CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthunauthorized credit card charges

E Aug 13, 2018

I just received the worst customer experience- I was hung up on by a senior customer service representative named Janelle when I asked for her managers name and number. CVS Caremark charged my card $90 without my permission and is refusing to refund it. I demand a refund. I never gave permission to cvs caremark to charge my card without calling me first. I never received a call.
I spoke with 3 different customer service representatives, Miranda, Scott, and Janelle, and they all told me different things. Miranda told me I could receive a refund, Scott said the company NEVER gives refunds (even though it's listed on the website) and Janelle said I MUST BE LYING about not giving the company permission to charge me card. How rude it that! She told me she didn't believe and was going to look up the phone call transcriptions from my previous calls. Since I am NOT lying I said GO AHEAD! I couldn't believe she was threatening me! When I said I have to get back to work (I was on the phone for over 30 mins) and asked for her supervisor's call back number she hung up on me! I want a full refund for a product that I never ordered.
8/13/18 12:32pm CT

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