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Good day,

I purchased a Defy side by side fridge/freezer in 2012.
Last year June 2016, I had a problem with the freezer where it was cold bt not freezing. The fridge was working fine.
I contacted Defy and an agent came to my house.
The agent suggested that the fridge/freezer be taken to Defy workshop to have it fixed. (Ref: 558276)
Defy collected it, fixed it and returned the freezer to me and charged me R1353, 63.

This year September 2017, I have experienced the exact same problem again whereby my freezer is not freezing.
I contacted Defy again.
An agent came to my house and after inspecting the freezer said that my PC board needs to be replaced. I paid him R1500, 00 for service and a new PC board. (Ref: 773561)
A week after he replaced the PC board I contacted Defy again to tell them that my freezer is still not freezing.
An agent came to my house and now says I must change the wires and put sensors in my freezer.
I asked him if I wasted my money to put the new PC board and how much does wires and sensors cost.
He never returned or contacted me again.
I am very upset because I paid a lot of money repairing my freezer.
Defy even took the fridge/freezer to their workshop last year and still couldn't fix the problem permanently.
I feel like I could have bought another freezer for that price I've spent already.
I refuse to spend more money fixing this problem as Defy suppose to fix it the first time.

I'm really disappointed at Defy service as I am a loyal Defy customer.
Most of my appliances I purchase are Defy.

I want Defy to fix my freezer at no additional cost as I'm being inconvenienced over and again without a freezer.

Disappointed customer,
Ms Zainub Mohamed

Defy Appliances / Defy South Africa
Defy Appliances / Defy South Africa

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