i agreed to follow the company policy. From every del taco we have been to he sure seems to not be a good fit from the quality and consistant service we normally receive and he sure left a strong negative memory. Thank You for your time.

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