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The Danbury Mint is a world leader in the design and development of fine collectibles including christmas ornaments, fine jewelry, coins and sports commemoratives.

Complaints & Reviews

"Lois" purse

I am still waiting to receive my refund on the Lois purse that I returned to you on March 18, 2020 which you received on March 20, 2020. You stated You would credit my MasterCard account upon receipt of the purse. What is the delay?

The FedEX receipt # [protected].

Thank you

Lois Koehler

1280 Cherry Rd NW Apt 314

Massillon Ohio 44647

order for together heart pendant

I ordered this some time ago. Just got back from 2 weeks in Cabo and hoped it would be in the mail as it had not arrived prior to leaving. Alas, no pendant but an invoice. It indicated pendant was shipped 0n 11-22. Don't know where it was shipped but it did not arrive here. Of course I don't want to pay for something I did not receive. But, I would still like the pendant. Please advise as how we resolve this. Thank you!
Norma's birthstone is February. Greg's is January. Our order number was [protected]-001.
Thank's again. Greg West, [protected], 63407 E. Flower Ridge Dr., Tucson, Arizona 85739. [protected].


I placed an order for a pendant for my wife on December 7th and was notified it was shipped on December 9th. The tracking information stated it would be delivered on December 17th by FedEx. was pushed back to the 18th...and the 19th and the 20th. Now...(as it was not delivered) the tracking information says it will be delivered by the USPS, with no specific date provided.

I live in an area serviced by FedEx daily. Had a delivery truck in my neighborhood today. So here's my questions: Is this order coming through an international provider? Why has it been frequently postponed? And why has it now been transferred to the USPS?

I love you pendant

First off, this company states they ship via FedEx. What they do not tell you is that it's Smart Post which takes ten days or more cross country, if ever. Plus they charge enough for shipping it could go Fires Class Mail which would be three days at most. But no, they use the Smart Post (Or stupid post as it really is)

I ordered this pendant on 11/22/19. I received an e-mail on 11/28 stating it had been shipped although it had not been received by FedEx at that time. Several days later the site said it would be shipped in 2 to 3 days. I contacted Danbury and was told that was an error, it had been shipped. Actually, FedEx received the item on 12/5, two weeks after it was ordered and a week after they told me it was shipped. While I followed the shipment daily as it made it's way across the continent, on Dec 12 I received a notice from FedEx that they no longer had a scheduled delivery date. Nice! Here it is December 14 and no pendant. It has traveled all across the country and now the FedEx site states it will be delivered by their Home Delivery instead of the Post Office, yet never has gone out for delivery. I really don't hold out much hope to see this until next week at the best guess. Maybe not ever. And to top this off, the package weighs less than two ounces. Imagine the beating in a FedEx truck and transfers totally across the US. Might not even be suitable as a gift anymore.

I would NEVER order from these people again. Their shipping is atrocious as well as deceitful in stating it will be FedEx. I ship with the major carriers and had I known this was their shipping method, I would never have ordered. Must make them look good to themselves use FedUp stupid post.

Never again.

my daughter “I love you” diamond pendant

I sent a check on 11/05/19 order # [protected] for the My Daughter "I Love You" pendant and was told that I would get confirmation via email that they receive and are shipping.
I called 10 days later no check, 2, 3 and 4 weeks later nothing. I called several times and tell them it must be floating around there facility.
On 11/25/18 The rep tells me to use my credit card now and they will refund me if there is an overpayment and she assured me that I would receive the Pendant BY CHRISTMAS!!
Today I called again to check on the status of the order, since I never received an email, and discover to my dismay that I won't be receiving my order until January 1st or who knows when!! I told her to cancel the order. She calls me back a second later to tell me that she just received the check, coincidence, I think not, says she'll refund the check as well as not charging the credit card, which I'm sure they already happily charged my credit card company. No I have to deal with making sure I'm refunded twice!! Ridiculous!! Not the way to do business!! I've been in Retail Management for 25 years and never seen this happen for a company that is supposed to be reputable!!
This Pendant was to be a Christmas present for my amazing daughter, who puts her life on the line everyday to protect & serve us all!
To wear this Pendant would have been a reminder that she wears my love everyday near and dear to her heart!!
To say that I'm disappointed and very upset
Is an understatement!!
I will contact Yelp and other companies to voice my complaint as well!!
I will no longer use your services, and will tell others to do the same!!

deceptive interactions

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a item that I nor my husband purchase

Hello Danbury mint has charged my husband for a purse that he did not even buy now they are trying to put his name on the bad Dept list for them forcing people to buy products or trying to force people to pay for something they did not even purchase they sent a bill to my husband and there was a space at the bottom so I wrote a note to them telling them that me nor my husband purchased no purse and they owe my husband money and a couple of days after that they send a check in the mail to him for $2 whole dollars do not shop from this company at all at your own risk .

a item that I nor my husband purchase
a item that I nor my husband purchase
a item that I nor my husband purchase

I ordered a gold diamond key pendant

I ordered a gold diamond key pendant as a gift for my fiance, today 9/19/19 I was emailed by Danbury Mint telliong me that my order was out of stock and there will be no charge to my account after they charged me today /9/19/19 for $115 so I emailed them explaining my problem but didn't get a response. How is these people keep getting away with this because from reading the posts it seems like it is a fraudulant company who are stealing people money.

my daughter, I love you to the moon and back, music box

I ordered one of these weeks ago, have never heard anything since, have bought items
many times, if something is back ordered I always get a letter or email stating that.
I've missed her birthday, is it going to come or not? I work during the week 7:30 to 6:00
you keep pretty short customer service hours, and none on the weekend, crazy!

