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May 29, 2020

American InterContinental University [AIU] — Forceful hard sales tactics... Forced me to apply while on phone with them

I'm looking to go back to college to obtain my bachelors degree. I applied at a local college campus and...

American InterContinental University [AIU]unsolicited phone calls

AIU phone number [protected]
Will not stop calling me to the point where I consider it harrassment. My number is [protected]. Please do not share my phone number or call my phone number. My email address is [protected] please use it for any communication. I now have been informed that my complaint is too short and that I must fill all 350 characters. So now it's 377

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    Dec 07, 2019

    American InterContinental University [AIU] — degrees scam

    Stay away from this scam. I completed AIUs BBA degree plan and completed it shortly before I retired from the...

    Jul 23, 2019

    American InterContinental University [AIU] — student loan fraud

    I been attending AIU online for three years. During that time I repeatedly asked for an explanation of my...

    American InterContinental University [AIU]school is good, resources not so much

    I was blocked out of my classes on June 11th, 2019 after 6-am. I had due dates for assignments that they pushed on me to get done at a certain time, I'm considering going back to doing nothing like I did two years ago, this school gig is not working anymore. I'm approaching 40. These Colleges and Universities do not respect their students, they treat them like crap. I get two new classes and can't continue my work on them, after I took notes down and written due dates of the assignments for the classes I needed to do, I must have sniffing my cat's catnip, when I decided to return to this school. I request my refund, if they screw me over I will want to take legal action.
    My number [protected].

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      • Updated by Daryl Coolidge · Jun 12, 2019

        AIU is unreliable and they screw you over.


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      American InterContinental University [AIU]financial aid

      I see a lot of people on this forum have had bad experiences with AIU especially with them lying about financial aid covering the courses and then later charging you a debt. This college is full of liars, frauds and nothing but a diploma mills all over again! I'm meeting with an attorney and plan on filing a lawsuit against the school. If anyone is interested email me at [protected]

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        Mar 09, 2019

        American InterContinental University [AIU] — high pressure sales tactics, constant calling.

        I had been considering a BA in Business Administration, and had been contacted by another school. I did not...

        American InterContinental University [AIU]keep calling

        I am a graduate of AIU. All of a sudden they are calling me like 3 or 4 times a day. How do I stop them from calling? I have no desire to go back. I just want them to stop calling me, unless they want to forgive my debt. If a person doesn't answer for a week then they are not going to answer. I just want them to stop calling because I have no desire to return. The number they keep calling is [protected].

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          American Intercontinental University — intellipath

          My problem with American InterContinental University is their Intellipath system, when it comes to certain...

          AIU Online — schools loans in excess without hands for my degree

          I was charged $43, 000 for a Bachelor's degree in IT. I never had any hands on for that Degree so I basically...

          AIU — harassment, american intercontinental university

          I went through a long interview with a girl. One of the questions was what would I like to do with the money...

          AIU Online — forced into large student loan debt without my knowledge

          I enrolled in to AIU online and like many others was contacted at work and pressured into student loans and...

          American InterContinetal University — fraudulent classes debt I don't owe

          In 2004 I only took the virtual tour with American Intercontinental University. I never took one class or did...

          AIU Onlinemultiple combat veteran stripped of pale grant

          I was a student at American Intercontinental University. I was a Marine Corps sniper deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. When I got out I wanted nothing more than to further my education to support my wife and two children in a deprived economy. When I made the decision to go with AIU online it was a huge mistake. Not only did my student advisor call me at all hours of the day, seven days a week, but they refuse to give me my $5500 pale grant that I qualified for through the government. Instead of paying me this in a lump sum they gave me $1300 and told me that a few months later I would be paid the rest. That pale grant was for the 2010 school year. I received the $1300 on 4/15/2011 and was scheduled to receive the rest today. I pulled out of the college because I realized how bad their program is and they stopped payment to my account. Regardless of why or when I pulled out of this so called "University" that pale grant was supposed to be for the year 2010 so why do I not get the additional $4200? When I tried to contact them I was not rude in any way but they disconnected the phone call. When I tried to contact them through live chat, they stopped talking to me. I was being extremely sincere and professional while asking them why my funds were cancelled and was denied any sort of answer. So now I will pursue this in a court of law. I highly recommend that any student looking for a college to attend, for the sake of your future, do not attend this school. You will be harassed via phone and e-mail and probably lose money. I had a 4.0 GPA until I had to start traveling for work and the school refused to work with me on any of these matters, so for the thousands of dollars I spent to get ahead in society, they took it right back and my GPA began to fall. This is another reason I pulled out.

