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I purchased a ring from you which was paid with PayPal, and to this date 2/16/2020 I have not received anything
Unit price
Jeulia Three Tone Round Cut Sterling Silver Women's Band
$109.00 USD
$109.00 USD
-$5.45 USD
-$5.45 USD
Shipping Fee
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
$103.55 USD
$103.55 USD
$103.55 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *JEULIA.COM"
Payment sent to [protected]
Payment sent from [protected]

took my payment but didn't deliver product

Hello on the 21st of jan I ordered a bracelet for 99.00 dollars. I paid for it with my paypal account. You received paypent but there is no history of me placeing an order I did not receive a confirmation email or any type of communication. So I have nothing and you have my 99.00 dollars my name is steve neff and my email is [protected] this is supposed to be a valentine gift so I am in a bit of a hurry. Thanks steve

customer service & lack of correct truthful shipping information

Placed order May 12th, 2019 - ORDER #[protected]. Tried to apply M10 discount when ordering - didn't work & told them via text message. Advised credit would be posted by Carrie. Price of item should be $101.74 NOT $113.05. Requested credit $11.31 be applied BACK to credit card.

Was advised that the order to be shipped within 24 hrs. & arrive in 3 working days from California warehouse.

Texted today to locate shipment & was asked THREE times for same info. Order # & email address - THREE Times! Then I am told that shipping is now 7-12 working days! Have requested to cancel the order as there is no shipping information - which means it has NOT SHIPPED!

We want all the funds charged CREDITED back to the credit card immediately.

We are contacting our credit card company and telling them of the fraudulent scam you are attempting &running!

NOT a good Customer Service event!!! Hoping that this doesn't become a Problem and another complaint that adds to your SCAM review. Wish I had read them before I placed this order. Very Unhappy!

round australia stone ring with 2 silver bands and the middle band holding stone is gold.

I was cleaning my microwave oven with window cleaner called Windex. I sprayed the paper towel with the Windex and cleaned my microwave. After that I just rinsed my hands off with clean water. Nothing else. I went to the bank and looked at my ring and notice that my ring was gold on one side and silver on the other. What is the problem with this ring ? If I have to keep taken this ring off for everything I do. Then what is the since for me wearing it and showing it off ? I live my ring but there has to be a problem with the metal for this to continue to happen.

round australia stone ring with 2 silver bands and the middle band holding stone is gold.

  • Updated by Claudia Swaney · Apr 19, 2019

    I have no idea what is going on with this ring I bought from Jeulia Jewelry. Every time I do something simple. It changes color. Turns from gold to silver. I was cleaning my microwave with Windex that I sprayed on a paper towel. I washed my hands with clean warm water. Found out if you use soap it will turn color. So I don't do that anymore. If I have to tame this ring off for simple things in my house . Why even wear it? Waist of money. I love showing off my ring. If someone sees it now. They would think I got it from Wal-Mart.

ring ordered

I ordered a ring from this company . Next day I tried to cancel it .
First first they asked why and if I wanted something else.
Then they offered me 10% then 20% off in store credit only to keep it .
Then I said I would keep it .
Then they told me they have already refunded me to check my bank in 3-5 days.
Then I got an email saying they didnt cancel it and that I could get an actual refund if the 20% off instead of store credit .
I declined and said I wanted a refund .
They refused.
When I said I am contacting my bank they shipped the ring and said no refunds only store credit no matter what .

If you want to be able to return something don't order online from this company .
They will not allow it .
I have all the correspondence to prove all of this .
It's crazy.

ring exchange

I purchased a ring & didn't like it. I asked to exchange & received confirmation via email. I mailed the ring back only to get the same ring back. I have tried to resolve by phone & email numerous times. I get nothing but the run around & lies. When I call their phone line I can barely understand "Sarah". She says the new ring is no longer available, but it's advertised on their website. Then "Darah said I can't make another exchange! 😡😡😡

product return

This company is a complete scam.
First off, they sell very poorly made jewelry.
Secondly, they will try everything in there power to deter customers from returning items.
And finally, they will never give you your money back, even though they use terms such as; "return for a refund"

Translated, you will get a store credit, which they will then tell you, cannot be put back on your credit card.

After which, your only recourse, will be to file a dispute with your credit card company to get your money back.

