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Complaints & Reviews

not delivering just after money

I registered for a risk management course with Damelin last year, for me to find or receive the study material it took +/- 3 months, that I even wrote some of my assignment without Books. I then completed all my assignments, after that I struggled to get my results, they said nothing and I had to phone them to enquire. Now I completed all and passed on April, I phoned them they say my certificate is not ready and that I must wait for 8 weeks before I can receive it. These people are only after money and they run their college like a spaza shop. For me it was not the first time but I thought they changed but still, they are the worst. Brutus


Hi. I would like to know who I can complain to about the teachers at damelin. I don't understand how people can be content with learning from people who work at damelin because they don't have jobs other places. The lecturers are not trained teachers. They studied what they teach at damelin. I understand that that could sound like a good idea but its not. They have no skills to teach students. And besides that, they are arrogant and they lose our assignments which means me fail at h d of It. Please help. Thank you

non-existent service

I enriolled my son at damelin (part of intec) and paid my deposits on 19 february 2010. He only received his study material in december 2010!!! I have never experienced such appalling service! When you contact them you have to use a student counsellor help-line, which takes ages to get through, can only help with the most basic questions and keep on making empty promises. I heard "all the material will be there next week thursday" for a year from various student counsellors without it actually happenning once! They send you the answer sheets to problems in the study guide, without sending the actual study guide itself. I eventually managed to speak to management (you really have to make a fuss before they give you another number to call) with even less response! I even tried to stop my monthly payments to them around july or so to get some joy. The accounts department quickly phoned to demand payment but when I said I will only pay once we receive the material, it was just left there again. Take my advice if you consider studying through damelin / intec, choose anyone else. You will not get any service and they will frustrate you and waste your time.

  • Wo
    wonder lubisi May 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I enrolled at damelin in march 2010 I paid my school fees R12680 cash
    still haven't received books I called them requesting my refund they told me to write a cancelling later and I did what I was told but still no reply from them i called the cancelling department no answer my student no; 34011122833

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expiry date bad service

I have been sending emails from several email addresses to address my problem, so far no one waked up or response whatsoever regarding the expiry date of my course. Damelin were late with two of my books for the last assignment. I had trouble finishing the last assignment. I contacted Damelin since 16 Feb 2011. After several emails, phone calls etc. They have told my husband telephonically that my course have expired 19th March 2011. Never did I receive it black on white they have delayed their response in assisting me with my query since 19 Feb 2011. I have received a short answer which by the way did not make anything clear to me after their so called expiry dat on 29 March 2011!!! NOT ONCE DID THEY MENTION TO ME YOUR COURSE WILL EXPIRE WITHIN — DAYS!!! I need them to give me a date to extend the last assignment for me to finish and receive my certificate ASAP!!! Never in my life will I enrol at Damelin again, your service stinks!!! Please help me. Y. Pansegrouw - email [protected]@agrimail.co.za

still in the dark

I have gadly paid my school fees on the 2 february 2011 r130000 cash looking forward to my duties with this institution oh but what a nightmare I have had!!! Can anyone believe that I have not received a student number or study material to date, nor have I received any sort of communication on what is happening!!! Is this because 'thank you tumelo for your money, you now on your own bye!' attitude? Was informed that systems are down after I had to call one of the consultants personal cellphone!!! I would really love to know from damelin how they expect me to prepare for exams yet alone trust them with anything??? Add to my frustrations I called [protected] spoke to kgomotso who transferred me to dolla who said I need to talk to portia or slyvia I was then answered by a rude lady that informed that they don't talk to clients students... But she said she's transferring me anyway oh to my suprise I was transferred to a answering machine that said : ' please call within working hours' what the??? I have had it with damelin... Wonder if there's anyone there that knows what they are doing - at this rate, give me a refund and i'll find myself a professional institution!!!

