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Formal Complaint on Pharmacy Manager Ann Hofmann who works at CVS Pharmacy on 820 Edgewood Road, York, PA. 17402, Store ID#4215.

My husband went into the CVS Pharmacy on 11/16/2017, Thursday between the hours of 5pm - 6pm. He had a written prescription for Hydrocodon-Acetominophen, 30 day, 240 pills, 1 1/2 pills every 3 hours.

Now he has been taking this for 15 years now ever since he had back surgery in Las Vegas to replace 2 disks and since then has had chronic back pain. My husband is not a opiod addict and has never been. He in fact only the takes the meds as he needs it not as written and often has pills left over when its time to renew the prescription.

The prescription has been written incorrectly for the last 6 years as a 30 day supply of 240 pills and it has been filled by CVS Pharmacy for the last 6 years. Now last month my husband went into the Edgewood pharmacy to fill this same prescription and was told by the pharmacist who was there that the prescription was written wrong. Both the pharmacist and my husband said thats why it seems like he runs out of pills before its time to renew. The prescription states 240 pills for 30 days but when you do the math the number of pills should be 360 pills for 30 days or it should be 240 pills for 20 days.

Now Ann told my husband that she could not refill the prescription as written because it says 30 days for 240 pills and she knew the math was wrong. My husband showed her the last prescription sticker that her pharmacy filled that said 240 pills for 20 days. Last month that pharmacist corrected the prescription because the math was wrong. Ann said she still wouldnt fill the prescription. My husband asked for a supervisor or manager and Holly told him that she is the pharmacy manager and that there was no one higher up than her. So then my husband asked Ann if he got a new prescription from his doctor for the exact same as it is written on the prescription but the 30 day was changed to 20 day...would she fill it? Ann proceeded to tell my husband that his doctor would not do that and would not answer his question till he asked her 2 more times and then Ann said Yes she would fill it with 20 days written on it. Then Ann told my husband that she has the right to refuse to fill any prescription she feels is wrong or if she feels that the person is abusing the meds. Then Ann turned around and looked at 2 salesclerks and snickered and laughed. This was very rude, unprofessional and demeaning.

Just to let you know that Ann was standing over by the drive thru window using that computer and yelling back to my husband who was at the counter during their whole conversation. Everyone and anyone could hear the whole conversation. * This is a violation of Hippa. * And a violation of CVS practices according to your code of conduct . So now anyone who heard this conversation knows all of this and because of Anns remark about abuse of meds...people probably think my husband is a drug addict!

I have researched this Edgwood facility and I saw that they have had numerous complaints about the store employees.

Now today, 11-17-2017, Friday, husband went back to the Edgwood pharmacy to fill his rewritten prescription as:

Hydrocodone-Aceteminophen, 240 pills, 20 days, take 1 1/2 pills every 3 hours and it was filled. Now one of the salesclerks from yesterday was there today and stated that she didnt hear the whole conversation so my husband then told her the about the incident and the pharmacist manager on duty said it does not matter about the 30 days, its the math thats important. Also a different pharmacy salesclerk stated that Ann will always go by the number of days on the prescription and wont do the math ever. So your Pharmacy Manager Ann Hofmann has a bad reputation already with your store employees and noone is doing anything about it.

Just an husbands doctor is also filing a complaint through his medical channels as this same pharmacy has done wrong to another of his patients. Not sure if its Ann or not.

I expect an answer in regards to this incident. I expect Ann to apologize to my husband in front of the 2 salesclerks she put a show on for. I expect a written response back from corporate.


  •   Nov 18, 2017

    Corporate won't and can't do squat. The pharmacist is not controlled by the company or management. They answer only to the law and the state board of pharmacy.

    Now, a few things here. As a pharmacy tech, the fact that your husband takes a narcotic, yes, Vicodin is now labeled as a narcotic by the DEA, every three hours for 15 years is troubling, especially since every doctor knows the studies on how acetaminophen affects the liver and the consequences thereof. Adding to the fact that for 6 years, the pharmacy has been dispensing 240 pills as a 30 day supply suggests the script actually reads as 1 every 3 hours for 30 days, not 1.5.

    Second, the fact that Vicodin is now a narcotic means it falls under DEA regulation as regard to how many the pharmacy can order, have on hand, and dispense in a month's time.

    Third, you claim first that your husband has pills left over, then you say he is falling short. Which is it? Your husband needs to see a pain management specialist.

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  •   Nov 18, 2017

    Your husband IS addicted to those pills. Period. For sure! He doesn't know whether he has "pain" or "imagined pain" or no pain. He, frankly, has no way of knowing. He needs to see somebody about this little problem. This from an expert.

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