CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthrude service


On the evening of Wednesday, November 22, 2017, I had to take my daughter to urgent care. We were prescribed an antibiotic for an infection. We arrived at the CVS on Eagle Creek in Woodbury, MN around 8:50 pm. I understand we arrived at closing time, but I not only did I expect my daughter to need to go to the doctor, I didn't' expect to be treated so poorly. The Pharmacist, Bret Sinner, and his staff member were both extremely rude. Complaining the whole time to each other about how they just want to go home, and "at least we don't have work tomorrow and deal with this kind of stuff. While the female staff member has worked there for quite some time, her customer service skills are subpar. Bret is newer at this location and is by far the most standoffish pharmacist I have ever dealt with. It's a shame because this location used to have a wonderful Pharmacist. When we received our prescription on our way out my five year old asked me, "Are they mad at me because I needed medicine?" Absolutely appalling behavior to display in front of children!

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