Damelin Correspondence College [DCC]poor service and management

M Oct 03, 2019

Student number : 423282

Good Day Damelin Correspondence Management.

May you please address your call centre staff.

- They drop calls.
- They answer the calls and keep quiet, till you drop.
- They answer and speak to their friends at the call centre.
- They not interested in properly assisting you but rather quick to get you off the phone.
- They unprofessional and not eager to help.
- They advise they will escalate a query and when you call back no escalation has been done.

Please look into that or listen to their calls and address it.

Exam results

I still have not received my June 2019 exam results, please assist and provide me with a statement of results.

Financial Accounting 2 - NBUS-AC2

Please can you upload past exam papers or provide them as all the information on the portal is outdated...PLEASSSEEEE sort out your portal

Please get your house in order Damelin Correspondence...We tired of dealing with the same things every year.

  • Updated by Marlonvh · Oct 03, 2019

    Student number : 423282

    May I please request that Damelin Management to look into there call centre staff & processes.
    - They answers calls and speak to there friends in the call centre.
    - They Drop calls.
    - They answer calls and keep quiet till you drop.
    - No telephone etiquette or professionalism
    - Do not know what they are talking about.
    - Cannot assist with queries or gives false requests

    Exam results

    I am still waiting for my June exam results to be sent to me...Please assist with the exam result and issue a complete statement of results.

    May I also request previous exam papers to be uploaded on portal or sent via emails PLEASEEEEEEE - Financial Accounting 2 - NBUS-AC2

    May you please update your Portal

    Damelin please get your house in order...

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