  • Al
    allhelp Oct 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi everyone, I know a friend whose child is experiencing the same problem. Were your problems resolved and if so, what steps would you advise them to take. Thank you

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  • Ma
    MarleneG33 Sep 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been waiting for my Diploma since 2001. I paid R13 000 and attended a one year course. It was a Diploma in Business Studies. I got for distinctions but never received my Diploma. I had to waitress every night to pay for this and it was for nothing.
    Every time I called they said they would check their archives and get
    back to me but never have. Very dus

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outstanding study material

Good Morning

I would just like to find out where / whom I can contact regards to study material that I still did not receive from the above mentioned college.

I have registered with the above mentioned college in July 2008, and paid the full amount for this course at registration.
I have written my first exams in May 2010 and Nov 2010, I still need to write two more exams, the next one is now in May 2011, BUT
I can't write this exam because after a year of asking and pleading from Damelin for the study material still outstanding no reponse or reaction from them.

The last time I tried to get these books out of them was two week ago once more they asked me for the details, wich I faxed trough to them a week after that I asked them
if these books were send out, they confirmed it was send out, I can phone again at a later stage for the tracking number, once again when I phone for the
tracking number I was told there were no more stock for the books needed, NOW I would like to know how can you confirm the one week its done and the next it is not.

Thank you

STUDENTNR: [protected]

  • Th
    Thembhani Khosa Aug 16, 2011

    Hi. i have been registered for more than a year now and still no single study material has been sent through. i did all sorts of communication with the college but no feedback obtained. i stopped my debit order several times because the money is deducted every month but no one is interested to assist. i always need to run around to borrow the study material while paying.

    it is definitely the last time i correspond with this college as its customer service is useless. this is a day robbery.

    student number: 34011154063 email: [email protected]

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I am very disappointed with everything regarding damelin.
At first, things seemed fine after receiving my books.

Then, nothing. My student card arrived blank...
No schedule, nothing. Haven't received any invites to any exams, and it is already 8 months since registration.
Haven't heard anything from them and they are avoiding my calls.

After that, on my side, I am dealing with a long term situation which prevents me to continue with the course I applied for.
I have applied for cancellation and supplied every document they requested from me.

Only to find out they are now deducting my fees off twice in one month.
They don't seem to hesitate to take our money, yet they can not give us our money worth.

I've tried phoning for the last week, only to be put through someone who can't even hear me. Apparently, there is a problem with their lines.

No-one is getting back to me.
This has been a total waste of my money and time.
Damelin makes promises they can not keep.

  • Mi
    Mienie91 Sep 10, 2018

    I have stopped payment to you guys due to not receiving my study materials yet you guys go and list me on itc when you the ones that wants me to pay for something that when you do not bring yourside would you pay for something when you not getting what you pay for very unlikely

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  • Yo
    Yowler Nov 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please tell me why are we then doing all these assignments if they don't even count for our year mark?why are they not compailing with the law?I am hurt with the fact that we work hard on them and yet they are useless. I have never in my life head this to me this doesn't make sense

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I enrolled last year and still no study material

I have enrolled with this organization for year now. Last year in May I received my study material but two books were missing. It was noted on the delivery note that I will receive the rest of the books shortly. I have not received my books to date. I have followed up a number of times telephonically and via email. All I get is promises, one after another but ultimately nothing gets done.

I really want nothing do with this pathetic institution. All I want is my money back for the course, exams and past papers. I also want any future debits to stop with immediate effect.

I have noticed that they respond to all complaints with a template answer. I do not need one of those. The next time I hear from them it should be about when I am getting my money back as I will need it to enroll at another reputable institution to get my career off track after a year of complete waste.

