CVS Pharmacyfour mistakes with my prescriptions


I moved here four months ago and this CVS has made at least four mistakes with my prescriptions - the last and final straw was yesterday, when I was given someone else's medication with the label on the bag indicating it was my medication. There is a weak link at this store's pharmacy and they seriously need to find it before something dangerous happens.


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    Jerry Schlotter Jan 26, 2008

    I went to the CVS pharmacy to get a container to put a stool sample in as my doctor instructed. I asked the two pharmacists for such an item and they did not seem to understand me. So I patiently told both Vietnamese pharmacists that I had salmonella poisoning and needed to get a stool sample to see how my medications were working. I was very close to being hospitalized as I was very dehydrated and losing great quantities of water. The pharmacist took me to the laxative counter and offered me a bottle of magnesium citrate laxative for my problem. I knew that I couldn't take a laxative as I was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I left and called my nurse and she couldn't believe it. She suggested that I go immediately to the emergency room for a fluid IV for dehydration. If I would have taken the laxative could I have died? I complained to CVS risk management and was 'dismissed'. Be careful out there.

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    Bree Donovan Feb 06, 2008

    Believe me this is absolutely common among all CVS store. I thought South Carolina must be the worst so I started looking on the internet to see if others were complaining. Rude, rude, rude and bad service. Top management doesn't care as long as you are still purchasing in their store. Take your business elsewhere--all pharmacies and pharmacists are not like this! Go to and look what is said about his company.

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    Billy Jul 17, 2008

    get a life

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    cvs complaint Oct 22, 2009

    I phoned my prescriptions in to the automated line on last Friday.I noticed 2 calls from cvs on caller id on sat...but no message was left. Today i stopped by to pick up my prescriptions.As happened again as 2 months prescriptions for me were found.After calling a number for a regional manager was posted in the front of the store(which was very unusual)I left a message that the CVS on Georgia avenue in the Seminary shopping center in Silver Spring, Md is a mess unless Daniel the head pharmacist is there.Finally, I got a call from the store manger( after resubmitting my scripts via automated system) to come in later this pm to pick them up.Upon arrival, there were 7 others ahead of me in the line.I got scripts 2/3...upon my inquiry I was told that the 3rd had been ordered and that I could come to pick it up tomorrow night.That will be my 3rd time, gasoline and I still do not have all my scripts.afer patronizing this pharmacy for almost 50 years I am livid.Obviously no training is given for the clerks...also at least one seasoned clerk should be in the
    pharmacy at all times.

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    Charlene Ryan Nov 27, 2009

    Had a script for Levaquin 500 mg, 21 days. Brought script to CVS and requested only 7 dispensed, as they are so pricey and I was hoping that 1 week would be sufficient. Got 7/$89.35, got another 7/89.35 got the last 7/98.07. Pharmacist told me it was insurance carrier fault, insurance carrier told me what I knew, this is not covered, all costs have been out of pocket. Called CVS/CS they spoke with pharmacist he said price went up, this was in 3 weeks time. Never ws told there was a change in prices So CVS/Caremark I just cut up my card, and being a Senior Citizen and involved in Senior activities, this message will get around. CVS Pharmacist you are a liar and a thief..

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    CaseyCTX Feb 07, 2010

    I suppose you know then that CVS Caremark is not an insurance company, and they also do not decide the price of your medication. Your copay is decided by your insurance company -- the function of CVS Caremark is to manage the plan that you have, not to increase, or decrease, your co-insurance charge for prescriptions. It seems as if you have misunderstood who is actually deciding the cost of your prescription.

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