Damelin Correspondence College [DCC]no response from dcc

Good Day,

My student number is 439862.
My contact number is [protected].

I am registered for a diploma in tax law. I submitted my assignments in July 2019 and to date have had no response and they have also not been loaded onto my student profile.

I have spoken to Dezlyn at your call centre but she does not come back to me. I have emailed her on numerous occassions and she just does not bother to come back to me.

Subsequently I have also registered for exams and exactly the same. No response, no feedback and nothing on my profile.

So do I write exams or not??

Speaking to the student call centre yields no results.
Emailing yields no results.

What am I suppose to do??? This is a R30, 000 course and I just dont know where i stand.

Yet Damelin debit my account for student fees without any clitches!!

Can someone please assist this is now beyond funny!

Oct 08, 2019

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