  • Jo
    John Skhosana Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have registered last year the fisrt of february and now my course ends on september and even today I don't have any study material
    John Skhosana

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write in 4 weeks and no text book has arrived

I registered with Damelin Correspondence College in December 2009, with the promise that I would start receiving my study material 6 weeks from date of registration. I received some of my units end of January, then after calling them waiting on the line for 15min with student support at the end of Febuary. I was told my economics book is on back order, great, After I sent emails to student support. They don't reply to students emails. (so much for the support). I called waiting for 15min before I get any help. the advisor tells you that there is a printing problem so no study units can be dispatch, and that the text books are on backorder. after once again another email was sent to student support surprise surprise, no reply. On the 19th of April, I demanded my textbooks. they said I will have both by Friday 23rd. only received my economics one. I would like my management practice one. cannot study that subject with out it, and I write on the 25th of may. this is horrible service from an education institution, who doesn't care about the students. My worry will this be the problem again from May as I write again in october 3 more subjects. all I ask if for my textbooks I pay for!!!

  • Ro

    I applied for a Book keeping course in East London, the lady that has been helping me and sending me feedback is Caren. She is very helpful and is always updating me. I was very scared at first by joining Damelin College with all the negative comments I saw. But so far I havent had any problems only excellent service. Thank you Caren

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still waiting for refund

Damelin was supposed to refund me of my exam fee paid by mistake last August, and they requested me to send my banking details and that the money will be refunded after ninety days. But 90 days have passed and i'm still waiting. No body is coming back to me to let me know what the hold is. I no longer call them because all I do is hold. The money that i've used to call them has already exceeded the amount owed to me. Please Damelin, atleast respond!!!

  • Fi
    Figovv Jan 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for a course through Damelin Correspondence 7 weeks ago and guess what!!!??? I'm still waiting for my study materials. Just like just about everyone else on here!!

    I now want a refund, which they say will take 3 - 4 months!!! That is madness!!

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  • Il
    Ilion Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is there anybody that is competent that can assist me with my enquiry in this Damelin Correspondence College!?

    I have NEVER had this bad of a service delivery!

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  • Nt
    Ntombizine Mtshengu Feb 17, 2011

    i registered in Auglast year they started debiting money in Oct, whereas i didn't receive any material from them, Nov. i cancelled the Course cause they didn't deliver material and the poor service delivery. That seemed as if i did nothing Dec, they double debited the money on 28/12/10. i phoned them and they told me to send a bank statement. On 03/01/11 i sent the statement and Geeyard Kazer told me they are apologising it was a mistake., till then there's no response, i'm sending emails they read them and keep quiet, calling accounts Dept, place on hold for an hour. no reply. I want bmy money from Registration, all of it or i think to call the Newspaper Reporters and let them see all I've done regarding emails, phone calls etc. Or rather take thewm to claims court cause i'm sick and tired of them

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  • Ha
    hate damelin Nov 15, 2011

    i have the same problem i applied to study in march 2011 and paid a registration fee i was assured that my study material would be deliverd within 21 days but i waited for 2 months and when i called to cancel due to not receiving my material they assured me that it would take 90days i waited for 90days emailing and calling Geeyard Kazer who assured me that i would receive my money and its 9 months now and i am feed up iv been to damelin correspondence and have called to many times and still no response geeyard kazer ignores my requests because he knows that he is joburg and im in capetown its unprofessional and i HATE DAMELIN for the stress they have put me through

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after 3 months still no study material

Since the full amount paid for the course on 14 January 2010 to date (07 April 2010) no study material received. Only a student no is received. On request for cancellation to get the money back, I am told that there was 14 days cool off period after registration. Obviously I did not know that I am going to struggle 3 months to get the study material. I am told that a cancellation committee will decide if I can cancel the registration and if the cancellation request was successful it will take 90 days for a refund. I wish I knew what I know now and I would never considered enrolment at Damelin.

no study material after 2 months!

I went to damelin in braamfontein and was helped by louisa. I paid upfront for the course (credit management) but to date I have not received a single book.

When I called them I was told that there was an error on the system and that it would be rectified however nothing has happened. When I wanted to cancel I was told that a cancellation board that has meetings every second week would have to sit and determine whether or not I can cancel. I mean what the *!!!