Mark Carmack
619 Thornberry Dr.
Evansville, IN 47710

junk mail

This company has purchased mailing lists from several companies and sends lots of mail!

In my case the purchased list has my son-in-law's father's name as the addressee at my address.

The man does not live here, he is out of state.

I sure am tired of receiving unsolicited mail and phone calls.

Apparently I have not ranted enough to get attention, so I must add some extra words to my complaint.

clasp broke on necklace bought this year for valentine's day.

On January 21, 2019, my husband bought a heart shaped necklace from you. He bought it thru paypal. Reference number 4496. I had it for about two weeks and the clasp broke on it. I cannot wear it like it is so I want to know what can you do for me. Could you repair it for me. It has both of our names on it. It cost $113.96 so it should have lasted longer than it did.
My husband name is Morris Monkus.

12 rose ring

I purchased this ring in January online. However, I wasn't aware by reason of how it was advertised that it was plated gold. Furthermore, the ring has been appraised by an expert...

yearly ornament broken

Every year I buy my daughter the current yearly item, this year it was a German teddy bear. It seemed so appropriate because in college she studied in Germany. So I received it, wrapped it and yesterday (Christmas Day) she opened it and it is broken. The blue seat of the pants has a sizable piece that it broken out. It is in the wrapping. I do not have the order because I have never had a problem in the past. I am sure you have record of my purchase as you shipped it. I would like it replaced?

She loves these ornaments and has them displayed in her family room each Christmas.

Thank you,

Barbara Scheibe

postcard in the mail

We received a postcard in the mail on 11-7-18 addressed to my husband. The postcard has a heart together forever Pendant on it with my husbands name and an EX from over 13 years ago. Seriously...where do you get your information. My husband was not happy about this and I was exactly thrilled either. Get your s$%# together and don't send us anything like this ever again!

charging credit card for a backordered item which was paid previously.

On January 25, 2018 I ordered the roses in a glass sealed container that is to last forever. There was an additional item for half price, sealed spring flowers. I ordered that...

Danbury Mint / MBI — the perfect gift!

I cannot explain how upset I am over two (2) of my personal friends that received a postcard for "the perfect gift" within two days of each other. Both of these women are mourning...

Danbury Mint / MBIendless spam

Don't buy from them if you don't want your inbox was overwhelmed by their junk emails full of spam. Yes, once you order be prepared to be attacked.
But it's not the main problem. It will be hard to cancel your so-called subscription because of course one small purchase doesn't mean an automatical signing up and that you're friends forever.
So I didn't succeed when tried to unsubscribe. All of my emails and calls are left unresponded...

Danbury Mint / MBI — personalized birthstone ring

I received this ring and cannot even confirm if the names are spelled correctly since they can't even be seen with a magnifying glass. What is the point of selling a personalized...


They prey on the elderly. They keep sending my 94-year-old father coins, along with bills for those coins, saying that he has a "subscription." I call, and tell them to discontinue all subscriptions. They assure me that they will, but then the coins keep coming. I also ask them to remove us from the mailing list, which they also say they will do. And yet these crappy mailings keep showing up, multiple times a week. My next call is going to be to an attorney. Stay far away from them. Once someone's name is in their system, it seems there is no getting rid of them.

  • Ge
    Gerald Neeley May 14, 2018

    wish to receive information and postage, boxing wrap

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  • Jo
    Jon Puckey Oct 25, 2018

    I too have just been scammed by them!
    Bought three coins about a month ago for a friend. Now it turns out they have my card details and have just sent me three coins with an invoice saying money will be taken from my account in the next week and more will be on the way with a display chest I am paying for too!

    I never subscribed to any kind of scheme like this, plus surely it is illegal to store peoples card details?
    Have emailed them, will update when I find out more.

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Danbury Mint / MBI — danbury mint I love you always ring

My boyfriend purchased this ring in January hoping for a Valentine's Day gift. The ring was back ordered until May! Fortunately he did get it in March. The ring is very cheap...

Danbury Mint / MBI — ocean swirl personalized ring

601993 I received the ocean swirl ring not even a month ago. Within 1 week the band was dulled and tarnished. Within 2-3 weeks it was chipped and showing a copper or bronze color...

