Del Tacogetting hot food for the money you pay ticket #32

J Jan 14, 2020

01/14/2020. We were at store #0825 in Peoria Az . We went thru the drive threw to get 6 tacos two del combo burritos fries and a driink. When we got the tacos they were very stale and cold like they had been made for awhile, no meat no cheese but lots of lettuce, like eating a cold lettuce taco.. our fries were cold as well like they were sitting there for awhile, try to get a fountain drink but the fountain machine was down because of no CO2 giving us lemonade and water down at that.. not giving us much choices to pick from.. We are very disappointed and now question our faith in that store. How can you have a busy night on Taco Tuesday and not have a fountain machine that works and people who isnt trained enough to prepare the food you order and paid for.. We like going there on Tuesday night for the past eight years, but now we are in question if we should due to that fact that wasn't our first incident. We would like a refund of $15.88. You can contact me at [protected] with any questions. Thank you.

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