I have sent a copy of my complaint to the city press. Hopefully those * will catch a wake up and do something. I want my * money!!!

  • Ss
    ss1203 Jun 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer




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very poor service

My son is a student at Damelin College Port Elizabeth branch.
I have recieved the worst service from them over the last two years. Complaints brought forward by myself and other students/parents:

Damelin college is possibly the worst place to study.
- Not only do they mess up everything but they only care about money and clearly not academics.
- They do not make students aware when exams are or even when to come back to college.
Therefore students miss out on important work as well as exams that they cannot redo (resulting in a fail or R400 for a petty exam.
- Damelin's lecturers are not qualified and have even left halfway during a coursesubject resulting in unfinished subjects which students must pay for,
the lecturers come and go and do not even go through all the work
- Students are treated like little kids and the staff mess them around. Some of the staff are extremely lazy and not well mannered at all.
- The managers running the place clearly do not know what they are doing and never take matters seriously.
- Students who graduated last year are STILL waiting for their DiplomasCertificates (7 Months later)
- Damelin have also lost proof of exams and assignments for my child
-My son was told to write an exam on a subject NOT EVEN DONE YET!

If you are a parent that cares about your child I Would highly advise you to not enroll.
I have wasted over R40 000 at Damelin, don't make the same mistake!

  • Ml
    M Leyton Dec 07, 2010

    After reading the post regarding Bad service at Damelin PE I was alarmed as my son also studies there.
    I spoke to my son regarding the matter and he informed me that this is not the case. We are informed about test dates and exams. There are notices all around the campus that states these dates. He said that students that is not informed are the ones that does not attend classes. He is very happy at Damelin PE . He also stated that his lecturers is well qualified.
    I‘ve never had a bad experience at Damelin PE (service delivery), they are always friendly and willing to assist.

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  • No
    Normentha Feb 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • So
    So frustrated! Oct 05, 2015

    A friend of mine Glyn and I studied at Damelin and graduated around 1997. I have struggled for many years to get my certification reissued and I recently found out that Glyn is having the same issue. Damelin takes no responsibility and have just washed their hands of this. They're merely saying, sorry we lost your records and you need to accept that. No solution and no care for the consequences!

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  • Vi
    vicki vanrooyen Feb 04, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband has had no response from the college with regards to his assignments and exams. The portal does not work and the result tab has been under construction.

    It has been numerous emails and phone calls and still no results, is this normal practice?

    He wrote his exams in November 2019 and we are fastly approaching the second week of Feb 2020.

    • Subject code: SUS-53
    • Subject name: Communication

    How is this possible?

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I am paying good money for a service that I just am not getting

I have been trying to get hold of these people for the last two weeks. I have tried to phone the call centre, I have tried to phone the durban branch! There are four different numbers I might add. I either get an engaged tone or no answer!!! This is wasting my time and my money! I need some important material for my exams that are in a month! When I finally got hold of the call centre, I get that recorded voice telling me to push a few numbers and then some music and then bam! NOTHING! I get cut off! I have phoned that line 6 times today alone! This happens every time! I got really fed up and decide to phone Cape Town. Finally someone answered, only to find out that only the call centre can help me?? What? Are you serious? So she gives me the call centre switch board number and a nice enough lady answers. She transfers me to a consultant; I get some music, and then guess what? Nothing! Cut off again!

I am paying good money for a service that I just am not getting! I have never ever had such a problem anywhere in this country ever! What on earth am I paying for? I most definetly will not be using Damelin Correspondence for my next Diploma.