And so to everyone out there, thinking of buying affordable jewelry online from this company - do you yourself a favor and move on from this scam company.

company’s refusal to refund purchase in cash

Buyer beware... You will lose money. This is the biggest scam I have encountered. Looking back there were many irregularities I should have paid more attention to. I purchased a ring on 11/20/18 for $ 110.00. I attempted the return process on the same day I received it which was 12/8/18 because I knew immediately I did not like it. I followed instructions to the letter after attempting to reach a live person through 5 emails with only automated responses. I knew all my communication was with a computer. I finally "chatted" with someone in china who gave me return authorization. I mailed the ring back certified mail on 12/24/18. On 12/29 I received notification from usps that the ring could not be delivered because " no access to delivery location. Redelivered and accepted on 1/2/19. Despite numerous repeated attempts on my part to get a refund vs store credit since I never spoke to a person (only automated email responses) I knew if I did not take store credit I would have nothing to show for $110 spent knowing they simply refused to refund my cash. I got 2 pair of $50 earrings hardly worth $5. I don't know how these people are still in business but they are. Save yourself the trouble and shop elsewhere.

return policy

Purchased a ring was too small tried to comply with their return policy no live person to speak with doing computer uploads with no response from company the item came with a warranty which was useless without help from customer support the ring eventually started tarnishing and changing colors thank God I was only out of $140 will never buy from this company again.

  • Be
    Betty Dekanchuk Mar 22, 2019

    Jeulia Jewelery is a fraud. Order a ring from them in January, 2019. When it arrived it looked like something from a dollar store. Took 2 weeks to get a return address to send it back for a refund. They received it within the 30 days (tracking). Called on March 21, 2019 asking about my refund. E mail sent today giving me store credit. Was to get money returned to my card.

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ring return

ordered a ring.did not like it.contacted juelia to return it.did get a reply that i could exchange for another ring.Never told me where to send it to, so i sent it back to the address on the package it came in.I ordered another as they asked.They were quick to charge me for the second ring but i have heard nothing about the returned ring.I have tryed several times to contact them.Now I have two charges for 240.00 dollars total.Shame on you this is not how you should run your company.Would really like my 119.00 returned.

customer service

I have been trying to receive an rma number to return my ring. I am not experiencing the "hassel" free policy. Not only have I been emailing a minimum of 11 times I have sent pictures as per request... I am still waiting on an rma number. Tried calling the hot line and the message kept looping around with no one picking up the hold line. Not a company I would ever deal with again nor recommend.
Order # [protected]

return of ring

I purchased a ring and for four days now trying to return it. It does not allow me to get to my account, I called. Was told to take a picture and did and email it. Still no response. They are a RIPOFF and I will trash their name every chance I get to make sure this will cost them not more than me in sales.
When you call it sounds like overseas and when I asked for a supervisor or manager wash told that there wasn't any.

  • Je
    Jewels Slab Jan 05, 2019

    These people are evil and thieves. I am having the same problems as all of you...added merchandise I did not authorize, won't return my money, won't contact me. Don't ever order anything from them

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unauthorized order

I tried to place an order and I wanted to go back to make sure it was correct . But it would not let me. So I tried to forward key and It was the wrong key. I have had nothing but problems with this company. After reading all the other complaints I think I have mad a bad move. Maybe we should all gettogether and shut this Jeulia down. They have charged my credit card and before I could stop it the credit card processed it. So now I have a duplicate order and two other rings added to it that I did not authorize. The amount is way over what I can afford. They never sent me a final cost and what the shipping cost was. No confirmation or no final invoice. If they did I would of tried to fix the invoice asap.. So now they said I can get a store credit for only half of the amount. This is not acceptable …….I want the full amount I paid. Oh and I have not received any product. So I would recommend this co. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau and letting them know they are not very reputable.

  • Tl
    T Lyons Jan 12, 2019

    I would NOT recommend this Co. for anything. Does not answer all my e-mail, questions, and credit refund to my credit card. Customer service does not respond. I was charged $309. for a product I NEVER RECEIVED. Now do you think that is good business. Do NOT give them any business. Check the BBB rating.

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extra charges that were applied after I was transferred to paypal

I have just purchased 2 rings for this store, I used a code to receive 15% off. I should have received free...

never received wedding band from bridal set they claimed they sent both rings

😠😠😠They send you half your order and then claim they sent both rimgs. They sent Engagement Ring and NOT the Wedding Band😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Customer service told me they had to do "an investigation" they got back to me today through email and told me they checked there "backends" and that they sent both rings and to "please recheck my package". For what the 20th time? Definitely, not there!!!

ring/returned but refused refund

I purchased a ring from the company which took several weeks to receive. Immediately upon receipt I realized...

shipping/customer service

I emailed customer service about an ordered placed. I submitted a screenshot showing the order was suppose to go out within 24 hours. When I contacted, it was FIVE days later and still not been shipped. I advised if they were not going to ship it out and over night it, to CANCEL.

They ignored the request. Told me they had up to 7 days to ship, regardless of what was advertised at the time of ordering or what was sent out via email stating processing time for specific product ordered.