Danbury Mint/MBI, Inc. — marine military ring

I received an offer to purchase a military ring I ordered the Marine military for my boyfriends birthday Dec. 1 2015 well I paid $149 plus tax he showed me the plated gold on the...

guest services

I called on October 24th and spoke with someone in "customer service" who was rude and inconsiderate. My mother passed away on 10/16/16 and I was going through her paperwork & called to verify the amount that she owed on an Eternal Faith Crystal Heart Pendant Set. The woman on the phone asked if I wanted to return the item. I said no, that I didn't have the item, just the paperwork. She then said "well, the invoice you have would have been attached to an envelope that had the pendant in it". I explained that I didn't clean out the house, assured her I didn't have the pendant and that I was just calling to see if any payments had been made and to change the billing address.

She then became sharp in tone and said something to the effect that I couldn't get a refund (which I didn't ask to), if I didn't have the pendant. I then explained that I didn't want a refund, was just needing to verify the amount owed, if the address on her account could be changed to mine, and that I was notifying her of death so that an extension may be put on my mother's account until we got her estate in order to pay bills.

She then said "I'm not accusing you of trying to get something free, ma'am, we don't need to change your address, I can just take your payment by credit card over the phone".

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????????????? This is the worst customer service I have experienced, and rest assured I have made at least 50 phone calls to businesses since my mother passed and this was the ONLY ONE who challenged me in addition to seeming insensitive. Please know that if I had the pendant, I would've much preferred to return it as I will never recommend Danbury Mint ordering to anyone ever again. You may need to invest in some sort of sensitivity training with your guest service team.

Danbury Mint/MBI, Inc. — return process

In this day and age I don't understand why it takes almost a month to get a full refund from this co. It takes them over two weeks just to receive their product back. They sure take the money quick enough.


Do not purchase anything from this Company. I waited 2 months for my 2 pennies I purchased for $9.95. A month later I was charged $32.90 for a buffalo nickel set they said I...

shoddy goods

I sent for a Border Collie Heart Pendant which was said to be 'crystal'. First of all, the chain they sent with it was thin and flimsy and did not support the weight of...

Danbury Mint / Armed Forces Rings — never served in any of the armed forces

I don't know where these people get their information. I was mailed a flyer that I earned the right as a group of elite people by serving in the armed forces, and could buy a...

false pruchase and billing

Two months of aggravation with Danbury Mint.
I purchased Buffalo nickel set on line for $9.95 with credit card.
Item was delivered and billed properly. Then we were billed for a quarter item for $32.90 we did not purchase. Charge wqs disputed and resolved.
They say it is part of a continuing order which I did not place.
Then they shipped the second item. Disputed and they are supposed to send a return label. Next they billed me for $9.95 for the first item using a different company name so the charge would navigate the system. Disputed and supposedly resolved! Teleconference with Credit Card company and Danbury Mint they agreed to take my name and other info off their list at Danbury Mint.
I called the credit card company back and cancelled the card.
They are sending me a new card with new numbers.
Now I must change a dozen on line accounts. So far this will cost me at least 6 hours of wasted time.

  • St
    stephen eye Dec 22, 2013

    I got a betty boop ornament free all i had to do was pay shipping and handling of $2.95. so i paid it using my debit card. they took it out for that. on 12/9/13 . I dint order anything else and their trying to take out 2 payments of $18.90 on the same day 12/22/13 at my bank. out of my account. thankyou stephen l eye

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the rep sent me some useless email and no idea where they found my personal info

I have no idea what measures to take now, ‘coz I got the fake email from the company Danbury Mint. I divorced couple of years ago, but my ex-wife and I, we have never used their services. I have no idea where they found our info. I sent them emails and asked what the hell they wanted from me, but they ignored all my emails. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

  • Li
    Lili Mart'nez Jan 06, 2016

    Yeah my grandmother received an mail from them with my dead grand dad's on it. He is dead since 27 years. And she never ordered from them before...

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bad seller indeed

I ordered some stuff from the company Danbury Mint, but be careful with them and better avoid them. I received completely opposite things, which I didn’t order. After several months they promised to deliver me the correct order, but they didn’t. Also within 4 months they charged me for $20 per month instead of $5.99. Please leave comments about this seller, because people should be aware when they buy from such dishonest seller.

on 07/20/10 the company of "fine" collectibles charged my debit card for a buy I made in 2008

On 07/20/10 the company of "fine" collectibles charged my debit card for a buy I made in 2008!! It was fully paid for in 2008. This was not a small charge, either. I called them everyday except sunday (They aren't open on sunday) and wrote them daily about this dumb mistake on their part. They were rude and unprofessional to me. On 7/20/10 I was told I would get an "immediate" refund. Ha!! It has been over a week and no refund has shown up at my bank/card. I contacted my bank about this after danbury mint customer "service" rep told me the problem was with me and my bank! So my bank and I filed notarized affidavit of unauthorized debit card transaction with visa. I informed danbury rips about this and they said "well, we are just going to charge you twice!". Ha! I have all their emails to me admitting they made a mistake and I record all my phone calls and have 2 of the csrs saying they made a mistake. So let them try anything. I want to go after them.

charged my credit card two years after I paid for item

On 07/20/10 this company of "fine" collectibles charged my debit card for a purchase I made in 2008!! It was fully paid for in 2008. This was not a little charge, either. I called...