I will never study at damelin in the future

I am a full time student at Damelin I am currently enrolled for a Certificate in Event Management. Before I enrolled for the course last year when they sold the programme to me I was advised that I will receive course material which means all text book only to find when I get there on my first day I have to buy my own books. The computers at skool a full of virueses in our so called media centrelibray which is as small as my bedroom, students have complained 10000 times and nothing was done as a result my laptop crashed after I put in my memory stick that I used on the school's computers and to repair my laptop it cost me thousands of rands. What is the point of having a facility when u cant use them. We are suppose to be a private college and we not getting value for money that is for sure. I have studyed and private schools and other Goverment organasations like DUT paid less then half of what I pay at Damelin and still received far better service then at Damelin. I willl never recommed Damelin to any of my friend and family I am mad and very unhappy at Damelin cant wait for the year to be over so I can leave.

  • Kl
    Klaasote Feb 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On first registering for my diploma, I was sent a few books short. They were due to be sent on back order. After numerous calls and logging of complaints, I was told they had been sent. They, to date, had still not been received. I have now been sent an exam registration form. I have already told the company that as I paid for a full set of books, I will not be starting my 2 year course until all is sent as per contract. I was told this would be possible. I asked for it in writing. So far, so bad. The website is not user friendly - logging on is a joke.

    I would simply like to know what is going on. I have had no response. Today I was on the phone for 2 hours listening to canned music. The only humans seem to be switchboard. I am determined to get a full set of books and a reply. Cape Town tells me the head office is now in Jhb. Jhb tells me a completely different story. I need someone who knows what is going on to phone me as soon as possible with an answer, not a promise to return my call.
    The exam centre call line is a total joke.

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I am atrociously disgusted in the manner in which the consultants have been trained to handle client queries

I am atrociously disgusted in the manner in which the consultants have been trained to handle client queries & Damelin as a whole. My problem started when my assignments where not marked and I was told that my account has been frozen. Only for them to realise that it was their fault on their side as I had paid my fees in full. The second incident was when I was double book for 2 different exams at the same time and I did raise this on time with Damelin, however I was told that both those exams needs to be written at that time. The exam venue told me this was not possible, I then ended up writing my exam at work, after a huge fight. The one thing which makes it unpleasant in dealing with Damelin is their unwillingness to deal, help and sort out problems with their clients. Recently after I wrote my last batch of exams, Marketing Management 3 didn’t have my results and a couple of consultants where to investigate and follow up for me, then call me back, however non of them did. Theo Pillay, who is apparently their manager, is worse, because he can’t even attend to client queries which need to be escalated. What type of manager is heshe? Does heshe even know what is going on in there.


Good Morning,

I write this letter as a last hope. I pleading on your sense of righteousness that you can assist me.
I completed a B. Comm degree at Damelin in1999 and was fortunate to get at a job that made ends meet. How ever the problem arises now. I have been offered a good job by a big company. This is my chance to get out of the ruts and finally become somebody.

When I graduated I was not able to attend the graduation ceremony and as I had a job I didn't need the Degree copy. Now with this position that I have been offered I need the Degree. So in Feb 2010 I approached Damelin for the Degree. I have sent emails after emails to them Durban kept blaming a person in Johannesburg and vice versa.in the mean time the company that has offered me the position is getting impatient. I do not blame them its been six months of pleading with Damelin. On the 10th of Aug 2010 I went to Damelin in Durban and said I need my degree now, they eventually gave me a letter on a Damelin letterhead confirming that I had completed the degree and a copy of my degree was on route to me.

Yesterday the 11th a day later I get an email that says I have to contact the University in the U. K to get my degree. Note that Damelin is the sole South African partner to this university as written on their website (Oxford Brooks).

I need my Degree, all I am asking is a strong phone call from you to Damelin and I am sure they will give me a copy of my Degree.

Please can you help me!