I advised again to CANCEL the order, which they refused. And sent it out standard... to be delivered the same day a hurricane is suppose to hit land .

This company customer service is absurd, they are full of false advertisement, and fall under a fraud company (dishonest to lure in sales)

milgrain marquise cut sterling silver ring set

I had put in my order five days ago, on a Saturday, paid $20 for 3-day shipping and now it is Wednesday and...

rose gold ring

You guys are crooks after a month your "jewels" fell off my ring and the paint started to come off.. I mailed...

Jeulia Store


I purchased a ring from Jeulia but wife did NOT like the feel on her finger and asked me to return it. I...

engagement ring

My fiancé ordered me a beautiful black skull engagement ring. It was gorgeous and I loved it so much. I wore it every day as one does when they are engaged. After two months of reading, knitting, sleeping, and working at an accounting job (in other words doing nothing that should damage the ring) all the black had chipped off. I was very displeased with the quality and arranged for an exchange. I followed their return instructions to the letter. Now they have my ring and they are refusing to send my original ring or a new ring back. Even if we offer to pay for the shipping. I am devastated and so very hurt by this.

glossy stones, cheap material. poor customer service.

Material was not gold or silver and tarnished before the item was worn. Stones were cloudy. Received wrong...


Hi I'm not complaining you sent me the site so I can send my ring back to you to get it fixed but I can't find it . So could you please send it to me.. Thank you Marlene Rubenbauer. Here the reference Number.2449215A1JHTF7SN5.You ok it for me to send it back. I sent pictures to you of the 2 missing sapphires. I love the ring and I have to rings from you so please get back to me ..thanks

jewelry is cheap! will not honor 30-day return!

This company posts fraudulent statements on its website. It proclaims a 30-day return and even "easy returns, " but that is the farthest from the truth. I purchased two bands and a statement ring. I want to return all of them. First, you have to deal with a instant messaging chat system. Then you have to email photos. Then you are promised an email for returns and returns instructions. NOTHING IS SENT. I called after waiting several days and was told that 1/2 sizes cant be returned and that instructions would be sent for the whole sizes. Still have nothing. Been two days. I'm convinced I was sold plastic stones (despite being held out as white sapphire) and fake metal. Cheap! Scam company. I got scammed. Must be off shore. Worst company ever. Someone needs to shut it down to protect the public.

unfair billing and no course of action taken

I purchased 1 ring, I got the wrong size due to my error which I paid ten dollars to ship back. In the mean...


Don't buy from these people. It's a scam!. They refuse to refund and demand more money to exchange when product doesn't fit. The emails I got from them are comedy gold making demand that I pay more to exchange for same style but next size up. I refused and said I wanted to return and "Amanda" told me I should just pay the additional money or lose what I already paid.

After that I filed a dispute with PayPal and thank goodness I was able to get my money back but only after lots of drama. Save your money as their product is garbage and they have horrible customer service. The state of California should shut them down!

  • Ph
    Philips1 Aug 28, 2018

    My husband ordered a ring 3 weeks . We still haven't received it yet. The money was taken from PayPal immediately. We don't have a tracking number. So, what How long is the waiting game!!!

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a ring that doesn't fit and I can't return it for an exchange.

I bought my husband a ring (Titanium Steel Men's wedding ring) on the 30/12/2017 order number (#[protected]). I paid the grand total of $88.71 including the shipping cost. When my order arrived here in South Africa i was then told that i have to pay R341.00 at DHL to deliver my package which I didn't understand as I've already paid for the shipment to get to me. So I received my package a week later, to only find out that the ring doesn't fit my husband. I contacted Jeulia customer service and someone by the Name of Emily told me to buy another ring for $45, so now I responded asking what should I do with the small ring that I bought and someone by the name of Zoe responded on the 24/01/2018 to say that I must please just pay $45. I feel that this is very unfair as I only have one husband and I need just one ring, what am I supposed to do with that small ring???? They said that shipping back the ring is going to be costly for me. Can someone please come up with a better solution please because I do not want another ring I just want to exchange with the correct size please. Now my other worry is that they say that we must return the good within 30 day and now I'm running out of time by being send from pillar to post, I don't have money to buy another ring i want to exchange with the correct size period.

poor customer service

I received a ring as a Christmas present 2017. Not even 3 weeks into wearing it I developed a nasty cluster...


not receiving merchandise

I ordered a ring and the next day changed my mind and cancelled. They said the ring was already sent. I have...

christmas present gone wrong

The ring I got for Christmas was pretty but too big. Although they boast about "easy returns", this is not the case. Their crazy rule is that half-sized rings are not refundable. Funny this was never mentioned when ordering a half-sized ring. So, I am stuck with a ring that does not fit - they are trying to get shipping waived so I can at least get an exchange, but this is not really acceptable.

