CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthunethical behaviour


Incident happen on Monday October 23, 2017 at 7:10PM

Unfortunately I have to tell this horrible story again, Last night My young daughter I went to our local CVS store located on 1520 Northampton street Easton pa 18042.

The store had several customers waiting on line as the cashier rang people up. I was fourth in line with a large family behind me. My daughter had picked up the wrong batteries and I simply got off the line for a second the switch them out. When I walked back to my daughter the cashier (woman) by the name Nikta was extremely rude towards me and told me to go to the back of the line . I had explained to her that the little girl standing was my child I just had to switch the batteries . She began to use profanity and say that " I had to take my [censor] to the back of the line " I began to get angry not only do I have my young child with me but I am five months pregnant and I've been waiting patently in a line that just had several individuals in front of me. This Woman Nikta was unprofessional, Rude, Has no sense of customer service and was extremely wrong to treat someone that way. After her calling me a "[censor]" I finally took the batteries out of her hand and went to the back of the line . I have never in life experienced such embarrassment and use of unprofessionalism. I waited for the manager to come out of the back office and even with her supervisor in front of her did not stop her from being loud and rude yelling that I needed to leave. As I simply asked the manger for her name . Again all this happened while my daughter was in the presence and the family also next to me.
while I was leaving Nikta yelled that I was a "black [censor]" and to Not come back. Which I will no longer do plus I will be letting all my family and friends know of what I went threw.

To think CVS is a family Store that at that location someone racist is
working .

I apologize of using such horrible language in this form but I had to Voice how unethical this all was.

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