Kind Regards,

Jagdeep Singh Soorae

  • Ta
    tashie1992 Aug 11, 2015

    Good Day
    I wish to complain about my Matric Results as i finished up in 2011 that year they had failed every student except 1 student, no valid reasons was given and also we fought the school and the parents got involved hoping to take things further for their kids career as they had payed so much money .
    Please i would like some explenation.
    Natasha- Jade Van Schalkwyk
    [email protected]

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appalling service

Sir I am at my wits end with Damelin and have never in my life had I been dealt with so badly and the lack of service from them is appalling. We contacted Damelin in February 2010 to enrol my son for a journalism course. We paid the R1000.00 deposit only to be told that because I have a bad credit record I have to pay an additional deposit of R2500.00 This I did immediately on the 13/03/2010. We were then told we would receive the study material in the post. After waiting for two weeks we began Phoning on a weekly basis to find out when we would receive the first lessons. We were always told that the study material was in the post. Only on visiting your nearest branch in Pretoria Central on 29 may 2010 in desperation to find out what was actually going on, was I told by a Jeanette that the material is actually on back order. I then decided that this was not acceptable as she could not even tell me when the material would be available and demanded my deposit back. I was then told that they will only return my deposit after I have applied in writing to head office. This was done on the 4th of June. Luqmaar Daniels then sent me an e-mail telling me that my case will be reviewed by the board within 7 days. After waiting for a week and a half I then started phoning Mr Daniels to find out what was decided. After 6 unsuccessful calls (He never answered his phone) I demanded to speak to somebody in authority. Only after getting severely agitated was I told I could speak to Mr Vele. Mr Vele then informed me that my case has not been reviewed by the board but he would make sure it was. After another few weeks wait I phoned Mr Vele and was informed that my case was reviewed and I would be contacted by Mr Wesley Gentry. When he finally did phone me I was told the only options I have is to either Transfer the funds to somebody else who wants to study at Damelin or change my son to another course. This is totally unacceptable I placed an order with them, they could not deliver and after the appalling service I received the only option I will consider is a total and immediate refund and I will never even consider doing business with Damelin/Intec again.

  • Da
    DamelinSucks Feb 09, 2011

    I am having the exact same problems. Been battling for almost a year now with no luck - I have had it.

    Please come post your story on www.damelinsucks.co.za for the world to see!

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no servie/ refund

I have endless problems with getting a service out of Damelin Correspondence. They did not allocate my payments correctly and deducted money from my bank account without contacting me at all, I would have paid in instalments but paid up my course within 2 months. Now I can not seem to get my refund back. I had to supply them with my banking details on a letterhead of my bank and they have my details on record and now they tell me it will take 3 months before I get it.. unacceptable!! I also did not receive all my study material which was suppose to be dispatched last month but did not and now they cant because they have a stock take. Their support services never replied to any email and my exam is next month.. I need help I am fed up with them and need help urgently cant do this on my own I have tried, if you need more details on when I have contacted them and their so called attempts to help me. they dont get back to you if you suggest a manager needs to take care of this

  • Da
    DamelinSucks Feb 09, 2011

    I am having the exact same problems. Been battling for almost a year now with no luck - I have had it.

    Please come post your story on www.damelinsucks.co.za for the world to see!

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  • Ca
    Caju Nov 24, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi All, I have had the same issues with Damelin. Paid full and in a cash lump sum for a course study. They never registered my Son and we received no correspondence. Now we have requested a refund and all we get for an answer is the 3 month waiting period. This is bull. It was their error. Now that we e mail the refunds department, our e mails can't be delivered due to a "full mail box". How many people does Damelin owe money to????? For the mailbox to be full 90% of the time???? This is nothing short of fraud..

    0 Votes


I applied for a refund fo R380 with dameilin in March 2009 and till today 25 February2010 I havent received my money. I have called damelin a lot of times with no success and have also received calls from their consultants saying my money will be paid but they still dont pay it. I dont know what to do anymore and I want my money. The last person who called me from Damelin and promised to help me never got back to me and he doesnt even return my email or answer my calls. His name is Luqman Daniels.

  • Da
    DamelinSucks Feb 09, 2011

    I am having the exact same problems. Been battling for almost a year now with no luck - I have had it.

    Please come post your story on www.damelinsucks.co.za for the world to see!

    0 Votes

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