Do NOT buy from this company. Online companies are held to a higher standard when a customer is buying jewelry - it is impossible to know if it will fit or be liked. You should always be able to return something, regardless of your reason or the size.

wedding rings

My husband brought my wedding rings from them and they turned Cooper. They would not replace them because they said my warranty was up. They policy has changed to one year for warranty. So I'm just out of rings now. Offered me a 10% discount off another purchase after giving me the run around about replacing the rings for over a month. Will never ever speak a kind word about my experience with them. If these were anything other than my wedding rings I would be more understanding but those rings are supposed to be forever.

wedding rings
wedding rings
wedding rings
wedding rings

fake ring paypal escalation customized if you want your money back

Disputed Amount:
$69.28 USD (It isn't over $100 because it was on sale at the time of purchase)
Buyer reason(s):
Item not as specified
After careful review, we have determined that you are eligible for a refund. To qualify for this refund, please ship the items whose claims were granted back to the seller in their original condition and keep your tracking information. You are responsible for shipping and handling costs.

Please mail to:
Recipient: EL GCSS 85 (Attn Susan)
Tel: [protected],
18551 Arenth Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States

I know some of you have been getting weird return addresses by this company, this is a completely different address than ones I've seen on this website.

They need to be shutdown, I disputed because I found the same ring they sold me for $2USD on and they refused to give me a refund since I had a custom engraving on the inside! I escalated it to a Paypal dispute and they did their investigation and set me up for a refund, so as long as I gave them back the product in original condition.

fake ring paypal escalation customized if you want your money back
fake ring paypal escalation customized if you want your money back
fake ring paypal escalation customized if you want your money back
fake ring paypal escalation customized if you want your money back

unhappy with purchase of ring

There was an ad on Facebook from Jeulia for jewelry. I thought it look just like diamonds and cheaper so ordered a ring that gives the option to have other sizes over whole sizes. Come to find out that when i received it, it was not what it look like on the website. So I wanted to return it but was told because it is not a whole size that they will not refund me.

I will never purchase from them again or recommend them to anyone.


Over one year ago I bought my wife a ring for Mother's Day. It was late arriving and when it did get there it had stones missing. I emailed for return authorization 7 times and couldn't get a return address. The only address was from it's origin. After many attempts to get it fixed including them telling me to take it to a local shop and they would pay part of the repairs I finally sent it back to China were it was shipped from. Spent over $100 to return it. They still after 18 months haven't fixed it or refunded it. They are nothing more than international thieves. Do not trust. Have proof of return shipment.


Easy returns...phooey! I received a lab created sapphire and diamond ring...stones were of turquoise color no...

not authentic fake rings

My fiancee found the same exact ring on, and they do not sell you authentic rings. I have bought a Men's Titanium ring with a ton of black stones in it and has the EXACT same thing, even the images were the same of the ring with several other choices of the same kind in different colors. I cannot believe I paid $69+ for a $2 ring. I'd beware before ordering from them and suggest doing a Google images search of what you're looking at before you purchase you will most likely find the same thing way cheaper. Don't let them play you for a fool and buy into their fake rings. -
Jeulia -

  • Vi
    ViCiOuS V Dec 11, 2017

    To further add since I do not know how to edit the post.

    Here are several websites that Jeulia uses to buy their product off of to sell it to you at a much higher price.
    They need to be shutdown ASAP!!!

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not what they say it is

I ordered a 3 piece set of GOLD wedding rings and I've gotten something that looks like copper. Actually...

bridal ring set

Jeulia's rings are advertised to be Sterling silver but it's just cheap silver plated metal. Nickel, I'm guessing, based on the itchy, swollen rash on my finger. I don't recommend this dull, crappy costume jewelry to anyone. It's overpriced for what you get. I took it in to a jeweler to verify the quality and verified that it's plated. Buyer beware!

bridal ring set

horrible quality and customer service

I ordered a ring which was unique and looked really nice on the website. I was excited to get it but when it came, it looked like something out of a gumball machine! I called on could only get a recording never a live person. So I did a online chat with them and they would not honor my request for a return and only an exchange. Very poor customer service!

ring ordered for 30th birthday

I want to arrange a refund & return my husband paid over £100 for a ring which is worth 20USD I know this as it was declared at customs .. the ring is not as described have tried to contact jeulia with no avail. If need be I will go down the legal route as this is a Mis selling and quite frankly daylight robbery!
I'm disgusted that we have been charged for a ring that is worth not even a quarter of the price the company is meant to be American but it was actually shipped from China it seems to be completely dodgy and illegal!