Del Taco / Arrogant and stupid staff

Stupid, arrogant staff who treat the visitor with discrimination, I parked my car went to the neighboring Seabra and on leaving would go with my 10 year old daughter to eat there and had my car towed and also scratched my car. I had a child with a leg problem. I will never go to this establishment again, nor will I take my clients back to this establishment. I have been in this country for 13 years and have never had my car squeaked out because I don't park in the wrong place, go shopping at the property and have it squeak my car? what abuse of power ... they still lie to the police that the manager was not on the spot if Jorge from H&A Towing and Recoveru LLC was the one who told me that Manager Vessa was the one who called them. Police commented that they did this because it is a tourist area to take advantage of the tourist. I am not a tourist, I am documented in this country and even if I was a tourist I would eat at the establishment they had no reason to have my car squeaked and scratched. where did you see if you will visit two three four stores in the same parking lot changing your car? only with you? if I had parked for more than 6, 7, 8 hrs ... but it was 17 min. if I was only at Seabra I would have parked in front of them because there was parking space, as I would eat in Del Taco already parked in front. Learn to respect people, tourists or residents are people and deserve respect. And my injury who will solve?

Aug 18, 2019

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