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Having place an internet order for collection in store with a 4 day delivery time, having heard nothing, after 3 weeks decided to call in and collect. The store had no information on the order and put me through to debenhams customer service. They had processeed the item and dispatched it to store but it was now "lost in the system". Simple can you re-send it. Not so easy the original order has to be re-funded and a new order placed. Sounds great except the new order is placed at the current price! Which in this case increased the price of the item from £18 to £30 no amount of harranging would make them honour the original price, despite me "loaning" them my money for 3 weeks. I consider this sharp practice and will not be entertaining debenhams products any more.


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      Mar 16, 2012

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me: item was lost in "transit" late last year and they would not simply resend the item. Instead I had to wait to be refunded and then reorder except the item was now back to full price and they would not honour the original price.

    Just last week I have a new incident with my order not being fulfilled and no explanation as to why, and I am looking for the best place to post it for an immediate answer as it was my husband´s birthday present. What I do not understand is why a department store as huge as Debenhams has such terrible customer service. Debenhams, you really need to address this...there are much lesser known companies and shops offering a customer service far superior to yours! I cannot tell you how disappointed and flummoxed I am. Answers please!

    Jane Makepeace

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