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            • De
              Debbievan May 07, 2013
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I never attended one online class with this school. The contents of their letter is a total fabrication of what happened. I only went onto American InterContinental University site for the virtual tour. In doing so I was maneuvered. I had no plans in enrolling in classes by the simple fact I had just been laid off, I had no money to invest into school at that time. Plus, I was attending Olive Harvey College, which I was eligible for financial aid with them. Where is AIU's proof I entered into their virtual class rooms? An assignment completed by me... How did I pay the $35.00? What form of payment did I use? Check, money order, (Visa, MasterCard)???? They seemed to have so called proof of everything else that benefits them, not returning my money. I repeat, I didn't attend any classes. And, look at the time span July 11th-July 19th. Clearly, I had no intentions of attending classes with this school. And, no I didn't understand I was being forced into contract for classes. I wasn't even able to talk to a live person, after realizing I was being railroaded, I tried online and by phone. Lastly, I have had jobs between July of 2004 and now which I received refunds, why was this amount taken at this time, if I truly owed it from 2004, it is now 2013 nine years later????? I question that by itself, and I am almost sure they have done this to others, just taking our money. In my eyes they have not proven I took any of their classes. Looks like they have attempted to charge me for looking!!! The Department of Education redirected my refund to AIU when in fact I didn't owe them.

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            American Intercontinental Universitythis company is a total scam

            This company is a total scam. They lure you in by your desire to further or complete your education online. They tell you all this bull about how you can do this with your tuition reimbursement and how they need a $50 fee to process your application. They process you and then sign you up. You are supposed to have a financial counseling session, but the next thing you know, you are signed up and ready to go. They send you books, etc. in the mail that just arrive at your home. Then, when you think, ok, I'll try this...they hit you with a $4300.00 bill for 2 30 day classes. Yes, I said $4300.00 for 2 30 day classes. Then, when you question them about why you were not told that this was the charge prior to sending you books, are faxed your 'application' agreement which in small letters states that you agree to any and all fees!!! Is this not a rip off??? I mean, they lure you in and then hit you with a big bill after you think you are only 'applying' to see if you would be approved. Get real. I only hope more people do not get lured into this school's(if it really is a school) crap. Also, when you tell them you are not paying, they tell you, well you know, you can't get a home loan, etc. because this is like not repaying a student loan. How over the barrel have they got you?? Looks to me like it's no contest..

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              AIU Online — slander

              I have to say this college is incredibly wrong. I have been looking for an online college to attend for my...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              AIUsallie mae

              I graduated from in 2004 with a BFA in Design. Prior to attending AIU, I attended a land based school with 3 years of undergraduate work in design. During my one year at AIU the financial aide process was suspect only when AIU told me that I had to come up with 1500 dollars or not graduate. Where this amount came from was strange because according to what I applied for I should have had everything I asked for in terms of monies to complete school. They told me Sallie mae was the only lender available and when I told them I would use my personal bank they said time was very limited (like the next day) and that if I did not pay I could not finish my degree program. I was very unhappy with AIU and Sallie mae and now I'm in rage reading all this stuff going on with AIU now. If AIU does not win its case and found guility then the right thing to do is pay back affected students only what we have paid in principle and interest to any and all lenders, allow us to transfer our course work to a near by land based school to get our degree and get the hell out of the education business. Seems fair.

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                AIUstudent injured

                In November 13, 2017 I was attending AIU on campus Weston Florida. I got injured inside of an one out of four elevators they had. As a heart person was born with "WPW" they new my health condition, after the accident took place I was temporary blind for 48 hours. AIU never called 911. Rather they put me in this room for 45 minute and made me signed a bunch of papers that I didnt know what I was signing, since I was temp blind. Anyway after every paper was sign they told someone to drive me to the clinic that was 5 minute away, yes this is how AIU treated student who have a heart history, when I arrived at the clinic they called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosis with a lot of stuffs. I suffered Major headache and back pain becaused when I felt inside the elevator that was shacking very fasted with me there was no handle/ nothing to hold on too. I passed out. I suffered serious damage and AIU refused to take responsibilities for the accident and the way they handle it, to this day I am fighting AIU to pay my doctors and hospital bill that is 1.2 millions. I want to know where's the justice. AIU is one of the worst school ever I honestly regreated attented there. Now Adding to my "WPW" heart conditions I have other conditions that I did not asked for.. American Intercontinental University Inc.
                Place page
                2250 North Commerce Parkway
                Weston, FL 33326

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                  • Ne
                    Need Help Now Fast Dec 22, 2014

                    I would like EVERYONE who has or had issues with AIU to send in a complaint to your State's Attorney General & the Dept. of Education - Inspector General ASAP! I told AIU I didn't want to take a class & finish my degree with them, and AIU took out a loan on my half. AIU told me it doesn't matter if I take a single class or not that I would still be charged the loan they took out without my approval. So, PLEASE send a complaint to the Dept. of Education - Inspector General & State's Attorney General ASAP! Thank you!

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                  • Tr
                    truthalways38472 Jan 09, 2011

                    Be aware of American Intercontinental University. I am an ex eployee and you do not want to know how they treat people at AIU. The accept everyone and sales people have to enroll 7-9 students every mth to keep their job. Some of these students don't even know how to write a basic sentence, not to mention writing an essay. It is pretty sad that people going to this school can get Financial Aid. The school needs to be shut down asap.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  AIU Online — will not stop calling me

                  AUI will not stop calling me. I've told them numerous times that I was not interested. I don't know...

                  AIU American Intercontinential University — ripped me off of my degree & transcrips

                  My complaint is about a college that has a lot of complaints against them right now and I think they should...

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